Mon Highlands

Chamomile, Blue Verbena, Elixir, Treat, Orange Gel x3, Pineapple Gel, 3000 Gald, 4000 Gald, Pot au Feu (Small), Light Cape, Sideburns, Mysterious Bead x5, Pointy Talons x8, Geode x7, **Jet Black Feather x4** , **Jet Black Feather x5** , **Mysterious Jewel** , **Skill Tome: “Joyful Gains’’**
Teepo and the Four Great Spirits, Ambidexterity, New Experiences

Enter the Mon Highlands from Xian Du and watch the skits Teepo and T he Four Great Spirits , Ambidexterity , and New Experiences as you travel.

Head west along the wall and into a tunnel with Mysterious Bead x5 and then cut across to the east side to get the Pointy Talons x8 by a tree. The tunnel nearby leads to a Chamomile that you should get before you head for the zone to the north.

Head north and then west and check the south wall just after the turn for Geode x7 and then follow the wall west to a tunnel with 3000 Gald . Head northwest, just east of the zone, and spot the Aifread’s Treasure with Sideburns on the lone tree.

Continue east toward the north zone, getting the Jet Black Feather x4 and chest the east wall for a tunnel that leads to a Light Cape before you zone north.

Head north and take a right at the first junction that eventually ends at a dead end with a Blue Verbena and then backtrack and head all the way north to another dead end with Jet Black Feather x5 . Backtrack a bit and check the east wall for a tunnel that will lead you to the north exit.

Grab the Elixir by the entrance and then follow the east wall to a tunnel that leads to a Mysterious Jewel .

Head back into the open continue east, checking behind the large boulder for an Aifread’s Treasure with the Skill Tome: “Joyful Gains” and then go north through the flower bed to a chest with 4000 Gald . You can now backtrack through the previous areas until you can take the northwest exit.

Head north along the east wall to a tunnel with Pot au Feu (Small) and then head south and follow the opposite wall west to a Treat . Continue west and find the tunnel just before a boulder and get the Orange Gel x3 inside.

Head north through the choke point and then grab the chest in the northeast with a Pineapple Gel before you zone into the capitol.


Syrup Bottle, Dark Bottle, 6000 Gald, 6000 Gald, Earmuffs, White Bunny Ears, **Mysterious Jewe** l
A Sign of Affection, Elize Uncensored, Jude the Mercenary, Elize’s Song, (Let’s Test it Back at the Hotel), Troublemakers
Real Talk, Survival of the Fittest, Runaway Rappig, Jude’s Substitute

Start by exiting the Main Road to the northwest and search the only house available for a Mysterious Jewel before you return and enter the Inn. Check the upstairs rooms for a Syrup Bottle and Dark Bottle and then rest.

After the scene; exit the Inn and return to the northwest area for another scene. Afterwards; watch the skits A Sign of Affection, Elize Uncensored, and Jude the Mercenary.

You can now do some sub-event clean-up by heading to the Inn and resting again for the sub-event Real Talk . The guard near the Mon Highlands exit will ask you to defeat some enemies and start the Survival of the Fittest .

Meanwhile a girl in the Residential Ward Plaza needs help finding her Rappig in the event Runaway Rappig .

To complete the two sub-events, head to Mon Highlands from Xian Du and zone north. On the west side of the zone behind a boulder you should find the Rappig . Now continue to the north and encounter the group of enemies right before you zone to the cave area.

Head back to Kanbalar and turn these in for Earmuffs , 6000 Gald , White Bunny Ears, and 6000 Gald . Additionally, you will likely get the skit Elize’s Song as you walk around Mon Highlands.

Head to the castle gates for a scene and then continue toward the throne room for another scene with the King of Auj Oule . After the scene, watch the skit Troublemakers and then exit the castle. Examine the gate to the gondola for another scene and then continue into town for another scene.

Boss: Presa & Wingul

Wingul is the deadly of the two due to his incredible speed and massive AOE attacks that can wipe out the party. Additionally, watch out for your characters becoming confused and attacking each other.

Make sure to keep your HP up and revive people ASAP as needed. Don’t be afraid to use Gels for TP now that there is no reason not to use them. The two are most deadly when linked, as all your characters will surround them and become prime targets for both of their AOE attacks.

If you use Leia’s Item Steal you can get a Wind Cape from Wingul and an Aqua Cape from Presa .

Drops: Knight Crest & Holy Symbol

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