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Stray Notebook locations

Craig Robinson

The Slums is one of the game’s first main mission hubs, setting the pace for the main story. One of the first things you’ll have to do is find all of the Slums’ notebooks to get Momo to cooperate, allowing you to progress the main mission in the Slums and learn more about the Outsiders group. Here is how to find all of the notebooks in the Slums.

Head to Momo to begin the quest to find the notebooks.

How to find all the Slums Notebooks in Stray

In total, there are four notebooks you need to find in Stray’s slums. The first one comes from Momo himself. You can get the notebook by speaking to him once when the Guardian points you in his direction. Momo’s flat is in one of the highest points of SLums, with the flat next to a big red light on the building. Find you’re way up to the building, and then start climbing it, bouncing from the Air conditioners to his balcony and climbing in through the open window.

Once inside, speak to him, and he grants the first Notebook to you. He then reveals the other three notebooks are where his Outsider pals used to live, each of the buildings marked with the white and blue square logo.

Clementine’s Notebook Location

(1 of 2) This window marks the entrance to Clementine’s flat.

This window marks the entrance to Clementine’s flat. (left), The Clementine notebook location is on the computer desk. (right)

Clementine’s Notebook is one of the furthest notebooks away from Momo. Climb towards the building in the middle of the map. Look for the building with a corrugated metal sheet for a canopy roof, and then look for a pipe that takes you towards the opening in the wall with the Outsiders badge painted on the wall. Another identifying mark of Clementine’s bedroom is the orange Chinese lantern dangling from the window.

As you enter the building, you want to head through the wooden partition in the room by going through one of the broken glass panes. Manoeuvre through her bedroom and enter the corridor to the side. Down the hallways is a desk with a computer on it. Launch yourself at the desk, and you’ll stumble upon Clementine’s notebook.

Doc’s Notebook Location

(1 of 2) You can find the entrance to the Doc’s library via the roof with the sofa.

You can find the entrance to the Doc’s library via the roof with the sofa. (left), Doc’s notebook location is inside this safe, which is revealed by getting a key from the office and tipping over a pile of books. (right)

The next notebook is Doc’s notebook, which is found in the library. The library is closer to the centre of the village, which you can access via the balcony with the boarded-up door. The best way to get to the balcony is by heading to the roof with a sofa and an old-school television on it You may now jump from the edge of the building towards the balcony and enter the library.

As you enter the library, you need to head to the middle of the room and look for a stack of books. There are many sacks, so feel free to jump on them all and jump off to send them flying. One set of books will eventually come down and reveal a safe buried inside one of the sleeves requiring a key to open it.

The key to the safe is in another room in the library. Head towards the back of the library, and jump over the obstacle in a doorway. Inside the other room is a note that reveals the Librarian left a spare key knocking around, which you can use to open the safe. Inside the safe is Doc’s Notebook.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook Location

(1 of 2) Zbaltazar’s flat is accessible via the roof of this building.

Zbaltazar’s flat is accessible via the roof of this building. (left), Tip the tower of boxes over to get Zbaltazar’s box. (right)

Zbaltazar’s notebook is located on the left when you leave Momo’s flat. Look for the blue square with the while in the middle, with the two dots that look like eyes. You should find it behind a fenced-off balcony that you cannot access. Instead, you will need to find your way to the roof of the building. A yellow light is coming from the roof with an active fan. It is your job to find the power to the fan and turn it off. Lucky for you, there is a panel to the left of the fan if you’re facing it. Unplug the fan by interacting with the plug beside the pipe’s bend on the dirty white box built into the vent. Once it is unplugged, you may enter Zbaltazar’s flat.

Now you’re inside Zbaltazar’s flat, you need to find his notebook. Look for the pile of boxes in the middle of the room and pounce to the top of them. You may then leap down to the ground, sending the stack of boxes plummeting to the ground. One of the boxes will pop open and reveal Zbaltazar’s notebook for you to collect.

Congratulations, you have found all four Stray’s notebooks in the Slums chapter. Now you have all four notebooks, head back to Momo and continue with the mission.

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