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How to get all Badges in Stray

Craig Robinson

Trophy hunters heading into Stray have a challenge ahead of them with the ‘Badges’ trophy. The trophy requires you to get badges pinned to your cat vest throughout various chapters in the game. So, you’re going to need to do many secondary objectives. Here is how to get all the badges in Stray.

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Collect all badges.

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We teach you how to get all six badges in Stray.

How to get all Badges in Stray

In total, there are six badges in the Stray for you to collect. Some badges come as part of the main story, while the others come from the side objectives. So, you will need to be busy across various chapters to get the badges. Below you’ll find how to get every badge in Stray.

This article will contain story spoilers due to how the developer spread the badges through the game.

Stray: All badge locations

How to get the Outsider badge in Stray

Seamus gives the Doctor’s Outsiders badge as part of the main story. All you need to do to get this badge is just complete the second chapter of the Slums level. After you work with Seamus and head into the Deadend chapter, you start working your way to where Doc is. You need to meet Doc as part of the main story quest to work out how to get through the sewers and reunite the father and son. When you go through the metal door with Seamus, he gives you a badge to pin on your cat vest. It is the easiest badge to get in the game.

How to get the Music badge in Stray

Hand in all eight music sheets to get the music badge.

The music badge is a badge that comes from the Slums level. There are eight different sheets of music that you can collect throughout the level. For the most part, they are scattered around various buildings that you visit as part of the main mission objectives of the level, tucked away in the corner. Meanwhile, there is one music sheet you need to buy to get your hands on the fourth music sheet.
You can find all the music sheets in these rough areas:

  1. Momo’s apartment
  2. Balcony table
  3. Elliot’s Computing
  4. Marketplace
  5. The pub
  6. Clementine’s apartment
  7. Doc’s Piano
  8. Sewer safe

You can visit our sheet music locations guide if you need more details on finding all the music sheet locations.

How to get the Garden badge in Stray

Find all the flowers in Antvillage and get the garden badge.

The gardening cat badge comes from the Antvillage level. When you’re finished speaking to Zbaltazar, you will find an NPC on the floor above him that will tell you about the flowers on the level. You need to pick up three flowers, one red, yellow and purple flower. The locations of the flowers are as follows.
Red tree by the sewage water tended by two robots.
A tree grows from the first level of the village that you can climb across for the purple flowers.
The yellow flowers grow from the same level as Zbaltazar that you need to find via jumping platforms and crossing a pipe.

Once you find all three flowers, you can hand them to the flower robot Malo, positioned next to some flowers with a watering can. If you need more assistance with the flower locations, you can see more details from our guide on it.

Or you can find all the flower locations by following this gif.

How to get the Midtown badge in Stray

Open safe on the top of the shelf in the battery shop.

The rest of the badges in the game come from the Midtown chapter. The battery shop is the first one you can get your hands on in Midtown. The battery shop is on the right-hand side of the first main street you enter in Midtown. Head inside that store, and head towards the shelves. There should be an angry robot yelling at a robot who has run out of power. There should be some robot language to translate, which reveals a code.

The code is written backwards, revealing the true code to be 8542. The safe is in the corner of the shelves. Head over to it, enter the code, and get the cat badge.

How to get the Police badge in Stray

Climb the buildings behind the police station and slip into a prison cell for this badge.

One of the harder-to-find badges in Stray is the police badge. You will need to climb into a prison cell within the Midtown level and find the badge on a dead robot to get it.

The get into the prison cell, you need to make your way towards the roundabout in Midtown’s centre and find the alleyway to the side of the police station and the clothes store. Slightly to the right of the garage entrance to the clothes store, you can start jumping on a metal box followed by some AC units to climb the buildings. Eventually, you will make your way to a corner of the alleyway near the roof. Once you land on the corrugated metal, look up, and you should find a jail cell window with metal bars to jump into.

Head inside the prison cell and interact with the dead robot. The robot should have a police badge on it that you can get and add to your cat vest.

How to get the Neco Factory badge

Find the keys in the factory for this badge.

The final badge you can get in Stray is the Neco Badge. The badge comes from the factory part of the Midtown level, and you can only get it during the factory infiltration mission.

To find the keys, you need to make your way past the first few sets of sentinels. Once you’re through the first batch, you will come across a room with a robot looking for its house keys. This is the robot you need to hand the keys to when you find it. Head up the catwalk, avoid the sentinel and jump over the gap to lift the power switch. It opens a blast door and a trash conveyor belt room to walk along and avoid the sentinels. When you get to the end, find the water-logged bit with the barrels. Jump on the barrels and go right rather than down the corridor as you normally would to progress the mission. The keys are on a little pile of rubbish.

You then need to turn around, head back to the robot, and hand the keys in. Chances are you will alert the Sentinals while you’re heading back, which is fine as they shouldn’t follow you to the worker robot. However, do avoid the one in the same room as the worker as that will get you and set you back to the start. Hand in the keys and claim your Neco badge.

And with that, you will have gathered all the badges in Stray. You should get the badges trophy, making you one step closer to pretty platinum.

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