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Sarif Industries

There is a poster for Final Fantasy XXXII in Pritchard’s office, you just can’t keep a good franchise down.


-Head to the basketball court in the alleys of Detroit and one of the drug dealers here will whistle the original Deus Ex theme song.

-The hooker named Charlotte is a reference to the Iron Maiden song ‘Charlotte the Harlot’.

-The names of all the police officers in the ‘bullpit’ are all references to famous Sci Fi authors.

-If you take a trip to the second floor you’ll be able to hear a pair of cops referencing the film ‘Robocop’, which has a story set up remarkably similar to Human Revolution’s…


Well, you’ll have seen Barrett before but it is here you fight him. The name ‘Barrett’ was actually used for Final Fantasy’s burly man with a machine gun for a hand, much like Deus Ex’s.


Hackers have always been extremely nerdy and it appears the code crackers of 2027 are just as meme obsessed as those of today. Check the postick notes around Windmill’s computer and you’ll find the ‘Forever Alone’ Meme Face.

Windmill is also a fan of films as he has no toilet paper, instead having three seashells next to his lavatory much like in the film Demolition Man.

Detroit 2

When you follow the Acquaintances Forgotten side mission you’ll encounter numerous film references…

  • Adam says ‘I’ll be back’ before going to locate some morphine.

  • Refuse to kill Radford and he will comment about the Laws of Robots, which first appeared in the book ‘I, Robot’ in 1950.

  • You’ll need to eliminate the ‘Men in Black Suits’ when obtaining the info.

  • The leader of these men is a certain ‘Mr. Grey’, considering the attire this is clearly a reference to Resevoir dogs’ colour inspired codenames.

  • Lastly, not a film reference but still a natty extra, the address on the pocket secretary that Mr Grey drops is actually the same as Square Enix’s European HQ.

Shanghai – Omega Ranch

The ‘Hanger 18’ achievement is a reference to the heavy metal band ‘Megadeth’, a reference that is further stretched through the names present on the email you uncover.


Foxiest of Hounds – Due to the stealthy nature of this achievement the name is a clear reference to the organisation that Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake works for, Foxhound. The image’s numerous exclamation marks around a guards head further emphasises the homage.

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    Square Enix
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  • Guide Release
    31 August 2011
  • Last Updated
    7 December 2020
  • Guide Author
    James Bowden

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