Voltea Woods

Blue Saffron, Lemon Gel, Chocolate Parfait (Small), Quarterstaff, Silver Circlet, Iron Guard, Thief’s Cape, Half-frame Glasses, Herb x10, **Mysterious Jewel** , **Jet Black Feather x5**
Impulse Control, Leronde’s Famous Landmark

First thing you should do is check Leia’s Lilium Orb and set up her skills and strategy. Leia makes a good Linking partner if you want to steal items for farming, get more gald, and other stuff.

Head east and after a few fights you should get the skit Impulse Control and Leronde’s Famous Landmark . Near the east zone is a chest with a Chocolate Parfait (Small) and zone to the northeast.

Head east along the north wall to find a chest with Herb x10 and an Aifread’s Treasure with a Mysterious Jewel in the tree nearby.

The southeast corner, before the bend north, has a tunnel that leads to a random treasure . Head north into the clearing and on the east side get the Blue Saffron before you jump down. By the lake is a chest with Jet Black Feather x5 that you should get before you head back to the previous zone.

North of the Leronde exit should be a chest with a Lemon Gel, while the west ledge has a tunnel that leads to the Thief’s Cape. The trees to the north of the western ledge have a Aifread’s Treasure with the Half-frame Glasses inside, but other than that you should just head for the northwest exit.

Felgana Mine

Lemon Gel, Orange Gel, Melange Gel x3, Life Bottle, Blue Jasmine, Savory, Sage, Apple Gel x3, Lemon Gel x2, 5000 Gald, 2500 Gald, 4000 Gald, Soba Omeletee (Small), Hard Hat, Earth Cape, Backpack, Gold Dust x7, Fossilized Shell x10, Insect Wings x6, **Jet Black Feather x4**
Do-Gooder Jude

Head down the northeast offshoot to get a chest with a Lemon Gel and then head west for a scene and tutorial. Check the area and then head to the south wall and notice a dark patch of rock that you can break through. After the scene, head into the passage.

To the west is a set of rocks with multicolored gems that you can break for items or to reveal paths, but at the end is a dead end with an Orange Gel . Head back east to the entrance and go south this time to a rock that reveals a path to Jet Black Feather x4 and you will likely get the skit Do-Gooder Jude .

Now, continue south to a chest with a Soba Omeletee (Small) and then west to a breakable rock, which may lead to a random treasure . Head west, and then south, to another split that has a north and south exit.

The north exit leads to a few rocks that can be broken, one of which reveals a tunnel to Gold Dust x7 , and the south tunnel also has a few rocks, one of which reveals a tunnel to Melange Gel x3 .

Instead of heading through the west zone, head north to find a tunnel with an Earth Cape and an Aifread’s Treasure with a Backpack . Now head back and zone to the west for a scene.

While the fossil may look close, the journey to it is not as easy as walking across the room. Break the only wall nearby to proceed and head northeast when you have the opportunity. Follow this to a track and go south to get a Life Bottle and then break open the rock nearby to reach a Blue Jasmine .

Return and head north all the way to a dead end and grab the Fossilized Shell x10 and Aifread’s Treasure with 5000 Gald .

Head west and take a detour south, heading back toward the entrance, and grab the Insect Wings x6 from the chest and a Savory from one of the two hidden tunnels.

Return north and go west now to a chest with a Hard Hat , how fitting, and then go south to a room with a bunch of breakable rocks , one of which leads to a Sage , and a chest with Apple Gel x3 .

The two eastern passages from this shaft lead to the fossil , but if you take the northern one you will pass a breakable rock that leads to 2500 Gald . When you are ready, approach the location of the fossil for a scene, save, and then head into the tunnel.

Boss: Hammerzamm

This guy is annoying due to the fact that he uses the ability the smaller versions do where he goes underground and pop out under you. This attack happens multiple times in a row and can eat through your health quickly.

Watch out for getting into a long combo and having this guy take you by surprise and make sure to be ready to free run away as he tunnels up from below you. His other big attack is one where he spins through the air at you. If you can manage to knock this guy down with Aqua Sweep , Leia can steal a Seal Ward from him.

Drops: Heavy Treat & Specific Plus

Just when you think it is over you will have to fight him again, luckily you have a little help this time.

Boss: Hammerzamm Part 2

This fight is similar to before, only he will do his abilities a lot more often, especially when he is low health. This can be annoying, since you may only get in one hit before he starts jumping around the room again, but just be patient and keep moving.

I suggest you get the Item Steal with Leia and then switch to Milla so you can use you abilities with linking better, since Leia only links healing abilities to Jude .

Drop: Quick Ring

Before you leave, open the chest in the worm’s room for 4000 Gald and Lemon Gel x2 . You can now warp back to Leronde.

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