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Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 31-08-2011 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:26 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 16:25 GMT

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Guide Download PDF

Last updated 6 months ago · Guide Information

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Guide

Last updated 6 months ago · Guide Information
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Part 3

Neutralize the terrorist leader

One of Sarif’s warehouses has been taken over by Purity First members - radicals against bio-augmentations in general. As recovered chief security, you’re to handle the situation.

Primary Objectives

o Neutralize the terrorist leader [1750 XP] + [500 XP Ghost]

o Extraction / Meet Malik on the Roof [750 XP]

Secondary Objectives

o Secure the hostages [250 XP]

o Rescure Josie Thorpe [750 XP]

A full motion cutscene plays in which things complicate [250 XP]. The room contains a [STOP! WORM SOFTWARE] under a large cardboard box, [10x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] on a desk and also a more hidden [4x TRANQ DARTS] in a small plastic crate on a desk in the upper left corner. Make your way to the head office by going through the doors and riding the elevator up. As you move over the overpass, SWAT and Purist members are in a firefight. It’s not hard to guess the victors.

Make your way through the area and head upstairs. Eavesdrop on the two Purists and it becomes apparent that they’re not finding what they were looking for. Good… right? Head after the Purist heading straight downstairs and quickly take him down before he can descend the stairs (if you fail this, no problem, just follow the instructions below - in any case take out the guard heading left).

The meeting room 01 contains an Ebook (Global Politics Review [2026 Edition]), a [POCKET SECRETARY] (with PC login/password sgrimes/ovid), a [BEER] and a Newspaper (Can The Motor City Rise Again?).

The meeting room 02 contains [4x REVOLVER AMMO], and allows you to go downstairs via a vent duct [TRAVELER 100 XP]. From the restroom you should be able to sneak into the meeting room 03 - just make sure the sentries don’t see you. Before doing this, look to your right to find [3x STUN GUN DARTS].

Alternatively, don't give these two a chance to finish their conversation. If you sneak forward parallel to them then you can stun one and instantly perform a takedown on the other withot raising the alarm. There is a vent in the room to the end of the left corridor that leads down as well. Just in case you want something more sneaky.

This room contains [4x TRANQ DARTS], and allows you to reach one of the Purists on the other side of the room, who you should be able to take out easily without any of the others taking notice. He might also have a [POCKET SECRETARY] (with PC access mlatona/redwings). There’s a [BEER] on the low table here, but take caution grabbing it (if at all). [5x MACHINE GUN AMMO] can be found in the far right corner behind a cardboard box, and you can even find [45 CREDITS] in the cabinet behind the stairs (lift the small cardboard box), although you will want to take out the guards first.

Hide behind the crate and carefully inspect the sentries’ patrolling rounds. The one closest to you is easiest to take down (if you hadn’t already, back upstairs); wait for the other two to move towards the other side of the office and quickly take him out before he has a chance to proceed his round, then drag him into meeting room 03 like the other guard.

From here, make your way to the guard further away. Take him out once the Purist in the middle of the room moves away from the desks in the middle of the office. With him out of the way, the last guy shouldn’t be a problem to rid yourself of. Again, you might receive two access codes: gthorpe/hydro, and tcaldwell/talon. You can find a [TRANQUILIZER DART on the second desk (the one that the guard closest to the stairs sometimes turns his back towards).

There’s a lot of hacking fun to be had in this office, all of which is entirely optional. There are 10 PC’s around, which adds up to a 250 XP minimum, plus additional rewards from datastores. You should be able to get 2 Stop Worms and 2 Nuke Viruses from them, as well as 125 Credits.

If you grow bored of hacking and don’t care about maximizing XP, here’s a list of all PC logins in this room: MROSS/lions, FBROOKS/tipple, VCLARK/tigers, MLATONA/redwings, CPARKER/zinc, FMARCHAND/factotum, GTHORPE/hydro, RMCCAUF/hvywethr, SGRIMES/ovid, TCALDWELL/talon.

When you’re done, exit the office and head upstairs towards the head office. Before you enter the door, read the [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Artificial Muscles) on the counter [SCHOLAR 200 XP]. If you’ve collected all XP in a maximum fashion, this will grant you a new Praxis!

Zeke Sanders

Make sure you save your game before going inside, because you’ve got several options here. The below - due to the implications of your choices - contains minor spoilers:

  1. Fighting Zeke usually results in Josie getting killed immediately. You can try to kill Zeke before he has a chance to kill Josie, although this needs to be done within a second.

  2. Letting Zeke go also results in Josie getting killed.

  3. Talking with Zeke, trying to make him release Josie is a win-win situation. You can use empathetic, humble, or reasonable answers to talk your way out of this. While there are various paths you can take, especially since the conversation is semi-random, the following choices will always get you a positive outcome: 1. Empathize. 2. Empathize. 3. Reason. Releasing Josie results in several indirect and direct rewards. The direct reward is [SILVER TONGUE 1000 XP]. This guide will inform you of the other indirect rewards later.


The game also rewards you with [750 XP] for finishing the mission, regardless of results. You’re awarded [250 XP] for (permanently) securing the hostages, and an additional [GHOST 500 XP] bonus if you were fully stealthy. Rescuing Josie also nets you [750 XP].

Speak with Josie and look around for a [POCKET SECRETARY] holding her PC login information (JTHORPE/hydra). You can also hack it [25 XP]; either way, read the secret business proposal … And I always thought I was the only one who got those emails! I’m still waiting for my share from one of those nice misters! Ahem Let’s continue. Mr. Thorpe is waiting outside; speak with him and he’ll promise you a reward for saving his wife.

Conclude your business and talk to Malik at the chopper to finish the mission [750 XP].

NOTE: If you aimed to maximize XP, your counter should now be at 9440 XP.

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