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Current Mission: Navigate The Dead Bog and Locate the Temple of the Guardian of the Lake.

Only one way to go right now, straight forward.

$$$item 3539

Once the path opens into a clearing, there will be a dead brotherhood corpse with a scroll in the center; you’ll find plenty of these scrolls in the game. Some of them are simply story elements & entertaining asides, while others contain valuable puzzle hints.

Jump up to the left; you’ll spot a glowing ledge, which you can grab by simply jumping towards it. Use the left stick to make Gabriel shimmy to the right, around the corner, jump the gap by holding right and pressing jump. Drop down here and watch the cutscene.

You will be attacked by two waves of Goblins, use area attacks to deal with them, as well as jump/upward slash to guillotine (perform an attack and then press jump & direct to perform a rising slash), the Goblin’s small height means they cannot touch an airborne Gabriel.

After dealing with these Goblins you’ll see a short cutscene, which sees a Goblin come to a rather unfortunate end in the bog.

You need to cross the bog, jumping in will cover more ground quickly while you’ll need to stick to the darker green as the fog can deal a lot of damage quickly if you deviate from the path. Head forward, minding the Naiad, and you’ll find yourself with a path to the left, and one to the right.

Nip to the left for a health top up if required, and while heading left is a viable route, the right is easier. Head right, up the stairs, drop down, leap the bog, and drop down again.

$$$item 3540

Head forward, over the bog (mind the naiad) and up the lip.

$$$item 3542

Run forward and you’ll have to fight off some Goblins, they shouldn’t put up too much resistance so dispatch them and continue forward. Here we’ll learn to grab enemies with the trigger, in this case it’s handy for producing bombs from Goblins but in the future grabbing will be a handy technique for dispatching lesser enemies.

To grab the bomb the Goblin drops simply stand over it and press use, Gabriel will chuck it at the tree and it will become damaged.

Once you use the first bomb Gabriel will be onset by a small attack of Goblins, grab them or dodge the bombs they throw and grab one, Gabriel will automatically aim it at the tree. Once the tree is down you can head forward or dispatch the goblins, it’s up to your bloodlust.

Over this tree you need to navigate another Naiad filled bog. To your left is a corpse with a scroll on it, but we’re interested in heading forward. Once over the bog follow this path, fight off the few goblins and you’ll find yourself with stairs to the left and a path to the right.

The right path leads to a health font and a small Goblin fight, be forewarned that you will need health so a quick nip to the font may be a wise decision. Otherwise take the left path, you’ll find a dilapidated cathedral. Head up the left of the cathedral and you’ll find some grips, climb up these grips. Once inside head forward and grab the Combat Cross Upgrade!

With the hook upgrade in your possession the game will highlight a blue sparkle ahead, this is a hook point, something you’ll need to become very familiar with very quickly. Run underneath the point, pull the use trigger and Gabriel will hook onto it.

Push the stick up to have Gabriel climb, and then press direct attack at the window to have Gabriel kick through. And say hello to our stalker! Been wondering what was stealthily slipping through the bushes? It was this charming fellow…

BOSS - Swamp Troll

The Swamp troll isn’t too hard and has a few key attacks-

  • A double swipe that can be blocked/parried
  • A ground pound that creates a shockwave, cannot be blocked or parried, shockwave must be jumped.
    He will occasionally uproot some of the cemetery, don’t fear because this simply powers up his swipes and the attacks can still be blocked or parried. Fight at your whips length using direct attacks, this avoids finding yourself directly under the swamp trolls overhead when he unleashes it.

Avoid jumping; the Troll will take great pleasure in swatting you from the air. If you do accidentally jump, use LT/L2 and jump or guillotine to quickly return to ground. After you deal a large amount of damage to the Troll he will be stunned and glow white, run up to him and hit the use button. Land the circle QTEs using any face button to finish him off.

$$$item 3629

Head to the top of the screen and you’ll see a hook point, pull the right trigger and Gabriel will hoist himself over. Run forward and you’ll be treated to a beautiful view over your upcoming platforming excursion. Leap to the first stack; now drop down to the ledge you can see at the bottom of the screen. Drop down then move right and shimmy round.

Use the hook and rappel downward, drop off at the bottom and then jump over to the next stack, climb up then use the grapple to hoist yourself all the way up till Gabriel grabs a ledge, shimmy left and drop onto the stack.

$$$item 3543

Use the hook on the same point but from this new angle, Gabriel will use it as a swing point. Time your jump to land on the next stack. Jump to the next stack, and again, now use the hook on the wall ahead. Hoist Gabriel up and run toward the ominous temple type structure ahead!


Finish the level after killing at least 50 Goblins.

Play through the level as normal until you come to the tree you must bomb to create a bridge. Ignore grabbing bombs and simply focus on attacking the infinite numbers of Goblins that spawn here. Once you hit 50, go on and complete the level as normal.

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