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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jemma Hough
First Published: 09-05-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 18:44 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 23-10-2019 / 16:33 GMT

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter 9

End of the Line

Chloe decides to go after Asav on the train carrying the bomb headed straight for the heart of the city, and Nadine and Sam, after some reluctance, are not willing to let her go alone. They jump into a car, and this is where the final chapter begins.

Chase the train
Run down the rebels trying to stop you

Holding down R2, you have to chase down the train until you see an opening to jump aboard. You’ll be followed by a swarm of rebels on motorcycles – run them off the road if you can, but keeping up with the train should be your main priority. Nadine and Sam will cover you while you drive.

Once the train is in sight, you’ll be prompted to jump to it. Nadine will go first, so follow her right after to have Sam take the wheel and subsequently split off from the group.

Jump to the train once it's in sight
Climb up on to the roof for a better advantage

Make your way through the carriage and use the yellow handholds to climb up to the roof. The path is straight – you have to continue making your way through the train until you reach the carriage carrying the bomb inside. There are handholds and traverse points, as well as grapple points to help you swing around the side of the train. Use them to your advantage wherever possible.

Side step around the car
Use the grapple hook points to swing around the train cars

Eventually, you’ll be accompanied by more rebels trying to stop you from reaching your objective. But there are plenty of ways to get through them, as well as an abundance of weapons and grenades along the way. You can either go through the carriages of the train, or stick to the roof. This also means you can choose to go stealth, go all-out, or maybe even a mixture of the two. There’s quite a few heavily armoured enemies as well, so watch out for those guys.

At some point, you’ll be relentlessly chased down by rebels in jeeps, trucks, and on motorcycles, trying to shoot you off the train. You can begin to switch between travelling along the train and jumping to the vehicles, taking out enemies as you go. Unfortunately, the cars can be blown up, so you will have to find a new vehicle as fast as possible.

Jump to the truck with the manned turret
Take it for yourself and wipe out the enemies

Halfway across the train you’ll be ambushed by a truck with a manned turret. Nadine will jump from your commandeered jeep to go ahead and distract the gunner – this is your chance to jump to the truck and take him out! Now you can use the turret for yourself and take out the vehicles and heavy gunners along the side of the train. Once you’ve done this, jump back to the train and enter the carriage with the bomb inside.

Get inside the bomb car
Make your way along the side of the train to the engine room

Unfortunately, you can’t disarm the bomb, so it’s time to head to the engine room. Traverse along the side of the train until you come to the engine room door – it’s been welded shut. Climb up to the roof to find the second entrance has also been sealed shut. Nadine will then mention switching the train tracks to buy some more time – there’s a blown-up bridge coming up in the distance that can only end in destruction.

Jump down into the jeep below
Head for the satellite tower

Luckily, an enemy car will appear just below you, so jump down to it to push out the driver and take the wheel. Nadine will stay behind to fend off the rebels while you speed ahead towards the satellite tower. You’ll instantly be pursued by more of Asav’s men, so run them off the road if you can until Sam joins the fray.

Sam will rejoin you along the way
Get to the tower before the train

Reach the satellite tower before the train to join Sam in pushing the lever that will switch the tracks. Repeatedly press triangle to do so – and then get rid of the rebels that interrupt you!

Once they’re taken care of, immediately go back to the lever. The track will switch just in time for the train to go by, and then more enemies will come. Sam will offer to keep them distracted so that you can speed back towards the train to help Nadine.

Help Sam push the lever to switch the tracks before the train arrives
Then take the jeep back to the train to help Nadine

From here, there won’t be anyone chasing you, so follow the path until you see a risen platform on the edge of the cliff. Drive off it to land directly on the train below you! Scramble up on to the roof before falling to your death.

As soon as you get up there, you’ll be grabbed by Asav himself, who has finally decided it’s his turn to get rid of you. You’ll be back with Nadine, though, so it’s time to tag-team Asav for the final fight.

The final fight with Asav
Chloe and Nadine tag-team Asav

Just as before, Asav is a heavy hitter, so continue to attack with square and evade with circle as much as possible.

During the fight, Asav will eventually kick Nadine overboard, leaving you a little one-on-one time with the insurgent leader. He’ll get the better of you, but Nadine somehow manages to crawl her way back in to the fight to save you. Unfortunately, Asav then kicks you overboard instead, leaving you to hang on to the side of the train.

Repeatedly tap triangle until Nadine saves you
Traverse the side of the train once you're thrown overboard

You need to make your way back, but first you’ll have to avoid the signs along the track by jumping up and dropping down the side of the car a few times. Keep traversing the train, and rope swing back into action to help Nadine!

The side of the car will blow, leaving you hanging from the debris
Rope swing back around to kick Asav to the ground

In the last section of the boss fight, Chloe and Nadine finally get the better of Asav, and he is crushed by his own bomb. By now, the broken bridge is looming ahead and the train is about to go over. Once Chloe and Nadine climb up on to the roof again, you’ll be given the control to run along the train as it continues to fall.

At the last second, throw out your grapple hook to hang from the bridge as the last of the train plummets to the ground below with an almighty explosion!

Sprint along the train to escape falling to your death
Chloe and Nadine hang on as the train explodes below them

Watch the final cutscene to end the chapter. Congratulations! You have completed Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and saved all of India.

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