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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 13-02-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 05-04-2019 / 22:26 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-08-2019 / 02:20 GMT

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Woodfall Temple


Bottling up the Princess

With Odolwa taken care of, your quest is starting to take shape.

After defeating the boss and claiming Odolwa’s Remains , grab the Heart Container and enter the light. Here you’ll enjoy a scene and learn the Oath to Order . Next, you meet the Deku Princess who wasn’t really captured to begin with! Use your Bottle to collect her inside.

Great Fairy of Power

If you gathered all 15 Stray Fairies then make your way to the Great Fairy Fountain in the southeast corner by using the Deku Flowers. Inside meet with the Great Fairy of Power to learn Spin Attack !

Piece of Heart #15

Ride the Deku Flowers to the north and open the large chest for Piece of Heart #15 . You can drop down to find another chest nearby, it has a Red Rupee.

Deku Palace Return

Head back to the throne room and dump the Deku Princess out of the bottle. Because of your actions, the Butler has prepared a gift for you.

Exit the throne room and use the lily pads going west to enter the Deku Shrine. Here, the Butler is going to take you down a long path to your gift but you need to keep up.

  • Follow him around the path to a fork, be sure to keep left.
  • There are ramps that you need to take. The order is left, right, center.
  • Continue around the corner, following him to a pool of water. Jump the narrow gap to continue running smooth.
  • At the blue flames you need to go right.
  • Adjust your view quickly so you can see the pool of water to leap across.
  • At this point you should take off the Bunny Hood, it makes your jumps too long and you need to be moving quickly. Leap from platform to platform all the way around then turn right in the hallway.
  • Your next obstacle is moving platforms. The Bunny Hood helps you move quickly over them, just follow the rupees to make a quick path out of this room.
  • In the next room you must avoid rising walls. Hug the right wall then turn left just before the corner, then back towards the corner, and finally out of the room.
  • The next few areas involve running up ramps that have a smooth surface and a grained surface. The grained surface lets you run up, you'll slide down the smooth surface.
  • Hook a hard left at the top of the stairs then a right at the purple flames.
  • Use the Hero's Bow to shoot the switch and cross the platforms to the finish. Make a left at the final fork.
  • Your prize for completing this challenge is the **Mask of Scents** !

    Bottle #2

    Talk to Koume back at the Tourist Shop to play a little game. The objective is to shoot the target on Koume’s broom as she flies around the swamp, Link will be on the boat.

    To win the game you must hit the target 20 times without hitting Koume 10 or more times. It takes some practice, but the easiest times to hit the target are at the beginning of the ride and the end.

    Piece of Heart #16 & Quiver Upgrade

    In East Clock Town you can find the Shooting Gallery. The objective is hit all of the Red Octoroks, each worth a point. If you hit a Blue Octorok you lose three seconds off your time and then it’s impossible to even see all 50 Red Octoroks.

    Score 40 or more for a Quiver Upgrade , score a perfect 50 for the Piece of Heart .

    Note : The red circles are the Red Octoroks, while the blue crosses are the Blue Octoroks. You (Link) are standing below the square labelled "8".

    Piece of Heart #17 & Quiver Upgrade

    Head out of the Southern Swamp to the area with Tingle and turn into the Swamp Shooting Gallery. This is a bit harder than the Clock Town Shooting Gallery. You need to hit everything and obtain a Perfect Score (2120 + Time Bonus).

    The Deku Scrubs in the middle are the most important, shooting them quickly allows the rest of the creatures to spawn. Don’t miss the birds (60 Points) and Wolfos (100 Points), there are also Deku Scrubs in the top left corner above the rock and on the tree to the right worth 100 Points.

    Fire quick and accurately to obtain the Quiver Upgrade , score perfect again for the Piece of Heart .

    If you continue to have trouble, just start on the right and shoot all the Deku Scrubs across to the left then aim top left for the 100 Point Deku Scrub. Turn back right and aim at the tree 100 Point Deku Scrub and fire repeatedly to hit the birds as well.

    Now continue shooting the Deku Scrubs all the way across, always stopping to hit the Wolfos and birds as they appear.

    Piece of Heart #18

    With a Bomb Bag and now the Hero’s Bow you can visit Honey & Darling’s Shop in East Clock Town. They have a game each day that costs 10 Rupees to play. Winning rewards you with a Fishing Hole Ticket, though if you win every day you’ll receive the Piece of Heart . You will play one of the following:

    Bombchu Gallery - You have 1:00 to complete this challenge. The Targets are high on the wall and you’ll need to time your release of the Bombchus to hit them on the wall. You need to work out the timing and your angle; this is by far the hardest of the three challenges.

    Basket Bomb - You have 1:00 to complete this challenge. There are baskets around the walls that you need to toss bombs into. Toss them gently so they bounce off the wall, this guides them into the basket rather easily.

    Target Shooting - You have 1:00 to complete this challenge. This is going to be the easiest challenge since you can just rapid fire arrows around the room hitting all the targets quickly.

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