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Neco Factory Guide

Craig Robinson

The Midtown chapter is one of the biggest chapters in the game, with various stages before you complete it. The Neco factory is hthe longet part of the chapter, which has you infiltrate the factory to claim its prized battery. As you explore teh factory, you will come across stealth and logic puzzles to complete while doing the mission. Here is everything you need to know to complete Stray’s Midtown Factory.

Midtown Neco Factory Puzzles - pre-steps

The entire process of the Neco Factory is a fairly long one. It begins once you find Clementine’s flat and speak to her. She then tells you about her plans and to meet a robot called Blazer, who is a coat-wearing robot reading a newspaper near the Neco Factory. Head over to the robot, and he tells you to collect a jacket and a hat.

How to steal the Jacket in Stray

Put the mixtape in and then steal the jacket.

The Jacket is in the clothes store on the main roundabout to the side of the police station. You need to steal the Jacket from the store, but the store owner will need to be distracted to do it. Luckily, there’s a cassette player in the changing rooms. You need to insert the cassette you get from one of the rapper robots from Clementines’ flat complex.

Speak to the robots on the ground floor who are complaining about the CCTV in the apartment complex. They will tell you to destroy all three CCTV cameras installed. All you need to do is jump on the camera, then jump off, and they will break. You can then get a mixtape from the robot with its foot on a pile of tapes.

Return back to the clothes store and put the mixtape in the tape player. It gets rather loud, and the store owner will go to check it out. It’s then time to steal the Worker’s Vest.

How to get the Worker Hat in Stray

Wake the drunk robot up and use his box to sneak into the hat store and steal the Worker Hat.

You then need to get the Worker’s Hat from the hat store. The hat store owner will not let you in. However, you can stealth in by hiding in a box. But first, you need to wake the robot up in the pub. Head to the rear of the pub, which is just to the side of Clementine’s flat complex on the main road. Head inside the pub, head to the back, and you will find a passed-out robot. Jump on the shelves above it and then push the box of bottles on its head to wake it up.

The robot then slowly walks back to the delivery van, which you can jump into the box beside the delivery van. Wait for the drunken robot to pick the box up while inside it, and you can smuggle yourself inside the store. The Worker’s Hat is propped up in the store window. Take it and escape as required.

Now you have both items, you may return to Blazer. Hand in both items, Blazer will dress, and then you can jump in the box nearby.

Midtown Neco Factory puzzle guide

Avoid patrolling Sentinels throughout the factory to make it to the battery room.

Blazer will begin infiltrating you while hiding in the box. You will go inside and be free to do the Neco Factory mission. You need to head forward across the security door and avoid the patrol of the Sentinel. Move down the catwalk and into the next room.

The next room has two Sentinel robots hovering around. One sentinel is stationary at the back while the other moves. Wait for the second one to stop aiming at the barrels before you cross. You can then hide behind the boxes and wait for the robot to pass so you can jump across the next set of objects, get around the second Sentinel, and head to the next room.

The third room in the puzzle has one Sentinel that looks left and right. Once the robot looks right, jump high and then onto the beam. The beam moves, allowing you to jump over to the platform behind the Sentinel and jump on the switch. The switch opens up the next room. You can then jump on the pipe and return to the platform you were just on. Avoid the Sentinel looking in the two directions and head into the next room.

Now you’re in the trash transport conveyor room. Wait for a wedge of trash to go past on the conveyor belt above and use it to block the sight of the Sentinels throughout the room. At the end of the run, you will make it to a lazer door. Get inside the red barrel and roll into the next room.

The battery room puzzle

Now for the tricky part. You need to move the square robot to follow you to the switch on the left side of the room towards the fenced area. Position it close to the fenced area while keeping it on the floor switch. Make sure it has stopped following you, jump on it, and then onto the fence. Jump into the closed room, pounce on the control panel switch and activate the robot in the fenced-off area. Bring that robot to the switch closest to the glass panel, followed by deactivating it.

Placing the object on the right spots will reveal the battery to complete the Neco Factory segment.

Both of the switches on the ground should now lift the battery high enough off the ground so the barrel can roll under it. Get back in the barrel and roll it towards the final switch. The final switch will lower it back to the ground and lift the protective case around the battery. Take the battery, and the factory will come to a halt with the alarm raising. Go towards the balcony area, which is no longer lasered off, and escape using the bucket towards the giant elevator.

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