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Current Mission - Gain Entry to the Necromancer’s Abyss

Run forward, there is a puzzle hint scroll to the right but otherwise we need to focus on what’s in front of us.

$$$item 3627

Puzzle - Zodiac Riddle

A tough one, the puzzle talks about virgins and months but all it means is the end of the month of Virgo, you’re creating a solar eclipse to open the way to the Necromancer’s abyss. Use the dial and you’ll have three rows to turn, you need to ensure it reads as the screenshot above.

Run to the right, the bridge will build under Gabriel’s feet so swallow hard and believe in the magic. You’ll soon come to…

Puzzle - Match Up

Far simpler than the Zodiac puzzle, you need to ground punch the tiles to create a path that matches that displayed in front of you on the wall.

You’re standing on a cone of tiles, each ‘row’ of coloured tiles corresponds to a direction and the order you punch them tells the light how to travel. The inner band is for down, the green for left, red for right, and outer brown band for up.

The order you need to punch the tiles is as follows: Brown, red, brown, brown, green, inner, green, brown, brown, red, brown. Enter this then hit the middle circle. Puzzle Solved The wall in front of you will open, Double Jump over and head through the portal to the left…

New Enemy - Reaper

$$$item 3568

Enter the portal you see and jump as soon as you exit in midair, holding right to get to the ledge. Leap to the mirror and enter it.

Take your time here, these platforms are slow moving but a hasty approach to platforming will likely send you falling and returning to checkpoints. At the Reaper fight you need to Dash Double Jump to the ledge twinkling in the distance. Before long you’ll pass through another mirror and find yourself faced with…

New Enemy - Necromancer

After a tough, drawn out encounter you’ll be able to move in for the final, life-ending blow… enjoy it. Time for more platforming so take the right mirror first.

Right Mirror

$$$item 3598

Go through the teleporter you can see to the right, jump immediately and take this mirror. Wait for the platform to come around and drop to it by taking the teleporter. Let it carry you around to the left and then jump, shimmy up the wall, and head towards the next mirror.

Jump forward here and then use a Ground Punch on the button before hitting the mirror to take you back to the necromancer encounter.

Left Mirror 1

Jump to the left and shimmy round then drop into the portal here, hit the hook point as you fall and yoink Gabriel over to a ledge. Drop to the right, shimmy round the ledge to the left, head upwards and then slam the button here before taking the mirror.

Left Mirror 2

Head right this time, Dash Jump to the teleporter, then use the second jump on exit and use the hook point, which takes you to the next mirror. The button is right here so punch it and return to the Necromancer arena. With all that done head forward into the mirror that used to be behind the gate.

You’ll meet another Necromancer here, same deal as before except he has a new AOE, all the more reason to stay back, and can summon reapers as well as zombies, although this often only happens at the start of the encounter.

The rest of the fight plays out exactly the same as before, in other words – very awkwardly. Once Necromancer number 2 has felt the steely justice of Gabriel’s whip head through the exit to the top of the screen.

In this new area make a Dash Double Jump to the left and follow the platforms around the left and up. Considering how far you are, it should be more than simple enough to follow the shimmy ledges and hook points, just know that through the portals are hook points.

Before long you’ll find a mirror over a Dash Double Jump gap, take it.

$$$item 3628

You’ll be teleported to a Health Font. Grab a refill and then hop the gap to the right, continue to climb up and before long you’ll reach the summit.


Objective: Finish the level after destroying 60 Reapers

You’ll need to hang around in every Reaper spawn in the level to ensure you reach the total. In the right mirror, kill the reapers before hitting the switch. When you take the left mirror, take the right teleport and drop to find three more reapers.

You should have nailed 56 reapers before getting to the second necromancer, once here wait for him to spawn the remaining reapers to complete your total.

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