Primary Objectives

Detroit City

As you walk outside, Jensen stumbles on Cassandra Reed, Megan’s mother. She asks you to investigate he daughter’s case, because she suspects foul play. Agreeing starts the fourth sidequest, MOTHERLY TIES. We’ll first visit the L.I.M.B. Clinic, though.

When you head downstairs from Sarif Industries’ entrance, immediately look to your left and search for a [POCKET SECRETARY] in the grass. This will soon come in handy. You can find a [BEER] in the trashbin in the center of this area, next to the lightened art. A [CYBERBOOST PROENERGT BAR] can be found in the trashbin down the street on the left. You’ll also meet Letitia here.

Lettina’s Pacific Info:

From Sarif HQ’s entrance, head down the left road. There’s a woman named Letitia who’s snooping around in some garbage bins. Have a talk with her: You can buy information from her on three different subjects: Weapons, City Mood, and Secret Paths. Let’s go over all of her information.

Weapons info (500 Credits):

“I was you, I’d look fer some bright lights coming outta (GAS STATION) the windows of a boarded-up gas station nearby. An’ a bodyguard maybe, hanging around.”

This refers to the gas station just around the corner, where you can buy weapons from a weapon dealer.

Weapons info (1000 Credits):

“You’s hear about the protest at LIMB today? The one (SHOOTER) as was about to get all violent, till Mr. Sarif’s factory stole all the news? Rumor has it somebody wanted ta make sure it got to Miss Eliza’s attention. Maybe had a shooter in a high place somewhere, looking down on the LIMB plaza, aiming ta turn things up a notch. Didn’t happen because of the factory, but you never know, they might’ve left something behind.” This refers to a sniper’s secret stash above Grayson’s Shop.

See the walkthrough for more info.

Weapons info (2000 Credits):

“Well now, what I’s suggesting here ain’t exactly legal. And you being an ex-cop an’ all, I hopes you won’t take (POLICE STATION) this the wrong way, but.. everybody knows the best weapons in town are locked up inside the police station.

“Yes, and that would be very helpful if I were still a cop. But I’m not, so I don’t have the computer codes needed to open the armory’s door.”

“Yes, but Tish here does. I overheard two rookies discussing it, while I was warming myself by the trashcan fire in backa the station. They was bad- mouthing that new boy, Officer Nicefeld, for choosing ‘patriotism’ as a password.”

This refers to the police station’s armory, and the required password to access it: ‘patriotism’.

City Mood (Free):

This learns you that there are various garage-door storage rooms around town, and that it’s best not to pull anything stupid on punks or police officers if you wanna stay out of trouble.

Secret Paths (500 Credits):

“Interesting thing about the sewers in this city, (SEWERS) Cap’n. Some of ‘em pass right under the police station, but that don’t stop some people from hiding things down there.” “What kind of things?” “I’s not sure. But a bunch them walls been patched over pretty quick. Man like you might be able to find out why – specially if he’s fixed up with suma them magic eyes that sees through stuff. Mr. Sarif has ta make eyes like that, dontcha think?

Secret Paths (1000 Credits) (Police Station Access): “I’s just guessing here, Cap’n, but since you ain’t a policeman no more, maybe it’s a bit hard to get you inside that police station some days. Specially when things are being ‘classified’. There is a door I know though, connects to the sewers. Only thing is, it’s usually locked.”

“Hate to tell you this Tish, but that information isn’t worth the admission price you’re charging.” “That’s cause I ain’t given you the code yet! Jesum, Cap’n, have some patience! Twenty-five, ninety nine. Two-five-nine-nine.”

Secret Paths (2000 Credits):

“Now, I’s not advising you do this – you’s being an (DERELICT ROW) Aug and all – but if this trespassing you’s needing to do happens to be inside D-Row – street gang territory? The you’d definitely don’t wanna be seen going in.”

“Because the Ballers would sooner rip me apart than ask questions.”

“Exactly – you being an Aug now, an’ all. But suma them ole buildings over there are real crumbly up near the top. Fire escapes still okay though, so maybe you find a hole get you inside if you goes up.

“Keeping my fingers crossed the whole time that the building doesn’t fall apart on my way down.”

“Oh, they’s stronger than you think. But it’s true you might wanna invest in some of Mr. Sarif’s falling down augmentations ‘fore you goes in. Cause I’s pretty sure them elevators don’t work.”

With all of the information above, there’s no real need to pay Letitia any credits for info, since you’ve already got everything you need at your finger-tips. Let’s continue. Straight ahead is the subway, leading to the other part of town. For now, turn left first and look for the Oron Gas Station on the right side of the street. There’s an Ebook on the counter (No Better: The Myth of Human Augmentation). Talk to Grayson to buy or sell equipment:

Graysons Shop:

**Items** **Price** **Available Quantity**
10mm Pistol Ammo (x5) 25 6
Shotgun Cartridges (x5) 100 2
Tranquilizer Darts (x2) 100 5
Damage Upgrade 250 1
Burst Round System 1500 1
Shotgun 1500 1
Tranquilizer Rifle 1500 1
Mine Template 75 3

If you don’t already have a Tranquilizer Rifle, now might be a good idea to grab one. The weapon upgrades are useful, especially the Burst Round System if you’re a big fan of shotguns. If you’re not a big shotgun lover, then it’s a pricey purchase you might want to avoid.

You can also find another [BEER] in the trashbin across the street. A hooded man should be leaning on it.

The LIMB clinic is further down the street, past the huge Il Metamorfosa billboard. A full motion cutscene plays as you enter it. Inside it is explained to you by Dr. Vera Marcovic that Sarif wants you to unlock augmentations faster than normal by using (bought/found) Praxis Kits. You’re given [5000 CREDITS] and [750 XP] . The shop contains the following items:

Limb Clinic Shop

**Items** **Price** **Available Quantity**
Typhoon Ammo 100 5
Hypostim 100 2
CyberBoost ProEnergy Jar 250 2
Praxis Kit 5000 2

It’s highly advisable to buy the two Praxis Kits (if you have enough credits, which you should if you’ve followed the guide so far), and save them for future use. The Hypostim item is very useful too, since it adds +50 points to your health, above and beyond 100, up to a maximum of 200 (although you can still only auto-replenish your health to 100). The Typhoon Ammo is also well worth your while, although you’ll need an augmentation for this that you’ll probably want to activate later on in the game - still, investing in the ammo is wise. You can always sell the ammunition for weapons you don’t use or don’t like as much as your primary weapons - the credits add up quickly.

After meeting Dr. Vera Marovic, explore the clinic, although there’s little to look for. There are two Ebooks in the waiting room (Building Wings: A Better Tomorrow) and (Liberate Yourself!), and [Hugh Darrow eBook 6: The Visual Cortex 2.0 - The Eye, Redesigned] .

The PC in the operating room contains interesting background information on Jensen. You can also find a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] behind the surgical trolley. Leave the clinic when you’re done exploring.

Sarif contacts you and tells you to proceed with your main objective; entering the police station. We’ll get to that after first considering several optional things.

Optional Exploration

Head down the street to your right; this is where the protests against the LIMB clinic were being held, although things have calmed down. Check the left side of the street and move behind the fence. Walk past the sleeping hobo and hack the Level 2 security device [GREY HAT 50XP] to unlock the storage cabin [TRAVELLER 100XP] , inside which you can find [BEER x2] . Yes, it’s a level 2 hack, and yes, it’s worth your while to spend a Praxis Kit on hacking by now. Alternatively, the code 4626 will open this door, but remember that you don’t get XP for using codes.

Tip: If you’ve found the four beers you can give them to Letitia and she’ll hand you a [POCKET SECRETARY] with codes for a Level 5 storage locker at the basketball court: 1904 (for the locker) and 6542 (for the security system). Nice!

There’s little of interest at the blocked highway, so head up the steps across the street and enter the Detroit convention center. This place is currently populated by several gang members, which don’t like you snooping around, although you can easily run past them and enter the ladies restroom on the right (there’s a gang member in the other restroom). They’ll only turn hostile if you keep standing nearby them, ignoring their warnings.

Head through the vent in the restroom, which leads to a secret stash that contains [99 CREDITS] , a [MACHINE PISTOL] , and [MACHINE PISTOL AMMO x8] . If you can’t carry any more, consider dropping some items and selling the Machine Pistol at Grayson’s Shop for 375 credits, then going back for your dropped items. Also, it’s better to not open the hatch at the secret stash and just rush out the restroom the way you came in order to prevent provoking the gang members (unless you’re up for a fight, of course). In any case, you’ll be back at the convention center later.

Secret Sinper Stash

From the LIMB clinic’s entrance, spot the long ladder behind the enormous Il Metamorfoso billboard. This leads to a balcony with a Level 4 security device. The code for this is 8982 (which can be found by looking for a [POCKET SECRETARY] on the left side of the Sarif Industries entrance.)

The apartment is small and has an open window which leads to the roof of Grayson’s Shop. Carefully drop down on the iron box below, and from there, drop down on the circular valve-like devices attached to the wall below to prevent getting hurt [EXPLORER 200XP] .

An alternative way to reach this roof is to upgrade your legs (which requires 2 Praxis Kits for the first upgrade), and to jump on the red container at the back of Grayson’s shop, and from there onto the roof.

Tip: You could also try building some stairs by making good use of the barrels found on the streets.

In any case, check the ventilation shaft to find a [SNIPER RIFLE] , [2x SNIPER RIFLE AMMO] , and a [POCKET SECRETARY] with background info.

Now is a good time to start doing several sidequests.

Chase’s & Thorpe’s Apartment

Head past Grayson’s shop to the right to enter a slum area. Detective Chase’s apartment is right around the corner, who has important clues on Megan’s case [100 XP] . Speak to him for an additional [100 XP]. He gives you an access key to the DMPD storage room - 4891 (the reversal of 1984, an obvious reference to George Orwell’s novel on totalitarianism) and several hints where to go next. Before you leave the building, head all the way upstairs and enter Greg and Josie Thorpe’s apartment. Speak with Thorpe - if you saved Josie before, you’re rewarded with [750 XP] and he also mentions you’ll get a discount at a weapon dealer named Seurat. This concludes quest S3: ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ANOTHER.

Head into their bedroom and read the [Hugh Darrow eBook 7: Nano-Augmentation: Pipedream, or Theory for The Future?] . Remove the small picture frame and hack the level 2 device [GREY HAT 50XP] to open the safe, which contains [120 CREDITS] . The bathroom contains nothing of interest, so exit the building.

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Proceed through the slums until you reach a crossroads (and right before that, note the fire escape, climbable by ladder). Tindall’s apartment building is to the left, but as mentioned, is protected by a security gate. The level 2 security device can be hacked, of course, although there are other ways to enter the building.

One other way to enter the building is to climb the fire escape’s ladder near the crossroads and leap over to the other building’s roof. An other way is to jump on the container under the fire escape without ladder, and then jump on the fire escape itself. With jump enhancement, this isn’t a problem at all, but even without it you can reach it by collecting the large and small crates in the area and stacking them on top of each other. The larger crate can be found just slightly further down the other alley you haven’t passed through yet, nearby the large water tank.

The Small Apartment

Before doing all of this, however, consider exploring an other, smaller apartment, namely the one with the fire escape with ladder. Climb it, but don’t leap over to the other building, instead climb on the roof. You can either head around the corner and enter the building through this door, or you can hop on the water tank and drop down another level, entering through the door below.

There’s only one explorable apartment in the building, which is locked with a level 2 security device [GREY HAT 50XP] . Inside you can find [43 CREDITS] near the phone in the kitchen, read an ebook (On-View) in the bedroom, and a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] in the bathroom. The level 1 computer can be hacked for contextual info and a wink at Big Brother. With this apartment fully explored, head back outside and enter Tindall’s apartment. This guide will assume you enter the building by stacking crates on top of each other to access the fire escape, since it’s by far the easiest method and available to everyone.

Tindall’s Apartment

Using just the large crate is enough if you jump on the lamp and from there onto the fire escape. Climb your way to the roof [EXPLORER 200XP] and enter Tindall’s apartment [300 XP] . Head downstairs and enter through the first door before continuing further down. You’ll reach an apartment locked with a level 5 security device. It’s unwise to spend all your available augmentations on hacking, so blast out the door with your guns to get inside [EXPLORER 200XP] . Alternatively, use this code: 2356. Search behind the x-ray screen to find some [PAINKILLERS] on the floor, nearby the small cart.

The bedroom is locked with a level 2 device [GREY HAT 50XP] , in which you can find an [Hugh Darrow eBook 11: Arms (and Legs) for Man: The Structure of Cybernetic Limbs] , and a level 1 PC. Hack it to retrieve the code for the level 5 security safe behind you; 3663. Inside you can find a [PRAXIS KIT] , a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK] , and the weapon cabinet contains two 10mm Pistols.

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Head down a level and hack the apartment’s level 1 device [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP] . There’s a 10mm Pistol on the desk, but what’s more important is the [POCKET SECRETARY] hidden next to the plant, which contains a security code: 1029. This unlocks the level 4 security door, but do NOT enter the room immediately! It has been rigged with explosives, so grab one of the cardboard boxes from the living room and hurl in the bedroom (by pressing the fire button while holding the box).

You can find [CROSSBOW BOLTS x3] on the bed, and the level 1 PC [25 XP] contains the code for the gate below: 0002. There’s a [SHOTGUN] and an ebook (Jus Ad Bellum: The Rise of the PMC’s) in the bathroom. The level 3 safe isn’t worth upgrading your augs for (unless you’re maxing XP), nor spending an unlocking device on: It contains a [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE] and [SHORGUN SHELLS x4] . This is Omalley’s room - remember it - and you’ll be coming back here later on.

Head downstairs and enter Tindall’s apartment (hack the level 1 device [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP] . Head inside [300 XP] and enter the bedroom, which contains an ebook (We Hope For Better Things: The Past and Future of Detroit) and Tindall’s PC. Scan through his emails and immediately log back out [100 XP] , because this triggers an event: A junkie is looking for Tindall to get his fix, but since you’re in his apartment, things aren’t going to be friendly. Hiding next to the door opening allows for a swift takedown, through. His pocket secretary confirms our suspicions.

Since you’ve now fully explored the apartment building, head outside. There’s one last thing to do: explore the far left side of the courtyard [TRAVELLER 100XP] to find .. TOILET PAPER! Just what I needed. There’s [39 CREDITS] and a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] too, though. Either hack [GREY HAT 50XP] or unlock the gate with the code (0002) and be on your way.

Apartment Building Across Basketball Court

Head down the alley, which leads to a basketball court. Climb the ladder of the fire escape to your left and go up one floor. There’s a [STOP WORM SOFTWARE] up for grabs if you hop onto the small balcony with devices. To get back safe, crouch and drop on the fire escape. Open the window on the first floor and head inside. The floor houses a (level 2) locked apartment and Seurat, the weapon dealer.

Seurat’s Shop

**Items** **Price** **Available Quantity**
Machine Pistol Ammo (x15) 120 5
Stun Gun Darts (x2 50 5
Silencer 500 1
Stun Gun 5000 1
Machine Pistol 5000 1

If you visited Greg Thorpe (and saved his wife), you’ll get a ~25% discount on all of Seurat’s prices.

The most useful item is arguably the Silencer. It’s always a good thing to have a silenced weapon with you, and this allows you to silence, for example, your 10mm pistol.

There’s also a [Hugh Darrow eBook 8: Respirocyte Technology & Hazardous Environment Parsing] in Seurat’s bedroom.

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The other apartment, locked with a L2 security device [GREY HAT 50XP] contains an ebook (Uniting the World) and a level 2 PC in the bedroom [GREY HAT 50XP] . There’s also a hidden safe behind the picture, but it’s locked (level 3). It contains a [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE] , [10MM PISTOL] and [AUTOMATIC UNLOCKING DEVICE] . It’s up to you to decide if this warrants an augmentation upgrade or not - it does give [75 XP] .

The second floor of this apartment is home of a gang named MCB. Approach them and you’ll be told to leave. Back away a little and wait for the second member to enter the apartment, allowing a swift and silent takedown on the other. Wait for your energy cell to recover and take the other member out inside the apartment. There’s a [BEER] and a [10MM PISTOL] in the living room, but that’s not what you came here for.

Although the door to the bedroom is locked with a level 3 security system, you can find the code in a [POCKET SECRETARY] from the first guard: 3733. (Note: An explosive device is able to blast out the door too.) Enter the bedroom [PATHFINDER 300 XP] and look for [168 CREDITS] on the desk. The drawer contains a [STOP WORM SOFTWARE] , while the level 2 PC contains back- ground info on MCB members [GREY HAT 50XP] . The lockers in the bathroom contain [TRANQUILIZER DART x4] and a [CONCUSSION GRENADE] . This concludes the exploration of this apartment, so head back outside by the fire escape.

Basketball Court & Beyond

You can relive old memories (Deus Ex, the original) by trying to throw the basketball into the basket, although this is rather tricky.

A good method, which requires the Strength Enhancement augmentation, but which is easy to pull off, goes as follows: Use the large dumpsters and stack them in such a way so you can reach the basket easily. With the ball in your hands, simply drop (not throw) the ball into the basket. This grants you a trophy/ achievement.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Seems you like playing with balls, eh?

Trophy icon
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The Level 5 storage room can be unlocked with the code you found earlier on: 1904. Remove the cardboard box and barrels on the left side to reveal a level 4 security panel for which you also have the code: 6542. This allows you to deactivate the laser beams; tripping these causes a valve behind the large metal crate to open, permanently filling the room with gas.

Loot the room for [13x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] , [2x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] , [6x SNIPER RIFLE AMMO] , and [3x COMBAT RIFLE] . Only pick up one Combat Rifle and head over to Grayson’s Shop at the gas station to sell it for 630 Credits. You can now go back to pick up another one, and finally the last one, which you could either keep or sell, making a total of 1890 Credits.

Back at the basketball court, don’t mess with Bee-K and P-Gee .. yet.

It looks like you’ve reached a dead end, but senses deceive (after all, we are made from atoms). There’s a hole in the fence behind the three stacked, green barrels that you can crawl through [TRAVELLER 100XP] . The small tunnel leads to the northwest part of town, which includes Chiron Building (Jensen’s apartment building). The tunnel also is a shortcut to the area with the police station, but only if you have the “Move/Throw Heavy Objects” augmentation to push the large contains away from the hole in the fence. I don’t think a shortcut is worth that just yet, and we’ll get to the police station soon enough.

Head upstairs and inspect the storage room to your left (locked with a level 2 device [GREY HAT 50XP ], [TRAVELLER 100XP] , to find a [STUN GUN] and [STUN GUN DARTS x2] . Alternatively, you can walk past the containers on your right and look for a [POCKET SECRETARY] on an iron beam to your right hand, which holds the code to the storage: 2928.

Chiron Building/Jensen’s Apartment

Chiron Building is to your left. Continue past it, following the road to a dead end, and enter the red container [TRAVELLER 100XP] to find [PAINKILLERS] . Enter Chiron Building afterwards.

The receptionist’s computer only holds background information - head up with the elevator. The janitor here spills an important clue.. Well, let’s just head inside, right? It’s no regular apartment - that’s for sure, judging from the size of his TV and living room. The living room contains an ebook (Advanced Clock Building), but little else - at first sight.

Head inside the bedroom to find a [Hugh Darrow eBook 10: The Intelligence Circuit] and a pc, which holds an access code (and part of the truth about your mirror).

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With the access code - 5375 - head over to the terminal next to the kitchen and either hack it or use the code [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP] . Unlock the secret stash [TRAVELLER 100XP] , which contains an [ARMOR- PIERCING SYSTEM] , [10MM PISTOL] , [150 + 250 CREDITS] , and [10MM AMMO x10 ].

The armor-piercing system increases your weapon’s efficiency against armored enemies, and is worthwhile to combine with your favorite weapon of choice.

With Jensen’s apartment fully explored, head back to Detroit’s main streets. It’s worthwhile to mention the alley across the street, adjacent to the two dumpster containers. The fire escape leads to an apartment, which in turn leads to D-row, although we’re not going there yet.


It’s time to finish the S2 - LESSER EVILS quest. Head down the main street and ignore the main entrance to D-row on your left. While you’re here, though, speak to the hooker named Jenny Alexander on the other side of the street at the D-row crossroads; she’s standing against the wall. Get all the info you can from her, which starts S5 - CLOAK & DAGGERS. We’ll let this rest for now.

Head down the main street until you reach the police station area. You’ve already explored most of town, but the link between the police station area and Sarif Industries remains unexplored. Continue past the police station and go right, around the corner. There’s a manhole leading to the sewers at the alley’s entrance, and at the end of the alley is the shortcut between the three major parts of town as mentioned earlier, if you can move the container that is. Ignore the alley for now and travel through the subway station, which links back to the Sarif Industries area. With the major part of town explored, let’s finish S2.

You can find Tindall behind Grayson’s shop, just behind the abandoned gas station [100 XP]. He tells you the real story behind the Neuropozyne and asks you to take care of two dealers before handing you the security footage. Of course, you can take him down and snag the footage from him, but this tends to turn the locals hostile.

The dealers you’re looking for are, as Tindall said, located at the basketball court, which is downtown. Finding them nets you [100 XP] . An easy way is to perform two takedowns on them (make sure you have two full energy cells) - the second one quickly after the first [300 XP] . You might also choose to take the Multiple Take-Down augmentation if you plan on relying on stealth takedowns anyway.

With the dealers out of the way, return to Tindall to retrieve the footage [100 XP] . Return to Carella, who’s waiting for you at the subway entrance, to finish this quest. You’ll receive a [LASER TARGETING SYSTEM] and [1000 XP] .

The S4 - MOTHERLY TIES QUEST goes hand in hand with visiting the police station, so this’ll be your next stop. There are actually several ways inside the police station. You could head into the sewers to find a hidden entrance, you can try to find a back alley (as one of the NPC’s nearby the police station mentions), or you can try to talk your way in through the front door.


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