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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Counting Bodies

Nathan Garvin

From the Forward Station near the Kadara Slums head north to find what appears to be a water purification plant near a shallow lake of Kadara’s acidic water. Standing on a deck of this plant you’ll find Saneris, who will reveal another, more sinister, purpose of the nearby water, after which she’ll task you with finding some of the bodies disposed of in Kadara’s water… for future justice and all. Since this often requires you to wade in to said water, however, you’ll first need to activate Kadara’s vault (complete the quest “Healing Kadara’s Heart”). Unless you want to become another corpse rotting away in the corrosive water, that is.

  • Speaking of corrosive water, the first body (the first two, actually) are located in the toxic lake near which this quest starts (north of the Kadara Slums). This one is on the northern edge of the lake, just off the island where the nearby edible plant is found.
  • One of the easier corpses to scan, you’ll find this poor stiff along the eastern edge of the lake near which this quest starts. Just head to the eastern shore, climb up a rock on said shoreline, then aim down and scan the water below you.
  • While near the lake near where this quest starts, this body is actually in a much smaller body of water to the west. Search the southern end of this small, island-dotted pond to find and scan the disposed body. It’s just north of a Uranium deposit, near a porous cliff face.
  • Southeast of the Kadara settlement site is a toxic lake, over which looms several massive mushrooms, perched upon porous pillars. Make your way to the southwestern end of the lake, where you’ll find one of these looming fungi. Jump onto the northeastern end of the porous rock formation this mushroom is perched upon and turn southeast and look down into the water below to find - and scan - the body.
  • From the Sulfur Springs Forward Station drive along the road to the northwest until you reach a fork, at which turn southwest. Continue past the nearby monolith and an outlaw camp until you reach a toxic lake. A body resides therein, in the water northeast of a peninsula in the middle of the lake which nearly bisects said lake in two.

Around Kadara you’ll find various bodies of water, which are being used as convenient dumping grounds for… bodies. Ironic. (left) Scan these bodies and return to Saneris and Drexel and choose between their offers (right).

After scanning all five bodies return to Saneris and Drexel at the lakeside facility north of the Kadara Slums. Talk to them and Saneris will offer you slow, unprofitable justice, while Drexel offers you quick cash. If you take the Turian’s offer you’ll get an Angaran Firaan (level varies) - an uncommon melee weapon you could just as easily have crafted on your own. If you stand up for justice, on the other hand, you’ll earn 29 AVP, +2% Kadara viability and 530 XP.

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