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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 13-02-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 05-04-2019 / 22:26 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-08-2019 / 01:49 GMT

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Ikana Canyon

Ancient Castle of Ikana

Castle Shortcut

Soar back to the Owl Statue in Ikana Canyon. Go immediately east and into the hole left of the castle doors. Hit the Crystal Switch then reflect the light onto the Sun Block for a shortcut into the area.

Inside the Castle

Ikana Castle is your last stop before accessing the final temple.

While in the courtyard you may wear the Garo Mask and fight more Garos for their wisdom, you ultimately need to enter the castle near the save point. Have the Garo Mask, Gibdo Mask, or Captain’s Hat on and the ReDeads will simply dance .

Slaughter them this way for the easiest battle, otherwise ReDeads are pretty vicious. Once defeated, look up and melt the Frozen Eyes then exit through the northern door.

Checkerboard Room

Use the Deku Mask in this room, you will be diving into the Deku Flowers to avoid being squished. Hit the Crystal Switch and then run over to the Deku Flower.

Dive in and wait for the platform to go back up. Fly over to the floor switch and take off the mask to open the door. Wait for the platform to rise again then exit to the east.

Spikes and Skulltulas Room

This next room has an invisible ice platform that leads to the left. Follow it, or use the Deku Flower, to reach the floor switch that unlocks the door.

From here, shoot down all the Skulltulas and simply leap from platform to platform. Likewise, try using the Deku Flowers which can be more challenging.

To the Rooftop

Move through the next hallway where two Blue Bubbles wait. Defeat them and head to the rooftop. Defeat the Guays then climb onto the narrow outer wall. Move to the center and drop down to the Deku Flower.

Fly to the floor switch and press it down by taking off the Deku Mask. Now fly back to the castle rooftop and go left where you first reached the rooftop.

Piece of Heart #44

Careful you don't fall, as it's a long way back round.

Clear out the remaining Guays and shoot the Crystal Switch. Quickly, leap to the Deku Flower atop the pillar and fly to the next one. Once again, dive and fly to the pillar at the end to collect this Piece of Heart .

Floormaster Room

Drop down and enter the castle once more, the ReDeads are back to use one of the masks again. Go south this time to find a new enemy, the Floormaster. Keep your Gibdo Mask/Garo Mask/Captain’s Hat on since there are more ReDeads ahead.

Defeat the Floormaster by reflecting light into it then reflect light onto the Sun Block. Defeat the ReDeads and enter the Mini-Boss Room.

Mini-Boss: Wizrobe

The Wizrobe is back and a little stronger, he has more health and a more powerful flaming attack. The battle is simple though and is still best fought with the Goron Mask . Roll after the real one and Fire Punch him, about 8 hits and he’ll go down.

Put your Anti-ReDead Mask on then continue through the next room and to the rooftop once more.

The King of Ikana

Turn the corner and put on your Goron Mask. The Powder Keg you bought awhile back is going to be used now, place it on the large dent on the roof.

After the big boom, put on your Anti-ReDead Mask and hop on down. Dice up the ReDead then shine the light on the Sun Block.

You must now do battle with two of the Kingsguard Skeletons. The King pulls down the curtains, blocking the light from entering however. Quickly, shoot the curtains with Fire Arrows and begin to battle the Skeletons.

It only takes a few hits for them to go down, if you can get close enough perform a Quick Spinning Attack to deal a lot of damage.

When one of the Kingsguard goes down, use the Mirror Shield to reflect light onto the fallen body and it will be defeated for good.

Repeat this for the other Skeleton to force out the King. As a side note, you can use the Bremen Mask to march around the room and have them follow. Quickly take off the mask and slash them to pieces for an oddly amusing victory.

Try to lure the King near a ray of light so you can finish him quick with the Mirror Shield.

Put on the Captain’s Hat for a slightly comical occurence then begin to do battle. The King is a bit tougher than his guards, he defends often and uses a few different attack.

You can get up close and use a Quick Spinning Attack or wait for him to strike at you, side hop and counter. The most difficult thing to avoid is when he takes his head off.

The King’s body becomes invulnerable and the head will latch on to Link, leaving him open for attack. Run around with the Bunny Hood to avoid this attack then counter.

The Poison Breath attack is simple to avoid, but hard to counter. Use Double Cutters with the Zora Mask to counter this attack, but honestly it’s easiest to just get up close and unleash repeated Quick Spinning Attacks.

When the King is defeated he’ll teach the Elegy of Emptiness . Leave the castle back to Ikana Canyon.

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