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Stray: Slums Walkthrough (Part 1)

Craig Robinson

The Slums is the first major area in the game, with it even having two different chapters to explore. When you first get there, you play through the first act of the level, with there being plenty of main story missions and side content to work your way through. If you need a hand with the chapter, this Slums walkthrough for Stray covers everything you need to know.

Stray: Slums Walkthrough (Part 1)

As you escape from the Zurks at the end of the Flat chapter, you head through a piped area and into the Slums. At first, the robots don’t like you and flee and batten down the hatches as they think you’re a Zurk. However, heading into the Slums begins a conversation with the Guardian, who works out you’re not a baddie. Once you’re free from the cutscene conversation, hand over the note of the outside you got from the Flat memory, and the Guardian will point you towards Momo.

The Guardian points you in the right direction to kick-start the main story.

Now you need to climb the building with the orange light. Find a way to the rooftop, and try climbing up to Momo’s building. If you head down the road towards the bar, you can climb the AC units, boxes and vending machine to get to the top. From there, find the red light and work your way towards it. As you get closer to the red light building, you need to climb up a shut-off balcony. Use the AC units to get up, hop in through the window, and you’ll find Momo.

Speak to Momo and show the robot the poster of the outside and get his mind jogging about the Outsiders. However, he says that is a life that’s gone by. But, it mentions that there are notebooks they all used to have and passes over his notebook. The next part of the mission requires you to find the other three notebooks, each belonging to the three other members of the Outsiders. Momo mentions they are in the rooms marked with the Outsiders logo, a blue and white logo.

Slums Notebook locations

The three notebook locations are in the following locations:

  • Zbaltazar’s flat
  • Clementine’s flat
  • Doc’s Library

(1 of 3) Clementine’s notebook is by her PC in her apartment.

Zbaltazar’s flat is to the left as you exit Momo’s apartment. To get in, jump on the roof of the building and rip out the plug beside pipes and fan vents. It will stop the fan from spinning around. Once inside, you can get the notebook from one of the boxes in the pile of boxes. Jumping up and back down will scatter the boxes.

The next is the Doc’s book. Head back to the rooftops in the center of the village and look for a balcony close to a roof with a TV and sofa on it. Head inside and look for a half wall blocking a doorway. Inside is a key you can get for a safe. The safe is hidden behind a pile of books in the middle of the library. Knock the piles of books over, and the safe will reveal itself. Open it up and grab the book.

The last is the Clementine book. Her apartment is to the right as you leave Docs. Head past the balcony to a random apartment and then towards the open window with the orange Chinese lantern light. Head inside, and you can find the book on a computer desk in a corridor.

Now you have all of the notebooks, return to Momo and progress with the mission. He will now tell you about the Rooftops level, which you need to install a transceiver in the story’s next chapter.

Slums Achievements and Trophies walkthrough

Throughout the world the slums, there are quite a few collectables to get, ranging from music sheets, vending machine energy drinks and memories. There are also some general trophies to get too, that you can work towards.

There are seven Slum memories to collect, scattered throughout the world. The locations of the memories include:

  1. Beer bottle sign
  2. Marketplace trade
  3. Upstairs of the bar
  4. Momo’s bedroom
  5. Rip Humans graffiti on the slum streets
  6. Robot graffiti above the musician
  7. Tree in Elliot’s Computing

If you need any more information on their locations and tracking them down, feel free to visit the Slums memory locations for more tips.

Handing in all eight music sheets awards a badge.

In addition, there are music sheets to get to earn the trophy Meowlody. You need these if you plan on getting the badges, which work towards another trophy Badges. The music sheets are as follows:

  1. Momo’s utility room
  2. Balcony between the library and Clementines
  3. Elliot’s Computing robot poster
  4. Market place
  5. Bar table upstairs
  6. Clementine’s bedroom shelf
  7. Doc’s Piano in the library
  8. Safe near the sewers

Also, to get some of these memories and sheets, you need energy drinks, found at:

  • Balcony in the alleyway near Grandma’s store.
  • On the roof with the TV and sofa.
  • In the alleyway near the RIP sign
  • Opposite Morusque the musician.

Lastly, you can get the basketball trophy Boom Chat Kalaka by rolling the basketball into the bucket at the bottom of the stairs near the marketplace. You also want to scratch a surface to mark the territory in that chapter. There are plenty of places, ranging from rugs in the Guardian room to clawing wooden chairs in the pub.

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