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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 13-02-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 05-04-2019 / 22:26 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-08-2019 / 01:46 GMT

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Snowhead Temple


Great Fairy of Wisdom

If you collected all 15 Stray Fairies then head to the base of Snowhead Temple and enter the Great Fairy Fountain at the backside of the spire. Here you will receive an upgraded Spin Attack .

Crafting the Razor Sword

The Razor Sword is nice, but it's too high-maintence to own in the long term.

It needs to be the First Day for the steps you’ll be taking to upgrade your sword, this is completely optional but 100% worth the time and effort. Return to the First Day and defeat Goht again, you’ll be able to warp right to his room.

Once this is completed, visit the Mountain Smithy and have him craft the Razor Sword from your Kokiri Sword for 100 Rupees. Play the Song of Double Time to reach the Second Day to obtain your Razor Sword then venture to Goron Village.

Powder Keg Certification

In the northern part of Goron Village is the Powder Keg Shop , now unfrozen since it’s spring. Head in and talk to Medigoron with the Goron Mask on to receive a Powder Keg , and a test of your use with it.

Pick this up and toss it up the ledge then follow it. Repeat this to the top then carry the Powder Keg to the Road to Goron Village.

Go towards the west side of this area and begin going up the ramp towards the Goron Racetrack until you can place the Powder Keg next to the large boulder and blow it up.

Now you have access to the Goron Racetrack, but before heading in return to the Medigoron to become certified and receive a free Powder Keg.

Bottle #3 & Gold Dust

Enter the Goron Racetrack and agree to race. You need to avoid hitting the obstacles along the way but hit the other Gorons to slow them down.

Cut the corners as you see fit, if you have the Magic Upgrade you’ll be able to roll for quite some time. Be careful if you take damage, getting hit again will cause you to stop rolling completely.

When you win the race you’ll receive a Bottle of Gold Dust , just what we needed!

Crafting the Gilded Sword

Meanwhile the Gilded Sword has no disadvantages, so use it to your heart's content!

Return to the Mountain Smithy while it’s still the Second Day and hand over the Gold Dust. Play the Song of Double Time until it’s the Third Day , then collect your awesome new weapon. It does double the damage you previously did with an extended range.

Romani Ranch & Epona

Go back to the First Day and obtain a Powder Keg, you can buy them from the Goron in the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town if you want. Head to Milk Road, you should have been there previously so just fly.

Place the Powder Keg near the boulder that one of Mutoh’s Carpenters is picking away at to get access to Romani Ranch earlier than normal.

Once inside, talk to Romani and you’ll learn Epona’s Song , allowing you to ride your horse once more. You need to help out Romani though, apparently aliens come and abduct some cows every year so you need to stop them.

You can practice riding Epona and shooting the practice balloons, try to beat Romani’s record of 1:00. Play the Song of Double Time to reach 2:00 AM then wait for the "aliens" to appear.

It’s hard to ride Epona and effectively hunt down your foes so try using just the Bunny Hood or climbing onto the house via the ladder behind it for a great angle to cover the barn.

The little dog running around will bark at the closest alien so you can really just follow him around and shoot the aliens he chases.

If you can hold out until 5:15 AM you’ll win and be rewarded with a Bottle of Romani Milk ; you should have four Bottles at this point.

Romanis Mask

You've got unlimited arrows, so don't worry too much about getting perfect shots.

Talk to Cremia inside the barn after you’ve saved it. She will be getting ready at 6:00 PM and leave at 7:00 PM to Clock Town and would like some assistance guarding against bandits on the way.

Tell her you’re ready at 6:00 PM to start the strip, after a scene you’ll need to fend off the Gorman Brothers. You have unlimited arrows so just fire rapidly to keep them back.

You will be rewarded with Romani’s Mask , an item that lets you enter the Latte Milk Bar in East Clock Town.

Garos Mask

While you’re near Romani’s Ranch, head to the Gorman Track nearby while riding Epona. Here you can challenge the brothers to a race for 10 Rupees .

They are pretty fast, they’ll finish the lap in about 50 seconds so you need to pace yourself by using the carrots every 4 seconds or so, this will allow some carrots to replenish inbetween. Hug the right wall and weave through the trees, avoiding the mud.

Take the straight line over the fences when you encounter them, it’s the fastest way to make up the distance on the Gorman Brothers. Try to save four carrots for the final stretch so you can leap all three fences and narrowly eke out a win.

Victory results in the Garo’s Mask !

Captains Hat

Head east into the Road to Ikana from Termina Field. You’ll need Epona to leap over the fences, do so then exit at the north end. Here you’ll enter the Graveyard where you’ll need to run to the north end.

The circle of stones to your right indicates a hidden hole, use a Bomb or the Blast Mask to reveal it. Dropping down you’ll find a chest with Bombchus inside.

Back outside, you’ll notice Skull Keeta sleeping under the bridge, blocking your progress. Stand in front of him and play the Sonata of Awakening to start the battle.

After landing a hit, roll out of the way to avoid Skull Keeta's ground pound attack.

The trick to this is using arrows to stop Skull Keeta. Every few steps you’ll be stopped by a wall of flame and need to defeat Stalchildren. The fastest way to defeat them is to perform a Spinning Attack then quickly hit Skull Keeta.

After you’ve defeated him he will swear allegiance to Link and the flames surrounding the nearby chest dissipate. Climb onto the ledge and leap over the bridge, open the chest to claim the Captain’s Hat .

The Song of Storms

If you aren’t at the Graveyard on the First Night then get there and make sure you have the Captain’s Hat on. Ask the Stalchildren to open the grave then enter it to reach Beneath the Graveyard .

Leap over and into the next room to find a bunch of Bad Bats. Take them all out with rapid sword slashes and gather the Purple Rupee from the chest that spawns once they are all defeated. Use some Fire Arrows to light all three torches to open the door.

Inside you’ll face an Iron Knuckle , use a Spinning Attack to get started then side hop to avoid it’s attack. A Leaping Slash at this point works well as a counter but some Fire Arrows at a distance works too.

Once defeated, learn the Song of Storms from Flat and the inscription on the tablet.

Piece of Heart #23

Once again at the Graveyard, ask the Stalchildren to open the grave on the second night . Leap to the rupees and use the Lens of Truth to see a hidden door behind a fake wall.

Use the Lens of Truth in this room to defeat the Skulltulas blocking your path. At the far end, blow up the wall and enter the final room to face off with another Iron Knuckle. Open the chest to obtain the Piece of Heart .

Piece of Heart #24

Dampe is sloooooow, so make sure you play the Inverted Song of Time beforehand.

At the Graveyard on the third night , ask the Stalchildren to open the final grave. Head Beneath the Graveyard once more to find Dampe on the lower level.

You need to lead him to the dirt spots around the room until he digs up three blue light sources. There are four spots on the ground and two on the second tier. Use L-Targeting and back up slowly so Dampe follows.

To reach the upper dirt spots move Dampe onto the squares at the back of the room then step off, they will function as elevators to their respective side.

Watch out for the Wallmaster , it will drop in from above and toss you to the beginning of the area. Dodge it when it drops down and quickly kill it so you can continue.

Once all three light sources have been revealed a Big Poe is summoned. Defeat it by blocking then using Fire Arrows (regular arrows work but Fire Arrows deal more damage), it will always disappear and emerge behind you.

Capture the Big Poe’s spirit in a bottle afterward then open the chest for the Piece of Heart . You can sell the Big Poe at the Curiosity Shop for 200 Rupees by the way, so be sure to do that and deposit those Rupees!

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