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Current Mission - Open the Locked Door

Run forward, ignore the hallway to your left and run until you get a cut-scene of the upcoming boss. Charming chap. Run to the right and drop down the stairs, head in to the room and deal with the Ghouls here. A Scroll rests on the obvious corpse.

Head to the end of the room and take a left, you’ll find a pot full of delicious looking cuts of meat, grab one, take it into the dining hall, and place it on the plate where the Ghoul’s were feasting.

Run over to the bell on the right and give it a chime. This will summon more Ghouls but ignore them, hop over the tables to the right and use the hook point before the shutters close to get in to the crawl space. Navigate this linear passageway.

$$$item 3615

Soon you’ll see the kitchen, and the Butcher. Move forward and drop down.

Boss - Evil Butcher

Phase 1

The Butcher has a salvo of basic attacks. His normal swipes can be blocked just fine, but his overhead is un-blockable so do your best to avoid it. Fight at a distance, if you want to deal some unhindered damage then a Shadow Punch will knock the cook to his arse, giving you time to administer some whipping justice.

The Cook’s key trick is that he can use things around his kitchen. If he grabs a gourd he will take swigs from it and attack with flame before throwing it at you in rage. It’s easy to somersault this attack at the last minute and, assuming you have the upgrade, launch into a flurry of attacks.

If he grabs a chunk of meat he will chomp on it to restore health, before throwing it at you. Simply lay into the cook and he’ll give up on it sooner.

Phase 2

Eventually the Butcher will decide his noggin needs protecting, at which point he will grab a pot from the stove and wear it. This phase is actually incredibly easy, attacking the cook as normal now does nothing and he will fight as normal.

Simply jump and attack, hitting the Butcher’s metallic helmet and stunning him with the vibrations. Now just run in, hook him with the use trigger, and circle QTE your way to victory.

Grab the key and take the door to the left. You’ll immediately have to deal with those Ghoul’s you summoned but this shouldn’t take long.

$$$item 3558

Run into the screen and take the stairs back up to the Magic Refill font. Come toward the screen a little more and take the hallway to the left, use the key and head through. Fight the Animated Armor and Skeleton Warriors in this room; use a crystal if you want it over with quickly.

You’ll find a corpse on the right with a scroll and a hook point by heading forward from here at some damaged stairs. Climbing up and following the path will lead to a hint scroll and Magic Refill Font. Head back down via the hook point; if you jump you’ll die.

$$$item 3616

Puzzle - Two Trios of Runes

This puzzle is simple, The answer is split between the left and right sides of the door. 3 of each colour, from the left counting right, third and sixth are the same colour, the rune closest to a red is always a blue, the leftmost rune is blue.

  • Left side goes (from left to right), blue, blue, and red.
  • Right side goes (from left to right), red, blue, and red.
    Light them up with the relevant magic. Head through the open door to finish the level.


Objective: Finish the level and defeat the Evil Butcher after he uses at least 15 objects in the kitchen

Simply avoid the Butcher’s attacks and let him move about his kitchen, grabbing everything his huge slabs can get a hold of. Do not damage him to Phase 2; else he will stop using items. Keep an eye on the count in the top right, and wait for it to tick off.

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