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What is Soul Jumping?

Jessica Dillon

Tchia is a game that inspires you to go on an adventure while controlling a young girl of the same name. You will be able to sail your boat from island to island, traverse on foot, or use soul jumping to get around in unique ways. Soul jumping is one of the most important aspects of the game, and without it, you will be limited in what you can do and what puzzles you can solve. The guide below goes over soul jumping, how to use it, and what it’s meant to do in Tchia.

Image from Awaceb.

What is Soul Jumping in Tchia?

Soul jumping is a unique mechanic in Tchia that may feel somewhat similar to those who used Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey. This is an ability that lets Tchia take over an animal or an inanimate object in the environment. This is an ability that you can do back to back, but there is a limited amount of time that you can stay transformed.

Tchia soul jumping in an Image from Awaceb.

All you need to do is target a compatible creature or item, and Tchia will take them over. As soon as you are in their body, though, the green bar will begin depleting. After it’s done, Tchia will transform back into her normal form. You will either need to continue on like this or find another animal or item to jump into.

What Does Soul Jumping Do in Tchia?

Soul jumping is a way for you to traverse the world of Tchia. You can use this ability to take over a seagull and fly above the clouds or turn it into a small object like a tire and roll around. By changing your form, you can have more power over solving puzzles, getting around enemies, or reaching new areas in the game. The meter keeps things balanced so that you won’t be able to just fly around a seagull, easily mapping out the islands. Animals all have different abilities like if you control a dog, you will be able to dig holes in the ground, while grabs can cut through locks and free treasure chests.

Tchia as a coconut, image from Awaceb.

Items, on the other hand, can only roll around. When you end your transformation, however, you will be able to throw that item. This makes for an interesting mechanic as you can throw items at enemies. You can even use lanterns to set them on fire, giving you an easier way to fight. You should also keep in mind that moving around is a lot less taxing on your soul bar than using an animal’s ability will be.

Of course, some objects may be more important than others, and the game doesn’t seem to place animals or objects you can soul jump to sparsely. There are objects all around to let you truly innovate this ability into your play through. Of course, as you go through the game, you can complete Totem Shrines that will extend the time you are able to take on alternate forms by allowing you to consume soul fruit. These will unlock in chapter four of Tchia’s main story. In fact, the game will encourage you to constantly soul jump from one object or animal to the next.

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Tchia sets off on an adventure to rescue her father from the island’s ruler, Meavora, in this open-world adventure, inspired by New Caledonia. She can jump, glide, ride her boat, and even use her special gift to Soul-Jump into animals and objects. This guide currently contains the following content:

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