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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
First Published: 13-02-2015 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 05-04-2019 / 22:26 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-08-2019 / 01:41 GMT

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Listed in Numerical Order

Bottle #1

When you get to the end of the Woods of Mystery in Southern Swamp, you’ll find a witch named Koume. Talk to her and then leave. Enter the Magic Hags’ Potion Shop and speak with her sister, Kotake, to get your first Bottle filled with Red Potion to take back to her sister. Note: Kotake will be at the Potion Shop on Day 1. If it is Day 2 or Day 3, Kotake will be found within the Woods of Mystery, before reaching Koume.

Bottle #2

After defeating Odolwa, return to the Southern Swamp Tourist Center and speak with Koume to partake in her Target Shooting. Koume will fly around the swamp and you’ll have to shoot targets with your bow and arrow. Score at least 20 successful hits and you’ll earn yourself an Empty Bottle.

Bottle #3

After completing the Snowhead Temple, the Snowhead region will thaw out in the Spring. Go to the Goron Village and enter the cave. Speak with the large Goron to get a Powder Keg. Take it back to the road leading to Goron Village and blow up the cavern entrance that is higher up, which leads to the Goron Racetrack.

Next, win at the Goron Race to get a Bottle with Gold Dust inside.

Bottle #4

Purchase a Powder Keg from the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town and take it to Milk Road during the First Day.

Use the Powder Keg to blow up the large boulder, allowing you to enter Romani Ranch. Speak with Romani and agree to help in protecting the cows from being abducted by aliens from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM on the First Night. If you can keep them all at bay until morning, Romani will give you a Bottle with Chateau Romani.

Bottle #5

In the Zora Cape portion of the Great Bay Coast, there is a waterfall. Use the Hookshot to get on top of each of the ledges ascending towards the top of the waterfall. Enter the cave you find at the top. Once inside, use the Zora Mask to sink to the bottom of the lake and speak with the Beaver there. Race him and his brother to win an Empty Bottle.

Bottle #6

Enter the Stock Pot Inn at 8 a.m. on the Second Day. Go upstairs and enter the last door where you’ll find Gorman half asleep and he’ll mumble to you. Put on the Troupe Leader’s Mask and speak with him. He’ll explain that he needs a special type of Milk to calm his upset stomach. However, he asks that you bring it after noon, which shouldn’t be a problem.

Soar over to Milk Road and enter the Gorman Track. While wearing the Troupe Leader’s Mask, speak to one of the brothers. After hearing the dilemma that Gorman is in, they will whip up some Mystery Milk. This special Milk will only last two minutes in real-time before it spoils, so you’ll have to get it to Gorman quickly. Furthermore, you aren’t allowed to warp or use the Goron Mask. Just put on your Bunny Hood and run back to Clock Town. You should have plenty of time to make it back to Gorman at the Stock Pot Inn. After talking to him once again, give him the Mystery Milk and he’ll jump right up, fully refreshed. He thanks you and then asks you to toss away the Empty Bottle, or suggests that you can keep it if you’d like.

Bottle #7

As part of the Anju and Kafei Quest . After 6:00 PM on the Final Day, deliver the Special Delivery Letter to Madame Aroma at the Milk Bar. She will reward you with an Empty Bottle.

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