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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 13-02-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 27-01-2020 / 13:07 GMT

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Guide

3 months ago · Guide Information

Great Bay Coast

Oceanside Spider House


To enter this Spider House, you'll need some Bombs (or the Blast Mask).

Next to the Fisherman’s Hut along the coast you’ll find the Oceanside Spider House.

To receive your reward for cleansing this Spider House you must complete the task in a single day, so it’s best to start at 6:00 AM though you can complete it in about 4 hours with the Inverse Song of Time.

Before entering, make sure you have:

  • **Bombs**
  • **Fire Arrows**
  • **Hookshot**
  • **Captain's Hat**


The first room requires you to blast the wall, so use a Bomb or the Blast Mask.

  • 1-2. Shoot the two Gold Skulltulas down the ramp and use the Hookshot to collect the tokens.
  • 3. On the lower part of the room use Fire Arrows to burn the cobwebs on the ceiling. From here you can use the Hookshot to defeat the Gold Skulltula.


Hookshot over the fence and into the Stairwell. We’re ignoring this for now, so burn the cobweb to your left and enter the Library.

Put the Captain’s Hat on and speak with the Stalchildren. You’ll want to make a note somewhere with the order of objects they tell you.

  • 4-5. Push the bookcase on the west side of the room to reveal these two Gold Skulltulas.
  • 6. At the north end of the room pull the shelving unit apart, start with the ends and pull them back then push the middle piece to either side to reveal a hole. Use the Hookshot to defeat the Gold Skulltula.
  • 7. Behind a painting of Skull Kid in the northwest corner of the room is another Gold Skulltula.
  • 8. Along the ceiling in the northern end of the room. Climb the nearby bookshelf for the best angle at the Gold Skulltula.
  • 9. Defeat the Gold Skulltula atop the bookshelf in the southeast corner.
  • 10. Knock down the painting of Skull Kid in the southwest corner and use the Hookshot to defeat the Gold Skulltula.
Head back out into the Stairwell now.


The Stairwell connects all the rooms and it houses the most Gold Skulltulas too.

  • 11. Roll into the first jar to release a Gold Skulltula.
  • 12. Burn the cobwebs on the last jar and roll into it to release another Gold Skulltula.
  • 13. Hookshot the Gold Skulltula on the wall and collect the token.
  • 14. Look to the rafters and Hookshot the Gold Skulltula.
  • 15. Go down the stairs slightly and use the Hookshot to aim in the crevasse separating the floors. Defeat the Gold Skulltula and collect the token.
  • 16. Roll into the jar next to the door to loose the Gold Skulltula.
  • 17. Face north and burn the cobwebs near the crates. Shoot the Hookshot down the hole in the wall to defeat the Gold Skulltula.
  • 18. Break the top jar on the crates next to you to find another Gold Skulltula.
  • 19. On the wall behind you is a Gold Skulltula crawling out of a mask.

Storage Room

At the north end of the Stairwell is cobwebs blocking a door, burn them and enter the Storage Room. Defeat the Skulltula in the middle of the room before continuing your collection.

  • 20. Roll into the brown crate at the south end to reveal an alcove with a Gold Skulltula.
  • 21. Roll into the brown crate at the north end to spawn a Gold Skulltula.
  • 22. On the western side of the wall opposite the door is a Gold Skulltula.
  • 23. Burn the spiderweb on the ceiling and defeat the Gold Skulltula with the Hookshot.
  • 24. Climb the southern crates and look up to spot a wooden barrel, Hookshot up to it. Destroy the barrels here to find the Gold Skulltula.

Dining Room

Leave and enter the Dining Room near the stairs. Talk to the four Stalchildren to get the rest of the order, be sure to write them down.

  • 25. Roll into the jar under the red mask to release a Gold Skulltula.
  • 26. There is another Gold Skulltula behind the painting near the red mask.
  • 27. Stand on the table and look into the crack between the wall and ceiling for another Gold Skulltula.
  • 28-30. Stand on the table with the Goron Mask on and perform a Ground Pound to release the last three Gold Skulltulas.

Piece of Heart #33

There are no Gold Skulltulas beyond, but you don't want to miss the Piece of Heart.

Shoot the masks on the wall in the order that the Stalchildren told you to raise the portcullis blocking the final area. Inside, defeat the Skulltula and open the chest for the Piece of Heart.

The Giant Wallet

Return the entrance of the Oceanside Spider House to find a mysterious man who will give you the Giant Wallet in exchange for the building. You must have completed the task of expunging the Gold Skulltulas all in a single day.

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