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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jemma Hough
First Published: 09-05-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 31-10-2019 / 18:47 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 27-02-2020 / 17:41 GMT

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Guide

4 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter 3


When the cutscene is over, the chapter begins with you standing on a cliff. There’s a photo opportunity as soon as you start, too, so make sure to take it. You need to head back to the car on the cliffs below you on the other side, so head left from where you are to follow Nadine across a tree-bridge.

Note: To locate the car at any time, press down on the d-pad.

Grab the photo right at the start
Make your way down to the car

Nadine gets across safely, but when you try to do the same, the bridge collapses. Don’t worry, you’re safe! It just means you have to find another way across now.

Head right from the rock platform you’re standing on and slide down the muddy slope. Across the way is a tree in the cliff-face, and if you stand at the ledge you’ll be prompted to throw a rope. There are many of these opportunities throughout the game to help you traverse the environment.

Use L1 to use the grapple hook
and jump from the ledge to swing across

Using L1, throw the rope to fix the grapple to the branch jutting out. Now jump from the ledge – you won’t make it right away, so while you’re hanging, hold down L1 and use the left analogue stick to climb up the rope until you are level with the wall. Now move left and right to do a wall-run. It’s safe to jump from the rope when you see Chloe reach out her hand towards the ledge.

Climb the rope while hanging using L1 and the left analogue stick on the controller
Use R2 to drive the car

Climb around the handholds and hoist yourself up to where Nadine is waiting for you. It’s time to jump in the car and enjoy the incredible sights as you drive through the jungle.

Note: When driving the car, use R2 to accelerate, L2 to brake and/or reverse, and square to do a handbrake turn. You can also press triangle to get in and out of the car at any time.

Go straight over the muddy slope in front of you and follow the river upstream. You’ll eventually come to a hill that appears as though you can’t go any further – but you can, and right into a flock of flamingo’s, too!

From here, stick to the left to find the path behind a waterfall, and follow the cave through to the other side. Keep driving forward, going down another muddy slope, where you’ll immediately come to a Hoysala ruin with a pair of doors. Either side of the doors are two statues: one of Ganesh, and one of Shiva.

The Hoysala ruins
Chloe and Nadine inspect the gate

Park the car in front of the doors and hop out. When you approach the doors, you’ll activate a cutscene.

The doors are barricaded, so you need to pull them down with the winch on the front of the car. As soon as you attach it to the doors, you’ll be ambushed by some of Asav’s men. Take them out, pick up any ammunition and grenades, and jump back in the car. Hold down L1 to reverse until the doors collapse, then drive on through.

Attach the winch to objects that can be pulled down
Cross the stone bridge

Once again, follow the river left – you’ll come to a small area marked by two trees and a stone bridge. Go across the bridge and through the tunnel. There’s a bigger mud-slope this time, but there are some stone panels that can help to prevent you from sliding back down to the bottom. Use them to reach the top and follow the trail to another cutscene.

Approach the next area to activate a cutscene
Take out the enemies in the area to reach the next gate

This next area is full of Asav’s men – you need to go through them to reach the next gate. They’re patrolling on every level from the water on the ground, to the ruins on the upper platforms.

Note: You can mark enemies whilst in stealth mode by holding down L2 and pressing L3 on the analogue stick.

It’s up to you how to proceed, as long as no man is left standing. You can use all the ledges and ruins to your advantage, as well as the long grass for cover. Nadine will help, too, of course. Once all the men have been cleared, head over to the giant ruin in the distance and find a way to open the gate.

Head to the large ruins
and open the gate with the wheel machanism

Although deceiving at first, the gate does have handholds that you can climb. There is a wheel mechanism at the top – repeatedly press triangle to spin it and open the gate. Nadine will drive through in the car, and a smaller door will open up next to you. Go through, jump on to the décor, and make your way down to drop into the car beneath you.

Drive over the incline to end the chapter.

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