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Primary Objectives

Loose Ends

Converse with Malik and get some background information, then enter the building (although you might want to talk to the second guard twice to hear him compare you to Vulcans).

The cafeteria contains a new newspaper (Ny’Asha Returns in Triumph) and a [BEER] near one of the plants. Instead of going back to the main hall, head straight downstairs and enter the vent duct near the vending machine on your left hand [EXPLORER 200 XP] . Go down the ladder to find [200 CREDITS] and a [POCKET SECRETARY] with information on what appears at face value to be a drug deal. As you might’ve heard, Neuropozyne is a drug that prevents augmentations getting rejected by the human body. The “Rejection Syndrome” is common in nearly everyone with augmentations.

Anyway, meet with Pritchard in the tech lab on the second floor and he’ll tell you it’ll take some time [1000 XP] . (By the way, Pritchard’ll call you Gandhi if you took a nonlethal approach back at the plant.) Read [Hugh Darrow eBook 3: The Nature of Neuroplasticity] .

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Then check one of the shelves in a closet next to the pinboard to find a [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE] and [STOP WORM SOFTWARE] .

Meet Sarif in his Penthouse - use the designated elevator to get there. Speak with him and he’ll ask you to investigate the suicide terrorist, who’s been moved to the police dept. He also asks you to visit the L.I.M.B. clinic. This quest now ends [1000 XP] . Have a chat with Athene, Sarif’s secretary, and head back to the main hall. You’ll get paged - someone wants you in your office. This is actually the first of many optional Side Quests, which are not only intriguing but also quite rewarding at times.

Exploring Sarif Industries: Main Hall

The first sidequest (S1: PAGING ADAM JENSEN) is very, very short. In fact, it ends when you reach your office on the third floor in the main hall, which grants you a small reward (COMPLETIONIST 100 XP). But this quest is mainly designed to get you on your way - meet Tim Carella in your office and accept the quest after asking everything there is to ask. S2: LESSER EVILS is now available to you. In this guide we won’t immediately pursue this quest, but instead tie loose ends up.

Jensen’s office contains a bottle of [WINE] , and a [POCKET SECRETARY] with his computer login ajensen/mandrake.

There’s an email from Athene Margoulis which contains two access codes. She suspects that someone has been stealing Neuropozyne (well, we just got confirmation on that from at least one source) and names a few suspects, asking you to check things out.

There may also be an email from Greg Thorpe - Josie Thorpe’s husband - telling you to stop by at his apartment sometime. This activates sidequest 3, One Good Turn Deserves Another.

First, let’s have a look inside Denzel Mitchell’s office - one of the names mentioned by Athene in here email. It’s across your own office, marked with number 31, and secured by a level 2 keypad. You do have the code, although hacking a level 2 security system can net you a [GREY HAT 50 XP] bonus. This does require you to use a praxis on the HACKING: CAPTURE 2 augmentation, but to be fair, now might actually be a good time to do so anyway, because there’ll be a lot of level 2 systems from now on, many of which require hacking.

There’s an Ebook (Global Politics Review [2026 Edition]) in Mitchell’s office, along with a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] . Find [184 CREDITS] and a [POCKET SECRETARY] in the desk drawer, This contains a code to Mika Pine’s office (4145). Also check the emails on the PC for background info.

Head to the second floor and enter the office on your right (Lyle Rogers and Gale Bergama). The PC contains some interesting background information; otherwise the room little else. Next up is office 23, which is Will Rosellini’s and Walt Cannon’s office. You should have the code from your email (3716), but you can also hack this level 2 device if you want to [GREY HAT 50 XP]

The drawer contains [53 CREDITS] , and there’s also an Ebook (The Next Three Decades) on the small table. The other desk’s drawer contains [25 CREDITS] . The PC contains emails regarding the Neuropozyne theft, and gives you another keycode (9642), this time for Ted Bruger’s office.

Office 25 is Mika Pine’s office, but we don’t have a keycode for this one, so we’ll skip it - for now (although you could hack it). Office 27 is Diane Gonzalez’ and Nouella Cock’s office, for which we have the code: 4145. Hacking, of course, is still an alternative and grants [GREY HAT 50 XP] .

Look inside for [Hugh Darrow eBook 4: The Neural Hub - Design For a Next Generation] , a bottle of [WHISKEY] , and [118 CREDITS] in the desk’s drawer. The PC contains interesting background info, and there’s a vent duct that leads to Mike Pine’s office [TRAVELER 100 XP] .

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This office contains [115 CREDITS] , [Hugh Darrow eBook 5: The Tyranny of Biology] , a [CYBER- BOOS PROENERGY BAR] , and an additional [126 CREDITS] in the drawer. As usual, read the emails on the PC. Note: If you’d want to hack the keypad on the other side of the door, simply backtrack through the vent to do so.)

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Continue exploring the second floor: Office 20 (Jerry Maher and Dorrie Harris) contains nothing of interest, and office 22 (Faridah Malik) has a high security level of 4, so we’ll have to skip that one.

Head to the 3rd floor and enter office 35 to read another Ebook (Hearts of Steel). Proceed to office 32 (Ted Bruger’s), for which you have the code: 9642. There’s a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] on the desk, and [53 CREDITS] in the drawer. The other desk has an Ebook (Composite Study 07121969 – FINAL TEST RESULTS) and its drawer contains [24 CREDITS] . The LVL 2 PC can be hacked - wait, what’s that? See that note next to the screen? You can also use that to access the PC: eclipse. It contains correspondence between Bruger and Andrea van Wesel.. And the plot thickens.. Read the Ebook in the cabinet (Tomorrow’s Man: The Hugh Darrow Story) and use the vent duct that just happens to lead to her office (which is restricted with a level 3 keypad).

There’s an Ebook in this office (The Belltower Way), and the drawer contains [37 CREDITS] . There are [67 CREDITS] lying on the other desk, while the PC’s emails shed some light on the previous information..

This leaves two offices on the third floor. Office 30 can be hacked (LVL 2), and contains a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK] (restores a whole cell instead of half a cell, but the item takes up two slots, making it cumbersome to drag along), and [107 CREDITS] in a drawer. The PC contains an interesting email from David on a ‘Basilisk’ project.. Macular degeneration results in loss of vision due to damage to the retina.

The other unexplored office (33) is of no other person than Tim Carella himself, the guy who just asked for your help. It contains an Ebook (The Sleepwalking World), [346 CREDITS] , another [100 CREDITS] in the desk’s drawer. The emails on the PC give you several conclusive answers. There are still some things you’ll need to do for Tim, but that’ll come soon. More importantly, the PC also holds the password to Faridah Malik’s office: 5475.

In Malik’s office you can find an Ebook (Building Wings: A Better Tomorrow), [204 CREDITS] in the desk’s drawer, and - by far the most interesting email - the access code to the helipad storage room: 8053. With this code in hand, go to the helipad and move to the far right corner. Head down the ladder and use the code to access the storage room, which contains a whopping of goodies: [AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE] , [4x REVOLVER AMMO] , [4x STUN GUN DARTS] , [10x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] , and [3x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] .

With the helipad storage room raided, head back inside Sarif HQ and go through the double doors to enter the city.

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