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Current Mission - Locate the Blue Rose in the Music Box

Puzzle - Play it Again

Immediately grab the Green cylinder that is sitting in front of you and place it in the machine glowing nearby. Press the right most button to play the music. In this level every cylinder you find is attributed to a variety of trap, the trap will only open when you play its relevant cylinder. The Green cylinder opens the trap to the left, a simple spike trap you’ll need to time a dash through.

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Once past the trap grab the Red cylinder and step into the teleport flames to be whisked back to the first area. Insert the red cylinder and then swap its place with green so the order reads red then green before hitting play.

Head right, the red cylinder activates the platforms here so jump across them as they appear. Once over hang a left and dash through another green spike puzzle, past this grab the magenta cylinder and teleport back.

Insert the Magenta cylinder and swap it with green so the order reads red, magenta, green, and then play the song. Go right again but once you get over the platforms head right and time a roll through the magenta saw blade trap. Grab the Yellow Cylinder and teleport back.

Insert the yellow cylinder and swap it with the magenta so the order reads red, yellow, green, and magenta. Play the song.

Take the third route that leads forward, over the platforms and hang a left to the yellow flame trap. Wait for the flames to die down and then dash or roll to the middle. Wait for the second lot to die down and then immediately dash past, the timing here is tight.

Grab the Blue Cylinder and teleport back. Insert the Blue cylinder. Swap the cylinders so the order reads as follows; Red, Blue, Magenta, Green, Yellow, then hit play.

Head forward over the platforms and now forward past the blue electricity puzzle, simply a case of waiting and following the shocks in the gaps. Once past this simply continue forward avoiding the traps, hang a right past the saw trap, and you’ll soon find the rose. Puzzle Complete!


Objective: Finish the level and get the blue rose without falling in any of the Music Box traps

This requires practice on all the traps, and knowledge of exactly how the cylinders should be set at any time. For the cylinders simply follow the guide, the level guide also details avoiding each trap. If you do die however, simply hit a return to checkpoint and the game won’t know any the wiser, just as long as you don’t fall and still ‘survive’. Practice and succeed.

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