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Current Mission - Defeat Cornell, the First Lord of Shadow

Jog down this path and top up your health, light, and dark magic meters with the fonts provided and once set, leap into the arena to view the cut-scene and get some proper context as to who the Lords of Shadow exactly are. Turns out your founding fathers aren’t all that holy!

Boss - Cornell

For a so-called ‘Lord of Shadow’ Cornell isn’t all that, sporting two main attacks and the, hopefully now obvious, un-blockable attack from block if you attack him too much. His key attacks are a lunge, signified be lowering his mace to his left side, which can be dodged, blocked, or parried as you see fit, and a pound which is un-blockable and causes shockwaves that must be jumped.

Fight Cornell at whip’s length, this avoids taking a mace to the top of the head, and forces him to rely on the more fallible lunge attack. Simply get into a rhythm of parry, attack, dodge away, and jumping the waves if Cornell tries a ground pound. Keep this up and Cornell will go down in no time. Or will he…

Oh so this is his true form!

Boss - Dark Lord of the Lycans

Phase 1

The Lycan Lord is a lot of flash, he has numerous different punches that all amount to parry fodder. The best tact here is simply to get close enough to smell his lunch and pound his face with direct attacks, whenever you see him go for a punch (the transition from wind up to swipe is quick) hammer your block, you should land a parry.

If you stay right up to Cornell and land the parries he should find it hard to get a break. Use shadow magic after counters as this will knock the large Lycan onto his arse, so flicking shadow magic on to drop him, then off to land some free hits, will maximize counter potential.

You do need to keep your head screwed on mind, as there is the possibility that Cornell will use an un-blockable swipe and, as rare as these are, if you hear a swoosh effect then dodge backward immediately.

If you do leave too much space Cornell may go for a charge attack, which is devastatingly quick, and as per usual don’t attack his block. Also, if you have an available pool of shadow magic and knives, then exploding daggers deal a lot of damage to the Lycan lord.

Phase 2

After a short while the pillars around the arena will glow, you need to smash them quickly as these are the roots of Cornell’s power. The first one you target will drop in one direct hit, the second two, the third three and so on.

When on the later pillars you need to focus on avoiding Cornell’s attacks then dealing damage to the pillar using area attacks to hit Cornell as well, or using direct attacks with Cornell positioned in between you and the pillar as your whip will damage both.

Once all the pillars are down hit all the circle QTE’s in the following cut-scene to finish off Cornell. Give yourself a pat on the back and grab a celebratory Jammy Dodger (or other preferred snack).

New Item - Cyclone Boots

Use your new boots to dash forward and leap the gap. Head forward and grab the wall, hike up, shimmy left, and then up once more to meet… An eagle?


Objective: Finish the level and defeat the Dark Lord without using Light Magic energy

As with the Black Knight, a couple of plays and some memorization will go a long way with this (as will knocking the difficulty down a notch or three).

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