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Stray Midtown Walkthrough

Craig Robinson

The Midtown is one of Stray’s biggest chapters, with plenty of main mission areas, collectables and other interactability. As this area is filled with many things going on, it’s a reason for a walkthrough. If you need any help with the main missions or collectables in Midtown, this Stray walkthrough will help out.

Stray: Midtown Walkthrough

Here is an in-depth Midtown walkthrough for Stray.

You emerge from the sewers as you enter the area after leaving the Antivillage. Cross the subway area, walk up the escalators area and through the gap in the fence. Then walk around the catwalk area with the robot chased by the police. Follow it down and turn right near the main street of the city.

Now you’re inside the city, feel free to go to explore at your leisure, as there is a lot to take in on this level. But, if you want to progress with the main story, head towards the roundabout with the police hologram, turn right, and walk down to the apartment block area. Here you want to climb to the top floor, and find a boarded-up house with a slight gap in the window. Head inside, and you’ll startle Clementine. Show her the Outsiders items, and she will accept you. Follow her into her office, and she tells you of her plan to steal a battery from the Neco Factory.

To steal the battery from the Neco Factory, you need to meet Blazer in an alleyway near the Neco Factory. He wears a coat and is reading a newspaper. Speak to him and show him his note. He will then tell you his plan to get into the Factory.

How to get the Worker Jacket and Worker Hat

Time to commit some crime to get into the Factory.

The Worker Jacket and the Worker Hat are both items you need to steal from stores on the main street. To steal the jacket from the clothes store, you need to get a cassette from rapping robots found at the bottom of Clementine’s Apartment block. To earn it, jump on the three security cameras and jump off to send them off their screws, smashing to the ground. After it is done, get the cassette and head to the store.

Now head into the store and insert the cassette into the player in the store’s changing room. Volume warning: the cassette is pretty horrible. Let the wubs distract the storekeeper, then steal the jacket from the dummy.

Next up is the hat. The hat store is further down the road, with a delivery van parked outside. Head towards the van, and find a cardboard box on the floor. Now, wait for the drunk robot to pick it up and smuggle you inside the hat store. Once again, steal the hat and then leave the building. You can now return to Blazer and begin the next stage.

The Neco Factory

Sneaking is an important part of the level in both the factory and the flats.

The Neco Factory is an area that requires a mixture of stealth and puzzle solving to beat. At the start of the area, you need to sneak around the Sentinels avoiding their blue lights to prevent getting chased. Simply watch for the patterns in how they move, and you should be fine through the various rooms. Don’t forget to use cover and jump in cardboard boxes if you need to hide.

At the one bit, you will come across a drone that guards a room by itself. Behind it is a platform that has a switch you need to lift. Jump on it to open the next room, which leads you to the conveyor belt area to continue progressing down. Jump across the gap, lift the switch, jump back, avoid the robot, and move on.

In the next room is a trash compactor conveyor belt. You need to use these columns of trash as cover as they move down the path to making it to the next stage.

Now for the major puzzle of the area. You must roll a red barrel through the lazer gate to get into the battery room. When inside, you will find three switches on the floor. These switches all need to be activated to get the battery and complete the factory. You first want to activate the square robot and bring it to the switch near the fence. Place it on the edge to allow yourself to jump on the fence and get inside.

As all the objects are placed, you can then steal the battery.

You will find a switch on an electric pan as you enter the fenced area. Activate, and you open the gated area open. It allows you to activate the square robot in the room, bringing the robot to the switch near the window. Finally, you can now roll the barrel and position it on the switch near the lazers facing the outside section of the factory. You can now steal the battery. It then shits the door to the factory, and your escape avenue is the bucket on the outside section of the factory.

Clementine’s Puzzle

There are four objects you need to interact with to solve the mysterious message puzzle.

Now you’re free from the Factory, head back to Clementine’s apartment. Be warned that the apartment area is under police investigation, and there are Sentinels everywhere. Stealth around the area the best you can, especially if you are looking for a stealth trophy. If not, proceed up the stairs the best you can and get through the window to Clementine’s. However, she is not there and leaves a mysterious message in her computer room.

The note means you have to find four items that solve the puzzle. The four items are:

  1. Incense burner on the round table in the living room
  2. Crystal rock on the bedding area on the roof above the computer room.
  3. The traffic cone doll in the storage room
  4. The lava lamp in the kitchen.

The notes will reveal that Clementine is with Blazer in the club. Head to the club through the back alley. You need to climb up and across pipes to get to the club window. You’ll find a robot sick, waving at the street cleaner. Head into that room, and gain access to the club.

You need to get to the rafters to get into the VIP balcony and meet Clementine and Blazer.

When inside, your task is to retrieve a drink from the bar. Now you look for a robot standing to the side of the dance floor who has a lever. You need to trade the drink for the lever. Now head to the DJ floor and slot it into the machine. Flip the switch, lower the show prop and jump on it. The DJ will then slip the switch and raise the prop to the rafters above. Crawl across the rafter and enter a control room. Now press the buttons until there is a path on the left side of rathers that is all lowered. This allows you to cross and get to the VIP room with Clementine and Blazer, which will complete the Midtown walkthrough.

You will now head to the Jail, and we have a Jail walkthrough on that, too, if you’re interested?

Stray MIdtown trophy walkthrough

Throughout this level are plenty of collectables and achievements. There are plenty of badges, memories and even easter eggs scattered around. We will give you a quick rundown, followed by advice for some of the tips when necessary.


Head inside the police station after the Neco Factory to get the memory.

In total, there are six memories in Midtown, and two of them are only accessible at certain stages:

  • Subway book room
  • Cafe roof
  • Barber Roof
  • Nightclub alleyway roof
  • Police Station
  • Nightclub basement

The first four are available at any time during the mission. However, the final two are only available at certain times. The Police Stations are only available after the Neco Factory segment as the police station doors are left wide open. Meanwhile, the Nightclub is only accessible at the final bit of the chapter. Jump on the sing table and board the little bar elevator, and head to the basement to get it.


The Police badge is the most complicated of the badges to find.

There are also a few badges on the level, including:

  • Police Badge
  • Midtown store badge
  • Neco badge

The Police badge requires some parkour between the Police Station and the Clothes Store. Climb the baskets, AC, pipes and corrugated metal to get to the highest point you can get of the alleyway, and jump on a sheet of metal at the top corner. Look up to find an iron bar window., pounce up, and head inside to get a badge from a collapsed robot.

The store badge is found in a safe on a shelf. The code is spelt backwards from the translation on the wall of the store’s storage area.

The final badge is found in the Neco Factory. This is the one you get from handing in the keys from the trash pile during the conveyor belt section of the factory. You then return the keys for the badge.

There are also a few trophies to get. The main one is the don’t get detected trophy, requiring to never alert a Sentinel to your presence. This requires some patience to get and proper studying of movement patterns.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Complete Midtown without getting detected by a single Sentinel robot

Trophy icon

(Sneak around Midtown and never get detected by Sentinels)

You can also complete the brushing trophy, which has you brush up against five robots. There’s at least three, including some robots standing in a circle near a police checkpoint, and two in front of the cafe. You can also leave the mark by scratching various mats and rugs around the stores.

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