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Crossing the Marsh
The Library of Orda Palace

After the scene, watch the skit Crossing the Marsh and then return to Orda Palace . The good news is that all the enemies are gone, but the random treasures are also gone. Warp to the 3rd floor and enter the southwest door and walk toward the bookshelves for the sub-event The Library of Orda Palace .

Arklund Quag

Treat, Lemon Gel, Red Chamomile, Melange Gel, Specific, Syrup Bottle x2, 4000 Gald, Croquette Bun (Small), Wisdom Ring, Devil Tail, Mysterious Bead x6, **Mysterious Jewel** , **Jet Black Feather x5**
Human History, Mastering the Staff, The Decisive Type

Watch the skits Human History, Mastering the Staff, and The Decisive Type before you do anything else.

Now; follow the east wall to a tunnel with a Treat inside and continue until you find a Lemon Gel sitting in the open. Cut southwest to the area just west of the opening between the two ponds and you should find another tunnel that leads to a Red Chamomile . Now zone north to the next area.

Open the chest with a Croquette Bun (Small) in the chest to the west and then follow the west wall to a tunnel with a Wisdom Ring . Continue north and then cut east and then head south a little to a Melange Gel .

If you turn around and look at the boulder behind you you’ll spot the Aifread’s Treasure for a Mysterious Jewel and just south of this is a tunnel that leads to Mysterious Bead x6 . You can now continue north to the next area.

Head east along the wall until you reach the Specific and then go north a bit and check the first tree for the Aifread’s Treasure with the Devil Tail.

Head west through the area to a chest with Syrup Bottle x2 and then continue west to the wall where a tunnel leads to Jet Black Feather x5 . Continue to follow the west wall north until you are almost to the zone and check for a tunnel that leads to 4000 Gald before you zone north.

Fezebel Marsh

Lemon Gel x5, Pineapple Gel x5, Panacea Bottle x5, Apple Gel x5, Orange Gel x5, Life Bottle x5, **Booster**
Rashugal’s Battle Plan, Side Effects

Head near the guards for a scene to gain a Booster and then watch the skits Rashugal’s Battle Plan and Side Effects . Make sure to save and then follow the linear path for another scene. You will need to survive multiple waves of battles, but none of the should prove to be too difficult.

After the waves are complete, save your game and if you need healing items open the chests for Lemon Gel x5, Pineapple Gel x5, Panacea Bottle x5, Apple Gel x5, Orange Gel x5 and Life Bottle x5 . When you are ready head forward.

Boss: Jiao (2), Wingul (2), Presa (2)

All of these guys fight the same as before, but the difficulty is fighting them all together. Focus on taking out Jiao first , as his damage output is much higher that the other two. After that, you can take out Presa or Wingul, whoever has the lesser amount of HP.

As always; watch out for confusion causing your characters to attack each other. If you wish to use Item Steal you can gain a Ruby from Jiao, an Opal from Wingul, and an Aquamarine from Presa.

Drops: Stamina Ring, Quick Ring, Mind Ring

Return to the save and open the chests if you didn’t before and then follow the path north for a scene.

Boss: Gaius

You don’t have to beat Gaius; but it is possible. Almost all of Gaius’ attacks are powerful and his ability to use them in quick succession is what makes them extremely deadly.

Make sure to have Elize’s Revive and Nurse abilities unlocked before you even try and start this battle and partner with Alvin to help break his constant guard and allow you to do maximum damage.

Drop: Exceed

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