The following lists the enemies and rewards for each tournament per character.

Enemies are listed in two rows ; the first row is the initial spawn of enemies at the beginning of the tournament or the spawn of enemies after all the arena is cleared and and the second being reinforcement enemies that spawn as enemies are defeated in that group.

Beginner Single

**Round** **Enemy Type(s)**
1 Insurgent Soldier x2 + Insurgent Channeler x2 **Reinforcement(s** ): Insurgent Commander x2
2 Dusk Bat x4 **Reinforcement(s** ): Scorpion x2 + Plated Boar x2 + Antler Beak x2
3 Skunky x2 + Terra Ribbit x2 **Reinforcement(s** ): Bog Chirpee x3 + Terra Goblin x2 + Water Djinn x2 + Snow Dragon
4 Spyrix Warrior 1 + Spyrix Warrior 2 + Spyrix Warrior 3

Advanced Single

**Round** **Enemy Type(s)**
5 Auj Oule Lancer x2 + Quag Merfish x3 **Reinforcement(s** ): Megistus Treant
6 Insurgent Elite Soldier x2 + Insurgent Grand-Channeler x2
7 Fire Golem x2 + Ice Golem x2 **Reinforcement(s** ): Auj Oule Channeler x2 + Ice Mandragora x3 + Auj Oule Enforcer x2
8 Wind Butterfly + Undinette + Earthen Warrior + Fire Dragon
9 Gentleman + Gentlegnome + Gentlesylph + Gentlemundine + Gentlefreet
10 Unicorn + Gun Tortoise + Abject Shade
11 Crime and Punishment
12 Ivar (Coliseum)

Beginner Group

**Round** **Enemy Type(s)**
1 Greater Demon (Coliseum) + Nameless Anomaly (Coliseum)
2 Hammerzamm (Coliseum) + Fire Teagle (Coliseum)
3 Aquadragon 1 (Coliseum) + Aquadragon 2 (Coliseum)
4 Brutaur (Coliseum) + Pterobronc (Coliseum)

Advanced Group

**Round** **Enemy Type(s)**
1 Greater Demon (Coliseum) + Nameless Anomaly (Coliseum)
2 Hammerzamm (Coliseum) + Fire Teagle (Coliseum)
3 Aquadragon 1 (Coliseum) + Aquadragon 2 (Coliseum)
4 Brutaur (Coliseum) + Pterobronc (Coliseum)
5 Wyvern (Coliseum) + Veywind Eye (Coliseum) + Graddic Claw (Coliseum)
6 Wingul (Coliseum) + Agria (Coliseum) + Presa (Coliseum) + Jiao (Coliseum)

Grand Master

In the Grand Master level you will have to fight solo against your allies. Due to this, the order in which you fight them depends on who you are choosing to fight with. For example, when playing Jude you will fight Milla solo at the end of the tournament, while Leia will fight Alvin solo at the beginning of the tournament.

**Round** **Enemy Type(s)**
? Rowen (Coliseum), Leia (Coliseum), Alvin (Coliseum)
? Elize (Coliseum), Milla (Coliseum), Jude (Coliseum)


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