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Flat Walkthrough

Craig Robinson

The first main mission in Stray is the Flat level, which takes you to the home of B-12, your soon to be companion robot. At this stage, you’re being randomly directed in strange directions, which have pointed you towards a flat. Now you’re inside the flat, and you have a few puzzles to solve. Some of these puzzles can be a little tricky, so we have made this Flat walkthrough for Stray’s first major puzzle sequence.

Stray: Flat walkthrough

You should first head to the monitor with the text and crawl across the keyboard.

The first thing you do when you get to this level is enter the flat through the window. Now you’re inside, you now need to find where the source of the computer messages is coming from. Inside the flat is a tv with the words “Send Help” appearing on screen. Walk over to the tv and walk across the keyboard as any cat should, and you will get a new line of text on the screen. Crawl across the keyboard when every new line of text appears, and you’ll open a secret door that you should head inside.

The newly revealed room showcases a lab room, fitted with tables and other electrical equipment. Your job here is to find four different plug sockets and fit them into the main computer terminal, placing them one at a time. The location of the four plugs are as follows:

  1. A binary machine on a frame.
  2. The second is attached to a computer on a shelf near the binary machine.
  3. It is fixed on a computer that is perched on a table facing the main terminal.
  4. The final one is on top of the bookshelf.

Most of these are fairly simple to get to. However, the second plug requires you to jump on the switch and move the binary machine with the first plug socket. Once it has moved from the right to the left, you can climb on it to get the second one.

As for the fourth one, you need to jump on the stool before you can leap up the bookshelf.

Place the plugs into the main terminal in any of the plug sockets.

Now you have found and placed all of the plugs into the terminal. It should reveal a new room. The new room is very small, and has one object of interest. You will need to head towards the deactivated robot, jump on top of the pod, and then launch yourself on top of the pile of boxes and cross the plank. At the end of the shelves will be a box with a robot on it. Knock it off the shelf as any cat should, and a small drone will roll out of it.

You now want to bring the robot drone back to the first room and place it on the main terminal. There is a white platform on the desk, with four pillars on the corners of it. Bring the drone to that object and place it on top of it. The drone will then boot up and become active, granting you a newfound friend.

Head to the Slums

Now that B-12 is active, it is time to head outwards into the wide world. You will have been given some keys that will open the next door in the smaller room. Use the keys to open the door at the door terminal, and a new corridor will reveal itself. There will be another locked door at the end of the corridor that you need to open. The way to open it is via the mirror in the right room. Pounce to the top of the white cabinet and use the torch to light the mirror up. A code is visible at the bottom right of the mirror in red. The code says 3748. Use the code to open the door and escape into the world.

Find this door code, and you may exit the building and make your way to the slums.

Now you’re outside, jump into the bucket, repel across the chasm, and onto the street. You get your first main story memory and an introduction to the game’s narrative. After the first memory concludes, turn right, hop over the corrugated metal, bypass the metal fence, and descend the air conditioning units, crossing a chasm with a bukcet towards the slums.

Be aware once you get out, there are a few Zurks, which can kill you if you’re not careful. Run to the pipes and avoid the Zurks, and you can then slip into the Slums and begin the new chapter. You havbe now walkedthrough the Flats Chapter, completing the mission.

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