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Diving Bell Spider Chunk Natural Resources


An ambiguous chunk of an aquatic spider.

This Tier II resource is primarily used in the creation of water-based tools such as the "Bone Dagger" iconBone Dagger, and the "Bone Trident" iconBone Trident.

How to Find this Item

This resource is a drop from the Diving Bell Spider that lives in the Koi Pond in the center of the yard. As it is a drop, you’ll need to defeat the Diving Bell Spider to loot the chunks.

The Diving Bell Spiders are on a similar difficulty level to the Orb Weavers so come prepared when fighting them. It’s recommended to bring at least a Tier II weapon like the "Spider Fang Dagger" iconSpider Fang Dagger, or "Stinger Spear" iconStinger Spear. Note: As you’ll be fighting them in the water, you’ll only be able to use Daggers or Spears.

Once you’ve looted those lovely spider chunks, you can place them on a Workbench to craft the following recipes:

Icon Name Quantity
Bone Dagger "Bone Dagger" iconBone Dagger 2
Bone Trident "Bone Trident" iconBone Trident 3

Analyzing the "Diving Bell Spider Chunk" iconDiving Bell Spider Chunks will unlock the following recipes: "Bone Dagger" iconBone Dagger, and the "Bone Trident" iconBone Trident.

Used In

"Bone Dagger" iconBone Dagger Underwater
"Bone Trident" iconBone Trident Underwater


Tier II

Interactive Map Markers

Diving Bell Spider Locations

Location Map Marker
Koi Pond Map Pin
In a pipe in the Haze Map Pin
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