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Dead End Walkthrough

Craig Robinson

The Dead End chapter in Stray’s tale is one that takes you to the second Outsider member, Doc. The Doc is bunkered up in a building not too far from the Slums but is surrounded by Zurks from all sides. Your mission is to figure out how to get to him, alongside learning about how to create weapons against the Zurks for your future endeavours. Here is everything you need to know to beat this Stay chapter in this Dead End walkthrough.

Stray: Dead End Walkthrough

Now you’re finished working with Seamus, he brings you to a door he cannot follow with. It is here you and your newfound ally from Slums Chapter 2 leave you to finish the mission. On you go through the door, with Seamus locking it from behind. Now it’s time to move onward down the path, turning right to and down the slope to progress.

As you turn right and slide down the slope, you’re immediately greeted with a few Zurks. There is no way to trick these, so you’ll need to swerve them and avoid contact. Keep running down the pathway, jumping obstacles, and dodging even more Zurks down the line. Eventually, you’ll reach an industrial part of the path, and your job here is to head up the steps, making the Zurks follow you, while you descend down the stairs on the other side. You may then safely enter the hole with the white lights. As you emerge, you’ll find a final set of Zurks chowing down on a rusty car, which you can easily avoid. Evade the final pests and then launch yourself to the top of the giant door at the end of the segment.

You’ll come across a giant sewage area you’ll need to jump across.

On the other side of the giant door is a massive sewage area. Your job here is to jump across the area, using the beams, pipes, barrels, and air conditioning units to bypass this hazardous terrain. At the end of it, you’ll fall onto some “make-shift vehicle”, which will rapidly accelerate down a path, swatting zurks out of the way and bringing you to the next stage of the Dead End walkthrough.

Meeting Doc

After the crash, which launched our cat friend into a massive pit, you will get back on your feet and climb out. Keep climbing the pipes till you reach an AC unit that acts as a ledge to another sewage drain path. You’ll eventually come to a point where the source of the sewage water emerges, which you can jump up to head into the town.

Follow the cable to find Doc’s house.

Now that you merge into the streets, it is time to find Doc. There is a hint of where Doc is housed by following the yellow power cable to its destination. You will find an open window to jump into and begin exploring a house the cables lead to.

Head downstairs and find a sleeping Doc in his office chair. Leap over to his table, and you’ll startle him and begin the conversation. As the conversation ends, you will be able to explore the downstairs. Head into the research room tucked in the corner on the other side of the sofa. You want to look for the research table with white light and some documents hanging from the wall above. Bounce up on the table and then inspect the yellow tool. The Doc will then come over and enter a cutscene.

The yellow tool is the UV gun you need to fight the Zurks.

After the cutscene, you and Doc head upstairs, tasked with boosting the power to repair and charge the gun. Doc opens the window for you, prompting you to follow the electric cable out of the house and trace it to its source. Insert the fuse into the power unit and activate the generator. However, the generator will alert the hordes of Zurks in the area.

The best way to deal with the Zurks is to head to the broken bridge near the generator. Doc will be able to shine the UV light on you, stopping the Zurks on both sides of the street from attacking you. The bulk of the Zurks will die to Doc’s overwhelming power. Finish the rest off by running up them with the security of Doc as your guardian angel, then head back to Doc.

The escape plan

You need to get through this building with the shutter to make it back to the Slums.

Now that Doc’s UV light is charged, it is time for the trio to escape. Doc gives B-12 the UV light, allowing you to use the weapon when needed, while Doc does all the human-like stuff. Head towards the house’s front door, torch the Zurks at the gate, and then Doc will open the way. Further down the path is a blocked-off path, requiring you to do some cat parkour. Use the red barrel and roll it along to a broken vent. Use the barrel as a platform and head into the vent.

Crawl through the vent, jump down into the building, and flip the switch on the wall to the left. You’ll walk into the main room filled with Zurks. Conserve your UV light battery, as you don’t want it overheating while fighting the Zurks, especially as they charge. Methodically beat the Zurks back and head towards the door, which will start opening when you’re done battling the baddies.

You’ll find Doc is under attack with a few Zurks on the. Rescue Doc, and he will head into the building and shut the gate behind you. Finish off any stragglers who managed to get in, and you’re done. Doc will then start walking away, with you following shortly, returning back to the Slums and reuniting with Seamus. You’ll have now walked through all of the Dead End chapter, with the next quest being the Sewers to find Zbaltazar.

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