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Primary Objectives

The Police Station

Let’s try going inside through the main doors first [100 XP] . You can find Chet Wagner here as well, who has important information for the MOTHERLY TIES quest. Unfortunately, he’s a total douche, so you’ll have to be happy with the [100 XP] you get from talking to him - we’ll get around his douche-ness soon enough.

Speak with Wayne Haas at the reception and a social battle commences. You’ll need to be friendly with him, but at the same time stay in control if he starts to blame you. A surefire to win this social battle is to answer in the following way: 1. Absolve. 2. Plead. 3. Absolve. 4. Plead.

A successful conversation results in entrance to the police station and [SILVER TONGUE 1000XP]. This also grants you The Desk Job achievement/trophy.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Desk Job

You convinced Wayne Haas to let you into the morgue.

Trophy icon

First Floor Exploration

Go inside the men’s restroom and look for a [POCKET SECRETARY] in the second toilet, which contains a code for Melanie Frezell’s PC; 1856. The vent here only leads to the main office, which is useful for stealth routes, but doesn’t help us. Back in the previous hall, head over to the cardboard boxes and ignore the women’s restroom; it’s empty.

Move the large crate so that you can crouch behind it and not get seen by any of the officers, and hack the level 2 door at the far end of the hall, or use the code you just found and head inside the room [EXPLORER 200XP] .

Remove the trash can from the wall to reveal a [MACHINE PISTOL] and [MACHINE PISTOL AMMO x10] . There’s also a [POCKET SECRETARY] in the cabinet which holds the login for armory: fnicefield/patriotism. There are [250 CREDITS] on the desk, and the level 2 PC [GREY HAT 50XP] contains two access codes: Ryan Penn’s office: 2419. Ventilation system: 7668. Exit the office.

You can also hack Wayne Haas’s reception office (level 2 [GREY HAT 50XP] and go inside for [EXPLORER 200XP] , but stay crouched all the time and use the crate to hide behind when hacking the door (and make sure no officers are around).

Go to the main hall and enter the recreation room. There’s a [POCKET SECRETARY] here with a code to Bernard Gum’s office: 2231. The main office contains various PC’s, but hacking them, well, let’s just say it leads to a bloodbath, which is something you’ll probably want to avoid. The morgue/basement is to the far upper left side of the office, but let’s explore the upper floors first, so head upstairs from the main hall.

Second Floor Exploration

There’s an officer nearby the stairwell as soon as you reach the 2nd floor. Take him out while no one’s looking and drag him behind the copier. You can seal off this small area with cardboard boxes to be absolutely sure no one sees his body. You can find [69 CREDITS] in the cafeteria, as well as a decently hidden ebook (Global Politics Review [2026 Edition]) on one of the closet’s shelves. To be safe, also take out the other officer standing guard and ignore the armory to your left for now.

You can enter Cpt. Penn’s office (the second one) by either hacking the level 2 device [GREY HAT 50XP] or using the acquired code: 2419. Alternatively, you can crawl through the vent next to the nearby cardboard box. Enter to receive [COMPLETIONIST 300XP] and [EXPLORER 200XP] . Search the desk for a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a code to the Morgue: 9212, an eBook (Hearts of Steel) and [269 CREDITS] . The level 2 PC [GREY HAT 50XP] contains interesting background info; read all emails and note the name Manderley .. a common name if you’ve played the original Deus Ex [300 XP] .

The terminal on the wall controls the ventilation security system - there are laser beams in the vents and passing through them will trigger the alarm, and we don’t want that. Fortunately we have the code: 7668, but hacking works fine too [GREY HAT 50XP] . Enter the vent to make your way to the armory [TRAVELER 100XP] (ignore the intersection, leading up to an interrogation room on the 3rd floor). Take down the guard in the armor stealthily and use the PC (password: patriotism) to unlock the armory. Hacking is an option too, of course [75 XP] .

Enter the armory [EXPLORER 200XP] to find several goodies: [COMBAT RIFLE x2 ], [SHOTGUN x2] , [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO x15] , [RATE-OF-FIRE UPGRADE] , [CONCUSSION GRENADE x2] , [P.E.P.S.] and [PEPS ENERGY PACK x3] . The PEPS is a weapon that knocks enemies unconscious with an enormous energy blast - seeing is believing. Unfortunately, ammo is scarce for it and it takes up several inventory slots, so it’s up to you whether to bring it or not.

Ignore the other door - it leads back to the hall you came from, and the camera might spot you. Back in the hall overlooking the main office, it’s possible to hack the other office (Leboeuf’s), which has a level 2 security device [GREY HAT 50XP] . Inside you can find a [SHOTGUN] and a [POCKET SECRETARY] with the access code to Jenny Alexander’s office: 3727. The level 2 pc [GREY HAT 50XP] contains background info.

The far end of the hall leads to another hall with a camera. If you sneak past it you can find [301 CREDITS] on a moveable cart. The door with the level 2 security device [GREY HAT 50XP] only leads to the back alley. Climbing all the way to the roof does net you [TRAVELER 100XP] , though.

Third Floor Exploration

In any case, (from the main stairs), head up to the 3rd floor. Take out the officer if you feel like it and turn right (to the left is an interrogation room with little of interest, and you’ve already explored the adjacent vent system).

When around the corner, do take note of the ventilation system behind the cardboard box. Exploring it grants [TRAVELER 100XP] . The camera up ahead doesn’t sound the alarm when you’re spotted by it, since this isn’t a restricted area, technically speaking, since Haas let you in.

Enter the first office on the right (Det. Gum, level 1 [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP] or use 2231); [EXPLORER 200XP] , which contains a [SHOTGUN] . The level 1 pc [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP] only contains background info. Detective McCann’s office, opposite to Gum’s office, is already open. Take out the sleeping McCann and snatch the [STOP WORM SOFTWARE] from his desk. The PC only contains background info once again.

Now’s not a bad time to take out the patrolling officer in the main hall, when he’s at the far end of the hallway, just out of the camera’s sight. The door at the far end of the hall leads to a vent, which in turn leads to the roof of the police station’s (the back alley). You do get [TRAVELER 100XP] by doing a quicky in the vent, though.

Detective Murphy’s office contains little of interest, although the two officers are discussing Paul Verhoevens RoboCop which takes place in Detroit. One of the guys mixes this up with one of Van Damme’s many B-movies (such as Cyborg, the ultimate movie for a fairly lame night). The air vent adjacent to this office only leads back to the hall, but does net [TRAVELER 100XP] .

This leaves Det. Wagner’s and Jenny Alexander’s offices. Both are accessible by the other air vent, and we also have the code to Jenny’s office: 3727. They’re both level 1 security either way [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP x2] . Enter her office [EXPLORER 200XP] and snatch [410 CREDITS] from nearby the radio. The level 1 PC contains background info.

Lastly, enter Wagner’s office [300 XP] . Hack his L1 PC [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP] and scan his emails to find out about his dirty business - anything to bribe the douche [100 XP] . This concludes the exploration of the 2nd and 3rd floors. Return to Wagner and leech the info from him [300 XP] . Having done that, it’s time to pay a visit to the morgue.

Basement/The Morgue

Head down the stairs on the far upper left side of the first floor’s main office. There’s a vent behind the barrels to the right which leads to the cell block. The main reason for going through there, is of course [TRAVELER 100XP] , although you can also eavesdrop on a conversation you otherwise wouldn’t have heard.

From the locker room, make your way into the morgue, and retrieve the oh-so important TYM CORETECH MODEL 76-F NEURAL HUB (MODIFIED) from the hacker’s corpse [GHOST 500XP] , [1750 XP] . Sarif now wants you to analyze the hub in your apartment at Chiron’s Building.

There’s also an [Hugh Darrow eBook 9: The Threat of Cybernetic Discognition Disorder] lying around on Gerard’s desk, and his level 2 PC [GREY HAT 50XP] contains background info.

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Don’t drag the hacker’s body around, by the way, or Gerard’ll wet his pants and trigger the alarm. Before you exit the police station, explore the locker room; several lockers contain the following items: [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] , [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO x12] , and a [RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE] . This is also where the entrance to the sewers is located at. The lowest laser beam is faulty, allowing you to sneak underneath it after flickering three times - after the third time it breaks down slightly longer. It’s entirely optional to explore the sewers at this point, since you’ve already got what you came for.

The Back Alley

Head back to the Detroit streets via the main entrance. In case you were still wondering about the back alley, head right, down the street, and look for a metal crate. Open the nearby door and you’ll see that the floor has electricity currents sparking all over the place. Here’s the thing: Hop onto one of the crates and grab the other, placing it ahead of the other and crawl onto that one, grabbing the other again and placing it in front of you, etc, creating a moving bridge [PATHFINDER 300XP] . In the middle of the area, use the breaker box to shut down the current, and don’t forget to grab the [CYBER BOOST PROENERGY BAR] .

This leads to the back alley. If you’ve spoken to Jenny Alexander and accepted quest S5, you can speak with O’Malley near the water tank [100 XP] . He provides you with a different task, which requires you to pick up a package, assassinate an MCB member, and plant the murder weapon in the DRB’s weapon stash, initiating a gang war.

Leave this for the moment and head around the corner, where you should be able to find a storage box with a level 1 security pad - although you also have the code, if you’ve been doing the MOTHERLY TIES sidequest; 4891 [100 XP] . Inside you’ll find four eBooks (Sarif Industries Incident Report TA-00514-008), (Sarif Industries Incident Report TA-00514-023), (Sarif Industries Incident Report TA-00514-012) and most importantly: (Autopsy Report: Megan Reed (DMPD Case: TA-00514)) [100 XP]. It looks like someone made Megan’s body unidentifiable.. but why?

Inside the level 3 security safe you can find a [BRACELET] and a very crucial eBook (Megan Reed; Lab Notes) with information on.. Well, you’ll just have to read it yourself. If you don’t have a level 3 hacking skill yet, it’s worth your while to use an Automatic Unlocking Device on the safe.

Analyzing the Neural Hub

The far end of the back alley leads to the police station’s fire escape, and to a manhole leading to the sewers. Leave this place for now, and head for Jensen’s apartment at Chiron Building. You can locate this by using your map whenever you get lost; it’s on the northwest side of town.

Before entering Chiron Building, check out the far end of the street, and more specifically, look for a Crossbow behind the door on the right; this is the weapon Omalley mentioned [100 XP] . Since it requires 10 inventory slots to hold, now would be an excellent time to expand your inventory with two rows by selecting it under the Arm Augmentations (two rows = 14 slots).

You’ll also bump into Megan’s mother in the lobby. Tell her about all the information you found. Note: If you keep the bracelet, you’ll be awarded with the trophy/achievement “Sentimental Value”. You get [1000XP] regardless of your choices.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Sentimental Value

You kept Megan's bracelet for yourself. Apparently, letting go really is the hardest part.

Trophy icon

Inside Jensen’s apartment, connect the hub to your PC and watch the cutscene - things are about to get interesting [1000XP] .

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Motherly Ties

Put a grieving mother's doubts to rest.

Trophy icon

Voices from the Dark

When you exit Chiron Building, Pritchard contacts you and tells you he’s found a note from someone named Ezekiel.. Zeke. That is, if you spared his life earlier on. Head to the Sarif HQ area and go into the alley across the street. Zeke’ll hand you a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a code (7984) and an access login (spaxxor/neuralhub) and considers his debt paid [750XP] .

The nearby storage room (level 3), in case you’re interested, contains [28 CREDITS] , and an [AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE] , plus it nets you [TRAVELER 100XP] .

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