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Tales of Xillia
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
Editor(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 15-09-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 20:30 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 20-05-2019 / 01:25 GMT

Tales of Xillia Guide

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Prologue - Milla

Secret of the Research Center

Laforte Research Center

Item Checklist
Cape | Orange Gel x2 | Apple Gel x3 | Life Bottle | **Research Center Key** | Chamomile | 400 Gald | Orange Gel | Apple Gel x2 | 500 Gald
Skits Checklist
Still Shaking | Next Order of Business | One and the Same | Proof of Identity | Cold Comfort | Going Deeper | Sparring Time

Note : If you want the skit for using "No Gels", do not use any until after you reach Xian Du in Act 3. This includes those used in Auto-Item.

Start by taking the steps on the right and examining the shiny point on the pipe.

Note : Shining points are locations that grant random items and refresh every time you enter the maps, but do not always appear even though they have set spawns.

Get your first shining point and then get the Cape around the corner.

Continue and turn right to find a Cape in the treasure chest, which you should equip now, and then head to the next area and move forward a bit for a scene and your first fight. After the fight, turn around and get the treasure bag.

Note : Like search points, these do not always spawn when you enter a map and give random items, but tend to be better.

Continue to the next screen and then head to the opposite side, where an enemy nearby provides another tutorial for combat, and then you can climb the ladder up to the research center.

Head straight ahead and grab the chest with Orange Gel x2 at the end. Both doors on this floor are locked and require a key, so take either steps up to the middle and grab the chest with Apple Gel x3 . Save before continuing up the stairs and then turn left for a Life Bottle before you follow the girl into the room for a scene and a fight.

Get the numerous treasures filled with healing items throughout the Research Center.

Boss: Girl in Red

Weakness: Water

Jude will not help much in this battle, as he is intended to be much weaker than both the Girl in Red and Milla, so it will be all up to you. Use your summons on her while you avoid her flame attacks and you should be fine.

Exploit the water weakness of this boss and avoid her fire attacks to finish this quickly.

With the Research Center Key and Milla now available, you can access Skits by hitting Select or checking the Skits menu under Library. At the moment you should have two: Still Shaking and Next Order of Business . Exit the lab for a scene about Lilium Orbs, which is Tales of Xillia’s version of leveling up and is similar to the Sphere Grid in Final Fantasy X, and then watch the skits One and the Same and Proof of Identity .

With everything taken care of, enter the previously locked door nearby and grab the chest of Chamomile from the upstairs area. Descend back to the lowest level and take the northwest exit to a new area and watch the Cold Comfort and Going Deeper skits. Check the outside of the first floor for 400 Gald , make sure to ignore the opposite door on first floor that will advance the story and head upstairs.

Watch out for skits that can appear as you play by checking the bottom left of the screen.

There are two chests on the landing that contain an Orange Gel and Apple Gel x2 and the two rooms have a shining point, a battle, and 500 Gald .

If you fought a decent amount of battles you will get the Sparring Time skit, but if not, don’t worry since you can get it later. Head back downstairs and go to the only new door for a long cutscene and the opening credits.

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