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Current Mission - Navigate the Witch’s Domain

Follow this path; it’s impossible to get lost so just roll with it.

You’ll soon spot a scroll corpse to your left, some bats will try and scare you, and the door ahead appears to need dusting. Head towards the door and use a Shadow Dash, activate shadow magic, block till Gabriel pulses, then push the left stick in direction you want to dash, this will destroy the door so just keep running forward.

$$$item 3548

Follow the path to the left, use the ledge here and shimmy round. You’ll be onset by a group of small trolls in this area so deal with them before following the path and leaping over the next gap.

$$$item 3608

Over this gap a couple more Small Trolls will attack. Once they are goners head to the left and you’ll find a hook point that you can use to swing to the next area.

$$$item 3577

Head left and follow the linear path around the cliff, you’ll find a scroll on the way but your destination is a ledge at the end of the natural path. Jump up then use a hook point to pull Gabriel to a new ledge where you’ll be onset by even more Little Trolls.

Before long an Ogre will unsubtly appear in the building behind, continue to tackle the Small Trolls but stay to the right of the platform.

The Ogre will soon cause the left part of the platform to crumble, and soon after the debris to the right will drop as well giving you a route over. Jump the gap and use the hook point, now you have to fight the big guy for real…

Boss - Ogre

Phase 1

To start with you only have to attack the Ogre’s hand. It’s easy to lose a lot of health in this encounter, as the Ogre’s grabs seem cheap and unfair; however, this section is easily dealt with without much harm coming to Gabriel.

Simply chill to the left of the platform, the Ogre will feel around, slam his fist, and then move more left. You need to hit the Ogre’s arm three times without moving too close to scare him off, either use basic direct attacks and roll away if Gabriel moves too close, or use a heavy combo.

The Ogre’s hand should move away after a few hits without making a grasp for Gabriel. Rinse and repeat until he withdraws his arm and you’re able to pass.

Phase 2

It’s now time to fight the Ogre properly. Stay to the outer rim of the arena and keep moving in advance of the Ogre’s attacks, don’t try and time maneuvers at the last minute as the Ogre’s attacks have a wide range.

After a few hits the Ogre will make small roars, when he clearly makes a larger roar he is going for the kill with a shockwave punch, keep moving and jump as his fist lands. Hook on to the fist and time the circle QTE to take out one of the Ogre’s eyes.

Phase 3

This phase plays effectively the same except the Ogre has a habit of grabbing chunks of the scenery. If he goes for this new attack it’s a shockwave slam so move away and jump to avoid it.

Keep dealing the damage and you’ll eventually see the tell tale roar, dodge the punch and hook on, hit the two circle QTE’s and blind the poor lug.

Phase 4

The Ogre is blind, but that’s no reason to stay still. Keep moving, as his flurry attack is hugely unpredictable. After four hits however, you need to be near the middle of the semi circle, where you can clearly see a strut of rock pointing up rather menacingly.

After the Flurry the Ogre will lean in, now is your chance. Assuming you’re positioned correctly Gabriel will slam the Ogre on the strut, killing him in a rather grisly manner.

Boss Video - Ogre

Once the Ogre has been dealt with; head to the right of the arena and jump up. Start following this linear route around.

$$$item 3578

$$$item 3636

Simply continue to follow the linear route and before long you’ll come to a fight with some Small Trolls who now have the ability to throw rocks, how rude! This doesn’t change much, and before long daddy Troll will appear to investigate who’s slaughtering his kids. Rough him up, tame him, and break down the door to the north.

Raise an eyebrow at the cut-scene and carry on forward along the path. Before long you’ll encounter your first…

New Enemy - Chupacabras

Without abilities you’re back to basic Gabriel, drop back the way you came and notice a grab ledge to the right of the path (a new camera angle should point you towards it). Head up here and to the left, follow the simple grip ledges and you’ll soon find the Chupacabras cowering on a ledge. Grab him and he’ll return your stuff before you smash his face in .

Seriously, did you see what Gabriel did to that Ogre? I would not mess with him! Head back the way you were going and follow the path up, run up to the door in front of you and use a Shadow Dash to break through it and…


Objective: Finish the level and defeat the Ogre without being hit by his attacks

Many of the elements to this are noted in the level guide above, such as the poke method to pass his searching hand phase. Fortunately this level is crammed with checkpoints meaning a ‘Trial Failed!’ message is often greeted by a quick restart. Undoubtedly the most infuriating phase is the last, in which case dashing away is probably the best way to avoid his unpredictable barrage of hand slams.

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