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Stray Slums Sheet Music Locations

Craig Robinson

While the focus of Stray’s collectables is the memories for B-12 to remember, there are other level-focused collectables. The slums are an example of a level with another source of collectables, which is Sheet music. If you’re going for pretty platinum in the trophies, you will want to collect them all. Here is everything you need to know about Stray’s sheet music locations.

Take your music sheets to Morusque for the Meowlady trophy and to unlock a badge.

Stray sheet music locations

Stray’s eight different sheet music locations are found around the main slum village, hidden throughout the buildings, rooftops and more. Some will require puzzles to be solved, while others simply find out where they are and pick them up.

Once you have all eight pieces of Stray’s sheet music, you may return to Morusque, the musician. He is sitting in front of the building on the side of the sewer entrance. The sewers and Morusque are located to the right-hand side of the Guardian, who stands at the village’s centre. We recommend returning the music sheets one by one, as Morusque needs to play them all in full before accepting another sheet music.

Once he has played all eight songs, you will get a trophy called Meowlady. You will also get a music badge, which is one of six badges you need to get the badge trophy.

Where to find all sheet music locations in Stray

Sheet music 1 location

It is on the shelf on Momo’s utility room

The first sheet music is found in Momo’s house. You can find Momo’s house marked by the big red light on a rooftop, which the Guardian monk of the slums village points you towards when you first arrive. You will need to enter the building by climbing up the balcony and jumping through the window to access it. Once inside, head to his utility room, and you should find it on a shelf above the washing machines.

Sheet music 2 location

Check the balcony table for the second sheet of music.

You can find the second sheet music location on a balcony near Clementine’s house. As you follow the pipe from the central building roofs from the village towards Clementine, you can choose to jump to the right instead. The pipe will allow you to jump on the balcony with a small round table with two white/grey plastic garden chairs on a wooden base. Another identifying factor of the balcony is the canopy above the balcony door. Once you’re there, you can jump on the table, and the second sheet of music is there.

Sheet music 3 location

Th third is on the robot poster in Elliot’s computing.

The third sheet of music is inside Elliot’s Computing. You will need to be on the ground floor, walking down the alleys directly opposite where the guardian stands. Head down the steps, walk past the bar, follow the street and turn right. Elliot’s computing is the first door you come across on that new street. To get inside, you need to scratch at the door, waiting for Nestor to open the door and let you in. Once inside, head towards the poster of the robot directly opposite the door. The third sheet music location is hung up against it.

Sheet music 4 location

You can buy the fourth sheet of music from the marketplace.

You can find the fourth sheet music location at the marketplace, just to the Guardians’ left down the steps. However, unlike the rest, you’ll need to buy this one with an energy drink. Throughout the town, there are four filled vending machines from which you can get energy drinks to buy two of the three goods he sells. The easiest place to find one is directly opposite Morusque. You only need to find one vending machine and pick the energy drink up to buy the music sheet. Keep a look out for vending machines as you explore the town, or you can read our vending machine guide for more information if you fancy buying the mysterious object he sells too.

Sheet music 5 location

The fifth is on a pub table in the bar,

The fifth sheet music location in Stray is the easiest of them all. You can find the fifth sheet in the upstairs seating of the bar. Head into the bar and take a left from the entrance to get to the stairs. Climb the stairs, and find the middle seating space against the wall and beside the pool table. Someone conveniently placed the sheet on top of that table.

Sheet music 6 location

The sixth is on a shelf on top of some books besides Clementine’s bed

The sixth music sheet is found in Clementine’s bedroom. Chances are you already found this as you were getting her notebook for the Momo mission. But, if not, then you will need to head back to her room. You can find her bedroom via the open window near where you got the second sheet of music. Head inside, go through the doors, and you can find the sheet music on a stack of books on the shelf beside her bed. Her bed location is before you head into her computer room, where you can find her notebook.

Sheet music 7 location

The seventh is on the piano, which is found inside Doc’s library.

The seventh music sheet is another one you can pick up while doing the notebook mission. You can find it in the library, where Doc used to live before he set on his quest for the outside. You can find the entrance to the library on a balcony slightly further up from the second sheet. Another identifying factor of Doc’s house is the balcony directly opposite the roof with the sofa and the TV on it. The balcony is jumping distance from that roof. From there, jump on the balcony and head inside the partially boarded-up door. Explore the library a little, and you will come across the cubby with the piano. The seventh music sheet location is pinned up against the piano.

Sheet music 8 location

The eighth music sheet is inside the safe to the left of the sewer entrance.

The final sheet music is inside a safe near all the debris to the side of the sewer’s entrance. The sewer’s entrance is found slightly further down from Morusque. Once you’re at the sewer entrance, look left, and you can find the junk pile and debris. Among them is a safe that has a lock on it. The code to the safe is found behind the picture of the beach hanging above the Dufer beer sign on the wall where Joe serves drinks at the bar. Alternatively, the code to the safe is 1283.

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