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Current Mission - Defeat Satan

Boss - Satan

This is it, Mr. Big bad himself, the horned goat, the red devil, the naked guy floating around in black smoke? Well at least Jason Isaacs (Lucias Malfoy) adds some awesome voice work…

First things first; you have infinite magic power in this fight and Satan’s rod will glow either red or blue, swapping between them during the fight. Fight using the opposite colour to his weapon for maximum damage. Jump Satan’s initial shockwave, this attack may show up later but let’s focus on the here and now.

The lord of hell has a devastating array of close quarters attacks, in response to this it’s recommended to attack from afar and poke whilst moving around him constantly. Rolling sideways ensures you’ll avoid his straight tremor attack.

If Satan decides to rain fireballs on the arena, it’s rare but it happens, then try and run between the shadows, and jump after a few seconds as some fireballs make a shockwave. Every now and then he will throw out several dots, which land on the ground to create runes, here’s where you can coax the boss to take some proper damage.

Run into one of the runes, then quickly turn on the corresponding magic (light for blue, shadow for red) and dodge away, laying into the boss with some whip cracks after his attack whiffs.

You’ll soon damage Satan enough to stun him. You’ll see several runes emanating from him in circles; use the correct colour to pass through the correct circle. Red for red, blue for blue. Run in and grab him in the face. There are some QTE’s in this cut-scene, but they occur late.

The remainder of this fight is effectively the same, except the runes in the rune attack move and when you deal enough damage, you need to navigate through moving magical walls to run in and grab the lord of the underworld.

Land the final QTE’s and enjoy the final cut-scene!


Objective: Finish the level and defeat Satan without being hit by any attack with the opposite magic color

It’s possible to battle Satan using no magic at all, this is the easiest way to complete the trial so do it.

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