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Tales of Xillia
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
Editor(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 15-09-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 27-05-2019 / 08:06 GMT

Tales of Xillia Guide

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Act 3 - Exposer of Rieze Maxia

Milla - Before the Fated Battle


(Where Did I Hear of Kanbalar Before), The Ears of a Monster, Flying Ships, (Finding the Local Delicacy)
Monsters in the Cave, Jiao and Wingul

Watch the skit (Where Did I Hear of Kanbalar Before) and then exit the throne room and head south for a scene with Agria and Leia.

Now check the west side of the area for another scene with Alvin and Presa to learn more about them and then exit the palace and talk to Jude. Return inside the palace and head north to reunite with everyone.

Instead of heading to the throne room, watch the skits The Ears of a Monster, Flying Ships, and (Finding the Local Delicacy) and then head south for a scene between Milla and Muzet as part of the Sisterhood sub-event.

Now head to the Inn and talk to Karla for the final step in her event line and then head upstairs and talk to the Hunter in one of the rooms to accept the sub-event Monsters in the Cave and then head to the throne room and talk to Wingul to complete the sub-event Jiao and Wingul.

Before talking to Gaius to continue the story, warp to Xailen Woods on the Temple side and head south to climb up the previously inaccessible area and enter Kukhar Ice Cavern .

Kukhar Ice Cavern

Treat, Life Bottle x 2, 10,000 Gald, Takoyaki Ramen (Small), Gothic Plate, Aqua Cape, Iron Leggings, Rosy Cheeks, Monster Fluid x5, Mushroom Powder x7, **Jet Black Feather x6** , **Jet Black Feather x5**

Head south until you hop down and then check the top loop to grab the Aifread’s Treasure with 10000 Gald.

Head south again and hop down, grabbing the Jet Black Feather x6 from the dead end to the east, and continue west past the zone to a dead end with Monster Fluid x5 . Now zone south.

Boss: Aquadragon 1, Aquadragon 2

The dragons aren’t too deadly, but they’re annoying as they can easily knock your characters over and stun them. If you haven’t already learned to hit Square to recover from a knockdown, this is the time to do it. It would also help to outfit your characters with the Stun Medallion or Stun Bracelet .

Their most common attack is Coral Blade, where they thin themselves out and spin both blades to stun or knock your characters over. When they have you surrounded, the dragons can stun you over and over again, so focus on one to eliminate that variable ASAP.

Watch out for when they "stand up", as this is an indication of Splash Breath, which drains your TP. Most importantly, be wary when they link together and do the Linked Arte Spiral Breath . During this time, either back up or stick close to avoid massive TP loss.

Drops: Heal Bangle & Spirit Bangle


You can now zone to the west to continue. Head west and at the split go north to a dead end and get the Takoyaki Ramen (Small) before you backtrack and head south. When you reach the large room, head east to a dead end with the Gothic Plate and then check the south wall for a tunnel leading to Jet Black Feather x5.

Continue west to a set of vines and climb up. Continue south, hugging the west wall for a tunnel to Iron Leggings , and then head east to a dead end with a Treat before you backtrack and check the west wall as you curve south to find an Aifread’s Treasure with the Rosy Cheeks and zone.

Head all the way south to a chest with Life Bottle x2 and then go east to the next split and hop down and go north to find Mushroom Powder x7 . Head south and then all the way east, hugging the north wall to find a tunnel that leads to an Aqua Cape and then zone south.

Tulea Tundra

Omega Elixir, Red Saffron, 4000 Gald, Peach Pie (Small), Swordsman's Eyepatch, **Jet Black Feather x5**

Head south along the west wall to an Aifread’s Treasure with an Omega Elixir and then continue south to a chest with 4000 Gald . Continue south along the west side to find a Red Saffron and then zone to the south

Follow the east wall to the beach and grab the Peach Pie (Small) and then head south and west to a tree with an Aifread’s Treasure on it to gain the Swordsman’s Eyepatch .

Check the south end of the beach for Jet Black Feather x5, but heading any further will only take you back to Fezebel Marsh .

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