Current Mission - Stop the Vampire Attack on the Village

New Item - Holy Water

Top up using the magic refill and health fonts here, and when you’re ready use the hook point to get this party started.

When you first arrive you’ll have to contend with common Vampire Warriors, armed with holy water you can seriously damage them in no time. Jump and use the sub weapon for a brutal AOE attack, which leaves Vampires stunned and ready for a Stake to their fragile hearts. Fend off enough of the starters, and the main course will arrive in no time.

Boss - Lieutenant Brauner

One of the big Vamps, Brauner was actually a demon before he was turned into a bloodsucker, which makes him one tough cookie.

Brauner has a lot of quick attacks, and even when you make space he is quick to close it. Don’t stay close to Brauner as while his claw swipe is blockable, he has an equally quick un-blockable slash with his blade.

That said, the claw attack normally comes in pairs so as a rule, dodge his initial attack and if he went for the blockable claw with his left, get ready to parry attack number two.

If the camera pulls out Brauner is going for a charge attack, roll to the side quickly to avoid him. If Brauner splits up into a flock of bats, move to the side of block. They will attack where you stand the moment he turns.

Brauner’s final attack is to throw his blade at you, this attack can be avoided (dart backwards or to the side) but it can also be returned, hit the use trigger (RT/R2) as soon as the blade’s circumference effect gets close enough to touch Gabriel, you have quite a good opportunity to hit this. This opens Brauner up for some free hits, and deals damage in itself.

After a slab of damage you’ll be able to grab the Vampire lieutenant and hit some circle QTE’s to de-wing him. This doesn’t change the fight a whole lot, just keep whipping away and returning his blade and you’ll be able to grab him for the glorious coup-de-gras in no time.


Objective: Finish the level after attacking the Elite Vampire 4 consecutive times with his own blade

The best way to do this is to fight Brauner until you rip his wings off, this will give him less attacks to play with. Now you have to return his blade, as detailed above, four times without attacking the fanged beast in between. Simply keep your distance and avoid his attacks, staying away will increase the chances of him going for a Frisbee toss. Doing it in the second phase also means he is much closer to death upon completing the trial.


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