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Prologue - Hyperion

Nathan Garvin

Hyperion - Cryo Bay

After a slumber of 634 years you’ll finally awaken, one of the brave 20,000 human colonists sent to the distant Andromeda galaxy. More than that, you’re a member of the Pathfinder team - the assistant of the Pathfinder, an individual whose training and advanced AI companion helps them determine the colonial viability of mysterious new planets and make first contact with alien races. It’s a big responsibility, but fortunately that task is left up to your dad, the Pathfinder Alec Ryder. As part of the Pathfinder team, however, yours are likely to be among the first boots on any planet… but all that can wait until after your first cup of coffee in centuries.

The jovial atmosphere is dispersed, however, when the Hyperion crashes into a space anomaly In the zero-gravity that results, use the [Right Analog] stick to look around, and after gravity is restored you’ll finally be in control of your character.

An inconvenient gravity failure will give you the chance to test out some controls (left). After the gravity malfunction, check on your sibling (right).

Before you get to the task(s) at hand, consider reading up on some backstory, as it’ll help you understand the events, characters, races and organizations at play. Press the [Options]/[Menu] button to bring up the menu, where you can select the “Codex” submenu to find all the entries you currently have logged. “Journal” allows you to see quest information (at this point you only have the “Primary Ops - Prologue: Hyperion” quest), while the other menus… well, they’ll be talked about as they become available and/or relevant.

When you’re ready to move on, head to the northeastern corner of the room and talk to Dr. T’Perro to get an update on your brother, then explore the cryostasis recovery room you’re in to find some Datapads you can read and an “Information Wall” you can interact with.

Immediately outside you'll witness another malfunction (left). Use your scanner to isolate the problem (right), which will help you repair it - or at least mitigate the damage.

When done, go west through a door and you’ll witness another malfunction. Fortunately for the humans in the Andromeda galaxy, you’re equipped with a scanner, which you can activate by pressing [Down]. After being prompted to do so, scan the unstable machinery on the southwestern end of the room by activating your scanner and moving the orange display over the machinery. Press [X]/[A] over the objects that highlight and when SAM detects the problem, go interact with a Power Terminal to set things right.

Continue up some stairs through the west and through two doors to reach the tram, then ride to the bridge, where you’ll be greeted by more malfunctions… and the fact that your father and Captain Dunn have different immediate goals. Fortunately, the Pathfinder gets his way, and since you’re a recon specialist on the Pathfinder team… well, looks like you’re going to be able to get off this floating coffin sooner rather than later.

Dialogue choices rarely get you different results, but you can note the icons next to them, which indicate Ryder's tone (left). Be sure to arm yourself appropriately before embarking on your first adventure (right).

Hyperion - Hangar Bay

Endure some more chatter with Cora and you’ll find yourself in the Hangar Bay, tasked with suiting up for the expedition ahead. Talk to some fellow crew members, investigate some lockers, read some datapads, then grab your helmet ( Initiative Helmet I ) off a shelf to the north. At SAM’s insistence, you’ll also have to take a side-arm ( M-3 Predator ) from a weapons locker in the southwestern corner of the hangar. Once you’re armed and armored, all that’s left to do is touch dad’s Lucky Rock in the northeastern corner of the hangar, then exit out the door to the east. More chatter will ensue and you’ll board a shuttle - destined to be one of the first humans from the Hyperion to set foot on a planet in the Andromeda galaxy.


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Sent on a 600 year voyage to the next galaxy, you are the Pathfinder, the one selected to lead your race as you discover and colonize new worlds. To survive in this harsh new reality, you must quickly learn to co-exist with other races in Andromeda, and unlock the mysteries of the galaxy itself, in order to ultimately decide the fate of humanity. Inside the guide you will find:

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