Primary Objectives

Optional Exploration

There’s a breakable wall in the area with cement bags. Entering grants you [TRAVELER 100XP], and inside some lockers with a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR]. Move the metal crate underneath the vent and crawl through. Go down the ladder [TRAVELER 100XP] to find [615 CREDITS].

Meeting Sarif

Once you ride the elevator down and meet Sarif in your apartment, a cutscene will play [750XP]. You’ll also be given the V.I.P. Pass.

Confronting Sarif

You’re going to need to find Isaias Sandoval, an associate and aid of William Taggart. This means you’ll have to make your way to the convention center.

Primary Objectives

When you enter the lobby, and if you talked Wayne Haas into letting you into the police station, he’ll now blame you for losing his job. The absolve option leads to a nice conversation, the crush option leads to fighting.

The streets have changes, new NPC’s are walking around, and the shops have new inventories. You should definitely buy the two Praxis Kits at the LIMB Clinic (plus Typhoon Ammo and Hypostims if you can). At Grayson’s, buy the EMP Grenade along with any weapon upgrade you deem useful. It never hurts to stock up on Stop! Worms and Nuke Viruses either. Seurat also has new supplies, and you might want to buy the Gas Grenade, along with any weapons or upgrades you find interesting. After buying the essentials, continue with the game.

Grayson's Shop (After Hengsha)

Items: Price: Available Quantity: New:
10mm Pistol Ammo (x5) 25 6
Shotgun Cartridges (x5) 100 2
Tranquilizer Darts (x2) 100 5
PEPS Energy Pack (x1) 50 5 New!
Heavy Rifle Ammo (x25) 250 4 New!
Revolver Ammo (x5) 130 2 New!
10mm Pistol 350 1 New!
P.E.P.S. 750 1 New!
Heavy Rifle 2500 1 New!
Revolver 600 1 New!
Shotgun 1500 1
Tranquilizer Rifle 1500 1
Damage Upgrade 250 1
Burst Round System 1500 1
Laser Targeting System 500 1 New!
Reload Speed Upgrade 250 1 New!
Ammo Capacity Upgrade 250 1 New!
Target-Leading-System (for Tranq. Rifle and Crossbow) 1500 1 New!
Cooling System (for Heavy Rifles and Plasma Rifles) 1500 1 New!
Exploding Rounds Package (for the Revolver) 250 1
Armor Piercing System (for 10mm Pistol) 500 1 New!
Mine Template 75 1
EMP Grenade 200 1 New!
Concussion Grenade 60 2 New!
Stop! Worm Software 50 5 New!
Nuke Virus Software 50 5 New!

Seurat's Shop (After Hengsha)

**Items:** **Price:** **Available Quantity:** **New:**
Machine Pistol Ammo (x15) 25 6
Stun Gun Darts (x2) 100 2
Rocket 100 5
Crossbow Arrows (x2) 50 5 New!
Sniper Rifle Ammo (x5) 250 4 New!
Combat Rifle Ammo (x10) 130 2 New!
Silencer (*) 350 1 New!
Stun Gun 750 1 New!
Machine Pistol 2500 1 New!
Rocket Launcher 600 1 New!
Crossbow 1500 1
Sniper Rifle 1500 1
Combat Rifle 250 1
Rate-of-Fire Upgrade 1500 1
Heat Targeting System 500 1 New!
Target-Leading System (for T. Rifle & Crossbow) 250 1 New!
Target-Seeking System (for Machine Pistol or Combat Rifle) 250 1 New!
Gas Grenade 1500 1 New!
Frag Grenade 1500 1 New!

(*) If you’ve bought the Silencer before, it won’t be available. If you visited Greg Thorpe (and saved his wife), you’ll get a ~25% discount on all of Seurat’s prices.

Make your way to the convention center, which is down the road past the LIMB clinic, and go inside.

You’ll find Taggart in the Meeting Room, which can be found upstairs. As soon as you enter, a social battle starts. It works especially well to keep confronting Taggart with the facts, partially agreeing with him and then push onward with your argumentation about what really matters for the subject [SILVER TONGUE 1000XP].

Should you fail the social battle hop the safety line and into the bathroom on the right of the restricted door. There are some vents in here (surprise surprise) and if you follow them right then they drop you right in the room you want to get to. Simple.

Meet Taggart backstage and look for a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Vagus Nerve Stimulators - Repurposing the Technology) next to the coffee machine behind the sofa. There’s also a [BEER] in the room with Taggart. After telling you where Isaias is, exit the convention center [750XP].

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Throwdown

You convinced the smooth-talking politician Bill Taggart to tell the truth in public.

Trophy icon

As soon as you exit the convention center you’ll be approached by Nicky, and you have the option of starting the “Smash the State” sidequest.


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