Current Mission - Navigate the Clockwork Tower to Reach the Throne Room

This level is quite hard to get lost in, but some parts of it do require a little extra thought, some luck, and one or two leaps of faith… The first floor is simple. Wait for the balance beam to extend and run all the way across to the other side of the room.

$$$item 3589

Head right. It’s hard to lose your way here, just remember to time jumps where required (the cog). Once you climb up to the Crank use it. Make sure you tap the use trigger, in some strange glitch this level bugs out if you hold the trigger on the cranks.

Use the balance beams once you raise them. Once across you need to use your hook and kick off twice then pull up. You genuinely need the power of two wall kicks else you will not clear the electricity. Time your wall run past the second and then shimmy right at the top.

Carry on as you read the level, its all quite simple. After the wall shimmy over a cog you’ll drop onto a ledge and then jump to an identical one, the next jump is a dash leap to the hang ledge. Now shimmy right and drop down, trust me there’s a grip ledge down here.

Head round as you read the level now and you’ll soon come to a wall climb with electricity, the lowest charge buzzes twice and after the second you want to move upward and then avoid the third after its second quick buzz as well. Once up the top head left and drop.

$$$item 3561

Now run to the left and use your hook to get to a large area. You’ll find a crank so start using it.

Boss - Mechanical Monstrosity (Fight 2)

It’s a rare case of boss déjà vu! The boss is the same, same pincer and electricity attacks, except it no longer needs to be shocked and as such can no longer regain health. It does have a few new tricks mind; it can now create a shockwave of electricity around itself that is best jumped, if you hear an electrical charge do a rolling jump to cover both eventualities.

It can also perform a bit of telekinesis with items around the room. Just keep moving to avoid them. Otherwise just lay into the boss using your magic as required to top yourself up or speed the fight up. Land the grab and series of QTEs when the prompt appears and you’ll take it down in no time.

Use the crank properly (rude bosses) and then walk along the balance beam. The platform will soon rise.


Objective: Finish the level and get to the top corridor in less than 5 minutes

Learn the level. You don’t want to be falling down stupid holes or getting confused, and make sure not to fall for the silly crank glitch. Once you reach the monstrosity absolutely lay into it. Shadow magic, ultimate light technique, Crystals if you’ve got ‘em, destroy it as fast as possible, no holds barred. And then get to the end. It’s a tight one again, but easily doable


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