E.S.S. Zenethra

Treat, Miracle Gel, Holy Bottle x2, Blue Sage, Melange Gel x2, Blue Savory, Red Verbena, Apple Gel x2, Orange Gel x2, Jasmine, Pineapple Gel, Syrup Bottle x2, Elixir, Dark Bottle, Heavy Treat, Life Bottle, Omega Elixir, Specific, 3000 Gald, 3000 Gald, 4000 Gald, Croquette Parfait (Small), Sacred Helm, Phoenix Ribbon, Resistance Emblem, Amulet, Reverse Doll, Rotten Bone x15, Venomous Stinger x8, Beetle Leg x7, Rare Metal x8, Bee’s Nest x11, Everbloom x7, Bizzare Clump x5, **Radio** , **Zenethra Map** , **Jet Black Feather x6** , **Jet Black Feather x5**
Aboard the Zenethra, On the Trail of the Four, Milla the Conflicted, Elympions

Watch the skits Aboard the Zenethra and On the Trail of the Four and then enter the door by the save point for a battle and scene, you will also get the Radio and Zenethra Map .

Open the chest to the right for a Treat and then head to the southeast corner for a Miracle Gel . There is nothing in the south door; so head through the west one for a scene to learn more about Alvin and the others. Watch the skits Milla the Conflicted and Elympions and then head down the stairs.

On the north side of the room is a chest with Holy Bottle x2 and on the north side of the room is a Blue Sage that you should get before taking the southern door.

Get the Rotten Bone x15 from the chest in the souther and then head east upstairs and through the door for a Sacred Helm . Head back inside and down the stairs and continue east to a chest with 3000 Gald . Now go down the steps and east; getting the Melange Gel x2 to the north before you exit east.

Loop around to the other side and get the Blue Savory from the west before you enter the door to the north, which has a Red Verbena and Venomous Stinger x8 .

Exit and return to the previous room and head west this time. Get the chest with Apple Gel x2 and then use the Lotus Ring to get to another room with a Resistance Emblem .

Exit and head west and then south and east to take the stairs up to a chest with Jet Black Feather x6 and unlock the door that leads back to the beginning, where you can get healed by the female soldier. Return to the door your entered originally and this time head east and then south to a chest with 3000 Gald .

Continue east, heading south to get the Croquette Parfait (Small) , and then exit through the east door. Loop around to the south side and then head all the way west for a chest with Orange Gel x2 and then check both the south doors for a Jasmine, Beetle Leg x7, and Amulet. Now exit through the east door.

Ignore the first door to the south and head all the way east for a chest with a Pineapple Gel and then check the nearby door to the south for Syrup Bottle x2. Now head north and then east to reach the first generator and destroy it.

Grab the Elixir nearby and exit and head all the way west, stopping at the north room to move a box and get 4000 Gald before you exit.

Open the chest to the west for Bee’s Nest x11 and then check the north door for Rare Metal x8 before you head back east and then south through the door we skipped before. Check the room for Everbloom x7 and a Reverse Dol l and then take the Lotus Ring .

Before leaving the room, get the Jet Black Feather x5 and Dark Bottle from the nearby chest and cabinet. The exit to the west leads to a room with only random treasure, so head east to a Phoenix Ribbon and then enter the north door for a Heavy Treat .

Now head to the southwest door, which leads to Bizzare Clump x5 and a Life Bottle and then return to the main section and take the south door to a room with boxes, that can be moved around to reach an Omega Elixir . When you are ready, exit through the east door to reach the other generator.

After the scene, return to the Central Chamber as Milla suggests and take the once barricaded doors outside. get the Specific to the north and then head east and save before entering the door.

Boss: Gilland & Celsius

Gilland is the trickier of the pair due to his long range attacks and ability to heal . When linked the pair becomes deadly to those not blocking or using skills like Aqua Sweep to stun or knock down. It’s best to go full force on the pair and leave the healing up to Elize, but make sure to keep them occupied and off her.

Celsius won’t move far from her master even when they aren’t linked, so attacks that can do AOE damage are valuable assets in this battle. Once Gilland is taken out Celsius will not pose much of a threat other than her Icy Calamity , which will knock everyone down and possibly stun them.

If you want to steal from them you can gain an Exceed from Gilland and an Aquamarine from Celsius.

Drops: Sync Stone & Affinity Stone

Watch the large event and then make sure to save your game afterwards.

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