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Galia Trail

Item Checklist
900 Gald
Skits Checklist
A Strange Girl

The guy at the entrance here is an all in one shop, so if you missed anything in town you can get it here. Start by heading southwest to a chest with 900 Gald and listen to the A Strange Girl skit while you’re at it.

Continue northwest, getting the Rashugal and Auj Oule skit and continue along, following the west wall into the large section that heads south and check the trees at the far south for one of Aifread’s Treasure , a Bandage . Continue northwest, getting the chest with a Life Bottle , and then get the Orange Gel x2 on the northern wall before zoning to the west.

There are two Aifreads Treasures in Galia Trail that you should get.

Just before the bend west there is a large rock with an Aifread’s Treasure (03/50) containing 2000 Glad and then head to the southeast corner at the bend for a chest with a Stun Bracelet inside.

Kijara Seafalls

Item Checklist
Meat Sauce Pasta (Small)
Skits Checklist
A Monster That Size

Head west and check along the beach for a chest with Meat Sauce Pasta (Small) and then head southwest to the cliffs that you can climb. Climb up the first level and run west to find a chest with 700 Gald .

Return and climb up another cliff and then hop down a small ledge. Instead of jumping off to the south, follow the path west and around to the chest you may have spotted earlier, which contains a Jasmine . Now return and jump off the edge to the south and zone to the next area.

Make sure to grab the Jasmine on the cliff and in the next area get the Aifreads Treasure.

Hug the southern wall and enter a small cave, where a chest with a Melange Gel hides, and then return to the beach and go through the arch and turn around and look at it to find another Aifread’s Treasure , a Pet Dragon . Head west along the beach and get the Bronze Helm before returning to the entrance and finally climbing up the cliffs.

Head west and get the chest across the way, above the previous chest, which contains a Heal Bangle , and then jump off to the south and head for the beach. Check the northern wall for a small cave with Jet Black Feather x6 inside before you save and zone to the next area.

Boss: Greater Demon

This boss battle acts as a tutorial for chaining artes via Linking. While it can be difficult on higher levels, the best strategy is to keep moving so that it’s area-of-effect attacks do not catch your whole party off guard. Use the Linked Arts to do devastating damage and you should be fine.

Watch the skit A Monster That Size and then continue west and climb the vines to reach the next area.

Head along the beach and climb up the rocks and then jump off the south side where a chest with a Life Bottle is easily visible and a less visible Aifread’s Treasure with a Guardian Emblem , awaits behind you.

Right next to the Life Bottle is anotehr Aifreads Treasure with a Guardian Emblem.

Climb back up and this time jump off to the northwest for a scene. Instead of heading for the exit, follow the beach northeast to its end, where a chest with Apple Gel x3 lies.

You can now save and exit to Nia Khera.

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