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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 13-02-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 05-04-2019 / 22:26 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 05:43 GMT

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Great Bay Coast

Termina Collections

Piece of Heart #34

Now that you have the Hookshot you can complete the Title Deed trading quest . Gather the Moon’s Tear and trade it to the Business Scrub in Clock Town for the Land Title Deed.

Head to the Southern Swamp and talk to the Business Scrub outside the Tourist Office, trading the Land Title Deed for the Swamp Title Deed. If you didn’t get the Piece of Heart on the hut, do so now.

Head to Goron Village and trade Swamp Title Deed for the Mountain Title Deed by wearing the Deku Mask. Use the Deku Flower to collect a Piece of Heart if you haven’t done so previously.

Head to Zora Cape and go inside to Lulu’s Room by making the Zora move using the Zora Mask. Put on the Goron Mask and trade the Mountain Title Deed to the Business Scrub for the Ocean Title Deed . Use the Deku Flower to reach your new Piece of Heart!

Piece of Heart #35

You have the Hookshot, the Garo Mask, and the Ocean Title Deed so you can finish this trading sequence and get another Piece of Heart.

Go east from Termina Field towards the Graveyard, but put on the Garo Mask to have the Poe Collector move and allow you to Hookshot up the cliff. In this new area, go right up the hill and put on the Zora Mask.

Talk to the Business Scrub to trade the Ocean Title Deed for 200 Rupees. Now use the Deku Flower to fly over to the Piece of Heart .

Piece of Heart #36

You must wait until the Business Scrub enters the hole before you find him inside.

Now that you’ve traded everything, buy a Magic Bean and head to the Astral Observatory and look through the telescope.

Look at the ground next to a tree on the left to spot a hole, watch it for a minute or so and you’ll see a Business Scrub fly inside. Hop out and plant a Magic Bean outside of the Astral Observatory then play the Song of Storms to make it grow.

Ride the plant over the fence and into the hole. Talk to the Business Scrub here, negotiate down from 150 Rupees to 100 Rupees and purchase this Piece of Heart.

All-Night Mask

You have the Giant Wallet, so you can now hold 500 Rupees . Save the Old Lady from Sakon the Thief at midnight of the First Night then collect 500 Rupees.

Wait around or play the Song of Double Time to reach 10:00 PM on the Final Day then visit the Curiosity Shop. Check out the bargain to purchase this expensive mask.

Pieces of Heart #37 & #38

Visit Anju’s Grandmother in the back of the Stock Pot Inn and wear the All-Night Mask . Listen to the story about the Clock Tower, then answer "On the eve of the festival" to receive a piece of candy… a Piece of Heart .

Listen to the story of the Four Giant and answer "I dunno" to receive another Piece of Heart .

Troupe Leaders Mask

"Ballad of the Wind Fish" is also the name of a (really nice) song in Link's Awakening.

You have all three transformation masks, so visit the Latte Milk Bar in East Clock Town at 10:00 PM on the First or Second Night. To enter you must wear the Romani Mask.

Speak with Toto, the manager of the Indigo-Gos, then play the Ocarina of Time for him as he asks. Put on your other three masks and play as requested until you’ve played at all four spotlights.

Gorman will be moved and give you the Troupe Leader’s Mask !

Bottle #6

After collecting the Troupe Leader’s Mask , head back to the First Day. Wait around or play the Song of Double Time to reach 8:00 AM the next morning then head into the Stock Pot Inn. Go upstairs and into the last room to find Gorman.

Put on the Troupe Leader’s Mask and he’ll ask for some Mysterious Milk. Visit the Gorman Brothers near Romani Ranch after 12:00 PM with the Troupe Leader’s Mask on.

They hand over a bottle of Mysterious Milk, it goes bad in 2:00 minutes so put on the Bunny Hood and race back to Gorman. Give him the milk and he’ll be fine, offering the Bottle as a "reward" of sorts.

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