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Mass Effect: Andromeda

A People Divided

Nathan Garvin

Investigating the Murder Scene

This quest begins immediately after completing the quest “Murder in Kadara Port”, and considering that there’s absolutely no change in quest trajectory, one has to wonder why it needed to be split up between two quests… Anyways, Reyes Vidal suspects the Roekaar are terrorizing their own community and are behind the murders in Kadara Port, which are otherwise being blamed on the Charlatan. To get to the bottom of things, he’s recommended a murder site in the badlands.

The murder scene just so happens to be at Charybdis Point, where the quest “Something in the Water” took you, and also where you found Vehn Terev’s datapad. From the Sulfur Springs Forward Station follow a road to the northwest and at a fork turn northeast to reach the settlement, which again consists of two structures. Not much of a settlement, but still… Anyways, the previous focus of this area has been on the bunkhouse to the northwest, but the murder scene is in the other, southern structure.

Scan the body of a brutally murdered Krogan (left) and follow the clues until they lead you to a distinctive knife outside (right).

Enter the eastern building and Reyes Vidal will contact you with the gruesome details of the murder, after which he’ll implore you to - what else? - use your scanner to figure things out. Scan the dead Krogan in the structure’s southern room, then scan a Frying Pan to the south, a Footlocker, some Blood Spatter in the northern room, and finally some Footprints near the door. The whole while Reyes will promote his hypothesis. Before you leave, read the Datapad “Personal Log: Zear” in the southern room and the Datapad “Evacuation Notice” in the northern room for more details, albeit trivial ones. When you’re done messing around, exit the house an scan a Knife, which is on a crate on the porch.

When things look bleak, Reyes will show up to save the day (left), after which put down the Roekaar to elminate a threat to Kadara Port (right).

Roekaar on Kadara

With all that information gathered you’ll have to meet Reyes outside a Roekaar camp to the south, which is just south of the road west of the Draullir Forward Station, which itself is southeast of the Sulfur Springs Forward Station. Drive the Nomad down to the navpoint and enter the structure there, where you’ll get a frosty reception. You’ll be taken to meet the Roekaar leader, Farah, who despite claiming not to want to talk reveals enough information to confirm Reyes’ theory. After a bit of deus-ex-Vidal you’ll have to fight the Roekaar, which include Farah herself (who is nothing special, combat-wise), a Roekaar Saboteur, and several Roekaar Sharpshooters.

Put the Roekaar down and search the cavern to find a Titanium Deposit under some stairs and a container further west. Speaking of west, leap up the ledges to the west and you’ll find two tunnels, one to the north and one to the south. If you follow the passage to the south you’ll find a Lithium deposit and a container, while to the north you’ll find an Iridium deposit and two containers. Once done return back east, ascend some stairs and leave the Roekaar stronghold, at which point Reyes will congratulate you. For ridding Kadara of one of its many scourges you’ll earn 73 AVP, +5% Kadara viability and 530 XP.

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