Fort Gandala

**Golem Inhibitor** , **Skill Tome: “Spirit Negation”**
(Let’s Get a Booster from the Fort), (The Great Golem Reckoning), (Sharing the Good News)

Warp to Fort Gandala’s Talys Highroad side and then watch the skit (Let’s Get a Booster from the Fort). Enter the fort and take the north door and then enter the first door on the first level to get the Golem Inhibitor and the skit (The Great Golem Reckoning). Now return to the entrance to fight the golems.

Boss: Gandala Defense Golems

Only two golems at a time will be in the battle, with the third replacing the first to die and the fourth replacing the second to die. Although they are powerful, they are only deadly when they both attack a single target and cause stunning to lead to death.

The good news is that they are slow , so if you are low health just run around and wait for Elize’s Nurse ability to heal you. Knock the one you are fighting over to reduce the attacks you sustain and you should end this fight in no time. If you are dying in one hit you should probably lower the difficulty.

Note: Each Golem is weak and strong against a specific element (usually water and fire). Be sure to check each one out and equip your weapons and linked-partners accordingly.

Drops: Red Cape & Blue Cape

After clearing Fort Gandala watch the skit (Sharing the Good News) and you can search the non-hostile fort for any areas you couldn’t access before.

Judes Path

Apple Gel x2, Orange Gel x2, Lemon Gel x2, Holy Bottle x2, 2500 Gald, 5000 Gald, Sandwich (Medium), Cat Hairband, Long Coat, Fine Boots, Gold Dust x10, Pure White Puffball x5, **Jet Black Feather x5**

Enter the northern section and take the elevator to the 2F and take the far right or left door to the southern section to find a Sandwich (Medium) .

Enter the eastern door and use the lift to get the moveable box and then return to the 2F to reach the Gold Dust x10 . Crawl through the vent and then take the lift up and hop over the boxes to find a crawl space that leads to 2500 Gald and a Cat Hairband .

Now grab the moveable box and return down the lift and use the box to reach the Melange Gel x2 . Now head back to the half circle room and enter the west door to the jail cells and check the toilet of the left cell for Orange Gel x2 .

Return to the half circle room and take the elevator to B1. Get the chest with Jet Black Feather x5 and then enter the east door. Hop up on the boxes and push the moveable crate off and over to the lift and head up.

Use the box to get up to the other moveable box and a chest with Pure White Puffball x5 and then push the other moveable box off.

Now move one of the boxes up to the hole in the floor, and up against the other set of boxes to reach the Fine Boots , and push it off the ledge.

Move the other box to the same location and push it off as well so that they are stacked in the room below and then jump down. You should now be able to use the top box to reach the 5000 Gald and Long Coat in this room.

Return to the half circle room and take the elevator to 1F now and open the chest to the east for Lemon Gel x2 .

Return to the half circle room and take the elevator to the 3F now and open the chest on the other side of the catwalk for Holy Bottle x2 . Now, enter the west room and move the box out of the way to crawl to Gold Dust x10 .

Millas Path

Melange Gel x2, Holy Bottle x2, All-Divide, Life Bottle x2, Blue Chamomile, 4000 Gald, 2500 Gald, 1500 Gald, 5000 Gald, French Toast (Small), Silver Helm, Splint Mail, Fine Boots, **Jet Black Feather x5** , **Pure White Puffball x5**

From the Talys Highroad side, grab the Melange Gel x2 and then head toward the west gate. There are two golem statues, each on one side of the archway to the west gate.

Stop by the left golem and look up in the corner to spot an Aifread’s Treasure with 4000 Gald and then open the chest by the west gate for Holy Bottle x2 . Take the north elevator up and cross to the outer walkway and head left to reach a chest with French Toast (Small) inside before you ride down to B1 .

To the east is a chest with Jet Black Feather x5 and to the west is a warehouse room with an All-Divide and 2500 Gald in a chest above that you can access via the elevator in this room. Return to the elevator and head to 3F .

Head right along the walkway to Life Bottle x2 and then west and cross to the outer walkway to open the chest with a Silver Helm .

Use the west side door, which has a box you can push to climb the crates and drop into the room below, and then take the lift to get a movable box that you can use to get the two chests in the room below, which contain 1500 Gald and Pure White Puffball x5 .

The vent here leads to a new area with a lot of boxes and a lift, which you should take now. Get the movable box here and take it downstairs and use it to push the other movable box off the ledge and then use that box to reach the chest with the Fine Boots .

Use the same box now to reach the north corner of the room, where a vent will take you to another room with movable boxes and a door. Use the box nearest the door and push it off the ledge, using it to then push the other box down, which will allow you to reach the Splint Mail in the chest above.

Use the outer box now to jump over the crates in the southeast corner and then move the box here to reach 5000 Gald . The door here leads to the 2nd floor, which has a Blue Chamomile in the west corner.


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