Current Mission - Proceed to Agharta

From here there is a scroll on the corpse on your immediate left, otherwise run forward and the level will naturally move to the right. Jump this gap and the camera will show a glowing tree, and a spider will say hi.

Fight the Giant Spider until you can tame it, hop on and then head over to the tree. Use the spider to pull it down slightly, and then terminate the big beastie.

$$$item 3572

Hook over using the repositioned tree and run up. Leap two gaps, and when you hit a stone roadblock drop down to the ledge toward the screen. Drop down then shimmy left, head round the corner then let go and press jump, Gabriel should land on the opposite ledge.

Continue round and hook up to the next ledge where you’ll be onset by a Greater Lycanthrope, take it out and continue climbing up using ledges and hooks as required, following the linear path.

You’ll soon come to a fight involving Great and normal Lycan’s, focus on the great Lycan as he is most likely to make a sneaky hit, but hurl some daggers into the other enemies faces for easy kills. Focus on the parries, as these enemies are less unpredictable than some you will be facing.

There is a scroll to the left of this area, otherwise head right and use your hook to pull the statue down. Hook up and pull Gabriel up, run to the right and hook over to a fight involving…

New Enemy - Small Troll

New Enemy - Troll

Break free of the Troll’s grip with a face button QTE and then fight. Focus your damage on the big troll and avoid his attacks; however some area attacks will help deal with the small Trolls trying to get some chip damage on you.

Once you deal enough damage to the Troll run in and tame it. Use the Troll’s power to smash the rock ahead and strangle the Troll. Use your hook to cross the gap.

$$$item 3573

Head right for a health fountain, otherwise use the left route. Saw down the totem in your way and deal with the Greater Lycanthrope and normal Lycanthrope as you did the earlier ones (don’t forget to use daggers to dispatch the normal Lycan’s effortlessly).

Exit to the left, shimmy around and use the hook to reach the next area. Tame the spider here and use it to make you a bridge, follow this path to reach a building. Run in and tear down the statue on the right with your hook. Head in and inspect the corpse.

New Item - Shadow Amulet

Exit the building and head to the right, use the magic refill to top up your shadow magic meter and head back in to the building. Go forward, activate shadow magic, and use the glowing rune to open the way forward.

Run forward and fight the Lycanthrope’s here, finish them off and start climbing the wall. Keep climbing and at the very top grip ledge hit RT to use a hook point that is hard to see.


Objective - Finish the level after killing at least 20 Small Trolls while you are mounted on a big Troll

Work through the level until you reach the fight against the Troll who is surrounded by his little friends. Whip him until he lets you take him for a ride now ignore the smashable rock and focus on the smashable Trolls until you hit that magical 20.


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