Life Bottle, 6800 Gald, 6800 Gald, 6800 Gald, Tiara, Halo, Shiba’s Dog Tail, **Letter to Father**
Return to Fennmont
A Message to the Fortress, Year End Sell-Off, Doing Research for a Report, Professor Haus’ Research (Jude), The Cycle of Rieze Maxia (Milla)

Watch the skit Return to Fennmont and then talk to the woman by the lotus flower fountain to accept the sub-event A Message to the Fortress and gain the Letter to Father . To the west is a girl in pink who will recognize the group and complete the sub-event The Runaways .

Inside the Samsara Trading Post , head upstairs to the second floor and talk to the Manager in blue to accept the sub-event Year End Sell-Off , which you may be able to complete now if you have a Meadow Crystal for a Tiara and 6800 Gald.

To complete the sub-event; warp to the west gate of Fort Gandala and drop off the letter. Now return to the woman in Fennmont for a Halo and 6800 Gald .

Back in Fennmont, head to the Talim Medical School and into the first medical building . Head off down the hall to the examination room and check the desk for a Life Bottle and then exit and enter the Student Services building .

If you are playing as Milla you can now get the sub event The Cycle of Rieze Maxia by talking to the professor on the nearby benches.

A Grad Student by the blocked area will ask for a Monster Fluid as part of the Doing Research for a Report sub-event, which you should be able to complete for a Shiba’s Dog Tail and 6800 Gald .

Continue down the Teaching Wing to run into the same group of students who previously talked about Jude and get a new sub event, Professor Haus’ Research . When you are ready; head for the Laforte Research Center for a scene and then enter the facility.

Laforte Research Center

The Mayor’s Death

You are forced to go toward the Lance of Kresnik, with invisible barriers preventing you from approaching near NPCs.

After the event; head upstairs to the room where you fought the girl in red and enter the lab. After the event, watch the skit The Mayor’s Death and then climb up the ladder and check the monitor. Exit back to Fennmont when you’re done.


Tales of School - Part 1, Agria the Shadowless, (Jude’s Medical School Friends)

Watch the skit Tales of School - Part 1 and then save and head for the Samsara Trading Post ; but instead of going inside look to the left to spot the girl in red .

Boss: Agria

Focus on taking out her minions before you focus on her, but be wary of her AOEs and Mystic Artes. Since her attacks are mostly fire artes; using water based artes and putting on skills that guard against fire is a good idea.

When Agria gets down on her knees and thrusts her sword into the ground she is going to summon Fire Djinn. If you spot her thrusting her sword into the ground and jumping on top, then that signals her AOE fire attack. Finally, if she arches her back and looks up she is going to do a small AOE fire attack.

If you keep your HP and Elize in the part to recover the Burn status effects you should be fine. You can also use Item Steal to gain a Lemon Gel.

Drop: Garnet

After the battle, watch the skit Agria the Shadowless and then head to the Talim Medial School area to get (Jude’s Medical School Friends) .

Head inside to the examination room for an event with Prinn, who wants a Harmonica Grass as part of the Leia’s Failure event line. Now head to Orda Palace for a scene and then enter the palace.

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