Lakutam Highroad

Blue Sage, Syrup Bottle x2, Life Bottle, Rosemary, Treat, Panacea Bottle x3, 3000 Gald, Veggie Sticks (Small), Link Ward, Colored Sunglasses, Mysterious Liquid x9, Mysterious Bead x6, **Mysterious Jewel** , **Skill Tome: “Soul Dividend”** , **Jet Black Feather x5**
The Aspyrixis, Elize’s Strength, Unfamiliar Ground, Golemology 101, An Irksome Vessel, Unusual Taste in Friends, The Problem with Wyverns, The Gel Abstainers, Pen Pals

As you wander you will get the skits The Aspyrixis , and The Gentleman Mercenary . Head east along the highroad to a chest with a Link Ward and then continue along the east wall for a tunnel that leads to a Blue Sage .

Cut across to the northwest corner for a tunnel that hides 3000 Gald and then head east to a stone pillar, which has an Aifread’s Treasure with Colored Sunglasses , and a chest east of that, by the cliff-side to an upper level, with Syrup Bottle x2 . Now zone to the northwest.

As you proceed into the open you will get a scene and the following skits: Unfamiliar Ground, Golemology 101, An Irksome Vessel, and Pen Pals .

Afterwards, head west until you come across a chest with Veggie Sticks (Small) and then head to the southwest corner by the lake and find the tunnel that leads to a Mysterious Jewel .

Follow the west wall to a chest with Mysterious Liquid x9 and then continue north. Two small plateaus will be on the east and west side of the map, but only the west side has treasure: Aifread’s Treasure with a Skill Tome: “Soul Dividend” and Jet Black Feather x5 .

Now exit to the north. Save before you do anything else and then head forward for another ridiculous scene and a fight.

Boss: Brutaur

This boss’s most dangerous attack is its charge attack, which can KO a character on most difficulties above Normal. Additionally, it can dive into the ground and pop up similar to the worms. When Brutaur reaches low health he will begin to spawn allies, these can be ignored until you defeat the boss.

When the exclamation appears over its head and you are behind it it will likely do a Hip Stun attack that you can guard against. **** When it rears up on its hind legs, guard or sidestrep away as this indicates he is going to charge.

If you have Leia in the group and knock the Brutaur over you can get a Link Ward, but he drops a Link Ward as well.

After the fight and a scene , watch the skits Unusual Taste in Friends and The Problem with Wyverns . The game sets you off by the north exit, but instead of heading into Xian Du head west along the wall until you reach a chest with a Life Bottle .

Now head for the southeast corner of the map and climb the vines up and head west to a tunnel with a Rosemary inside. If you zone south you can finally reach that plateau you passed earlier in the southwest region and get the Treat , but that is the only thing there.

Return to the north and follow the east wall to a tunnel, for Mysterious Bead x6 , and then head toward Xian Du , getting the chest with Panacea Bottle x3 on the way north.

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