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Current Mission - Solve the Puzzle of the Three Towers

New Item - Dark Gauntlet

Run forward and use your new fangled gauntlet powers to punch the statue ahead, hold block and press the direct attack button. This will open up a ledge, if you need some shadow magic then head over and run into the screen and down here, top up, and head back over.

When you have shadow magic, activate it and hit the statue with a punch again; and then once more into place. The Shadow Charge Punch is simply more powerful, and occasionally required. Use your hook on the new grapple point to swing over; keep following the linear path, there is a scroll along here.

$$$item 3635

At the point you need to rappel down, you will need to use a wall kick jump to hook to clear the gap. After a little more you’ll find yourself in front of the first tower.

There is a Brotherhood corpse with a scroll to the right, but more importantly there are Lycanthropes trying to nibble on your knees. Keep fighting and eventually some fairies will fly in and start stunning Lycan’s, making your job much easier. At the conclusion of this fight you will earn the Fairy container.

New Item - Fairies

Head into the Building and in here is a magic refill to the right, and a corpse if you run forward.

$$$item 3605

$$$item 3576

Head into the large, open area. Use the crank that is positioned dead ahead, and run into the building you just opened a door into.

You need to find three fairies in order to continue, and they are positioned on top of these three towers. The level isn’t called ‘The Three Towers’ for the sake of it you know.

Running left from this room, across the walkway, you’ll find a Warg in the room over here. Tame it, run to the other entrance on the right, take a left to the walkway and then when you reach the vines, use the Warg to scale this (and then murder it once you’re up the top).

$$$item 3606

Run forward and ignore the hook point to your left, head right instead, across the walkway. There are enemies in the next area so fight them off and use the crank in this room.

There is also a puzzle here; but leave it for a minute just in case you need a magic refill. Move forward and you’ll see a hook point, swing out and then hit the hook again and pull Gabriel to the top of the tower. Up here grab your first fairy, as well as the scroll. Move toward the screen and you’ll be able to drop down, head back in to the room and perform the puzzle.

Puzzle - Light the Masks

Easy one this, use light magic and activate the left mask to make it blue, and then use shadow magic to make the middle and right masks red. Puzzle solved!

Walk into the screen out on to the balcony again and use your new hook point to swing to the second tower. Run through the next building and to the left, you’ll find a discarded pole so pick it up and start walking back to the building with it, ignore the glowing plate here for the time being.

Before long you’ll have to drop the pole and fight a lycanthrope, dispatch his furry face and continue taking the pole into the building.

Use it on the plate here to open access to the outside of the tower, climb up to the top and grab the second fairy from up here. Drop back down and retrieve the pole from the plate, take it toward where you picked it up and use it in the plate here to open the gate. Head through and climb up.

$$$item 3547

Head forward and leap up the lip, fairy three awaits your collection here. Move to the right of the platform to find a ledge and hook point that will take you down the tower.

$$$item 3607

Continue down the tower and you’ll eventually drop onto the corpse that held, or may still hold a shadow gem. Move into the building. Run to the top left corner of the room and use the hook point to move down and find yourself in an earlier part of the level.

Once on the ground, head forward toward the crank that opens the doors into the building with the fairy door. Start to turn the crank but before long three Greater Lycanthropes will jump you and mess with your machinery. Deal with them as you have done before and head over to the right of the room.

Use the wood as a hook point and hoist Gabriel into the room. Activate the door, and head through toward the lord of the Lycans.


Objective: Finish the level after killing 15 enemies whilst they are dazed by fairies

If you come back with all the weapon upgrades then you’ll have plenty of fairies to help you here. Simply play the level, but make sure to send fairies at all enemies you meet. And make sure they have green sparkles above their heads before you finish them off, else they are not properly ‘dazed’.

In the area where you are introduced to fairies, they will spawn helpfully for you for all the Lycan’s you are fighting, ensuring you need even less fairies on your actual person.

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