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Hubologist's Camp Camps (Small)


The Hubologist’s camp, situated in the exterior of Nuka-World, occupies the site of a former diner and Red Rocket filling station from pre-war times. Led by Dara Hubbell, a small group of Hubologists have made this camp their temporary home in 2287, until they relocate to the Nuka-World junkyard during the quest Trip to the Stars.


Comprising two intact buildings, the camp features a former diner to the north, utilized by the Hubologists as their living quarters. The southern building houses restrooms, with two Pulowski Preservation shelters outside, and a small filling station adjacent to the road. Inside the diner, wooden shack walls and stairs lead to the roof, where Dara Hubbell observes the Ultimate UFO ride in the Nuka-World junkyard through a telescope. Nearby stands the World’s Largest Fire Hydrant, featuring a plaque revealing its history.


  • Cleansed
  • Dara Hubbell
  • Maurice Turner
  • Phil Roller
  • Rolanda Hooper
  • Tula Spinney

Notable Loot

  • Nuka-Frutti recipe: Found on the booth table inside the diner.

Related Quests

  • Trip to the Stars


  • The Sole Survivor can align with the Hubologists for caps, up to rank AHS-8, though only up to AHS-3 is available at this location.


  • After conversing with Phil, there is a chance of becoming stuck in the zeta chair if both the Sole Survivor and Phil sit simultaneously. This issue can sometimes be resolved by using the console to eliminate Phil, prompting him to stand up and resume alignment. Alternatively, reloading a previous save and retrying may resolve the issue.

Interactive Map Locations

Marker screenshot

1. Nuka-World Map

X: 6697 Y: 10942
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